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Kapok Road | Cool Autumn, You Need A National Style

2020/9/17 18:25:00 1225

KapokNational Style

Although it has been a long time since the beginning of autumn, the partners in the south said: "it has not yet entered autumn successfully." Until recently, because of several rain washes, only in the morning and evening occasionally feel cool. At this time, it's too hot to wear a thick coat. It's just right to wear a light and thin coat that can add points to the shape.

Cloud a vortex, jade a shuttle,

The light clothes are thin,

She frowns lightly.

The autumn wind is abundant and the rain is harmonious,

There are three or two plantains outside the curtain.

How can the night grow.

——Long Xiangsi by Li Yu

When the season changes again, the "long coat" wind comes again.

In recent years, light windbreaker, long suit and Nightgown

Spring and early autumn are very popular.

They are not only suitable for temperature, but also easy to put on and off,

And walk with wind, cool and handsome,

Can make your modelling layering feeling multiply.

As a matter of fact, when it comes to autumn clothes that are in line with the national style clothes,

The most suitable is also a long style of national style.

They are derived from ancient mounds or cloaks.

There are cardigans with slits on both sides,

They are elegant and elegant in appearance and rich in levels;

Some of them are ankle length,

Simple and elegant, flowing with elegant spirit.

These elegant Chinese costumes are inherited,

In actual wearing, it is not constrained by style.

Whether it's a simple shirt or T-shirt,

Or exquisite improved tea clothes and cheongsam,

Can be harmonious with it, send out unique elegant charm.

Light and elegant

As if falling on the body of the clouds.

Gray and white colors are versatile and elegant,

The natural fabric is like the wind,

Flowing with the breath of mountains and forests.

Splicing of perspective yarn

To create the Zen idea of virtual and real.

Two clasps on the chest,

Embellishment of Oriental delicacy.

Lotus root powder with bright colors and green outer covering,

It outlines the peach land artistic conception in the poetic women's heart.

The elegant gesture of peach blossom,

It shows the poetic and picturesque Chinese culture.

The length of the ankle is tall and graceful,

The slits at the hem curled up,

When walking, there are fragrant shadows on the ground.

Wear white inside,

The color is elegant and graceful.

The long style is covered with poetry.

Blue and white colors are elegant and elegant,

Chiffon stitching at the opening,

Add a touch of immortality to it,

Delicate embroidery,

Quietly blooming in the chest,

Engraved with the fragrance of time.

In the cool days,

Long style of national style

Not as handsome as a windbreaker,

It's not as tough as a suit coat,

But with soft, delicate and elegant

For every woman who loves Chinese culture

Outline a quiet world.

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