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Lushan Economic Development Zone Continues To Strengthen The "First Place" Industry

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On September 15, Lushan Yacheng Textile Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yasheng Textile Co., Ltd.) located in Lushan Economic Development Zone, the production line with an annual output of 100000 spindles was in normal operation, and a well-known female spinning worker performed her duties. In March this year, the annual output of 30000 spindles was put into operation, with an output value of 54 million yuan in the first half of this year. Now, Yacheng textile company is striving to achieve the set goal of "the output value of the year when it was put into production exceeds 100 million yuan".

The production status of Yacheng textile company vividly interprets the "acceleration" of economic development of Lushan economic development zone.

Since the beginning of this year, in the face of the sudden outbreak of new crown pneumonia and the recent continuous heavy rainfall disaster weather, Lushan economic and Technological Development Zone, based on the textile industry as the first industry, has made great efforts to improve the soft and hard business environment, innovate ways and methods, continuously promote the resumption of production, improve quality and efficiency, and accelerate the construction of "10 billion modern green textile park".

Innovation methods

Ensure production and stable employment

Returning to work and production is the basis for realizing the annual economic development goals. Up to now, the resumption rate of Industrial Enterprises above designated scale in Lushan Economic Development Zone has reached 100%.

The signal indicator lights flash, and rows of ripe cotton slivers after drawing twice fall into the established track automatically from the production line, and then enter the roving and spinning production lines along the track On September 15, in the intelligent worsted workshop of Lushan Xianglin Textile Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Xianglin Textile Co., Ltd.), bags of cotton, after the procedures of flower clearing, carding, drawing, roving, spinning, winding, etc., become a tube of high-quality cotton yarn.

After the formal resumption of production on February 14 this year, Xianglin Textile Co., Ltd. made full use of the intelligent spinning production line put into operation, effectively realizing the prosperous production and sales.

At the end of last year, when the new production line was put into production, we did not expect that some workers would be ready to work after the new production line was put into production. After the resumption of production, there is a shortage of nearly 200 people. " Zhang Delin, general manager of Xianglin textile company, said that thanks to the help of the Management Committee of Lushan Economic Development Zone, the labor shortage was solved in a short period of time, and the enterprise quickly reached full production capacity.

Textile industry as a labor-intensive industry, enterprises need more labor. The outbreak of new crown pneumonia makes many employees unable to return to Lushan smoothly, which has become a "barrier" for enterprises to resume work and production. At the same time, many migrant workers in Lushan can not go out, so employment has become a big problem.

Knowing that many enterprises are facing a "labor shortage", the Management Committee of Lushan Economic Development Zone promptly reported to the government. In conjunction with the human resources and Social Security Bureau of Lushan County, it actively organized the relevant responsible persons of towns, villages and groups to visit the enterprises in the park one by one, so as to attract migrant workers to work nearby.

"The purpose of organizing field visits is to change their inherent impression of the dirty, chaotic and poor working environment of the textile industry in the past, so as to truly understand the current working environment and work at home." Liu Zhengwei, deputy director of the Management Committee of Lushan Economic Development Zone, said.

During the epidemic prevention and control period, the Management Committee of Lushan economic and Technological Development Zone organically combined enterprise epidemic prevention and return to work with the work of labor demand, helped enterprises in the park and job seekers to build a convenient and effective supply and demand docking channel, opened a "migrant workers returning to work special car", adopted the "point-to-point, one-stop" direct transportation mode, and sent the recruited workers to enterprises in the countryside Enterprises in the park have solved the employment shortage of more than 600 people, alleviating the problems of "labor shortage and recruitment difficulty" of enterprises and "difficulty in employment" of the masses during the epidemic prevention and control period.

Continue to attract big and strong

Inject new impetus into economic development

Projects are the key to economic development.

As one of the key projects in Lushan County in 2019, the 100000 spindle project of Yacheng Textile Co., Ltd. has attracted much attention since its construction started in March last year. In March this year, the first phase of the project was completed and put into production.

Walking into Yacheng textile company, one side is the scene of intensive production, the other is the scene of construction in full swing.

Peng Jiang, the relevant person in charge of Yacheng Textile Co., Ltd., introduced that the estimated investment in the 100000 spindle project of Yacheng textile company is 300 million yuan, which is divided into three phases. The first phase has completed the construction of 41000 square meters of new workshops, office buildings and supporting rooms, and 40000 spindles of polyester and cotton yarn production line. The monthly spindle production capacity is about 600 tons and the monthly output value is 8 million yuan.

The annual output value of Yayuan Textile Co., Ltd. is expected to break 100 million yuan this year.

The project is the lifeline of economic development, and the results can be seen when it is completed and put into operation. At the same time, the recruitment project is like the "seed" sown in the park, which needs the careful care of every "gardener" to grow healthily.

Since 2019, Lushan Economic Development Zone has successively introduced 13 textile projects, including Jingwei Lushan green wisdom spinning Park, Jiamao, Yixin, Tianyue, Yacheng and Zhuoya, with a total investment of 15.2 billion yuan. After being fully completed and put into operation, it can achieve an annual output value of 20 billion yuan, profits and taxes of 1.6 billion yuan, and solve the problem of more than 30000 employees.

Since the beginning of this year, the Management Committee of Lushan economic and Technological Development Zone has taken improving the soft and hard business environment of the park as the starting point, continuously strengthening the service guarantee of enterprises' investment and construction projects in Lushan, and continuing to promote the construction of various projects; it has done a good job in the early stage guidance and service work for the newly located enterprises, ensured the smooth entry and construction of enterprises, and provided a "Project Secretary" for each project A set of support programs have been set up to ensure the normal production and development of enterprises.

By 2022, the textile industry output value of Lushan economic and Technological Development Zone will strive to reach 10 billion yuan, and the industrial brand of "Southwest textile in Lushan" is well-known in Sichuan; by 2025, the output value will strive to reach 20 billion yuan, building China's influential functional tooling fabric base and functional coated yarn base; by 2030, the output value will reach 30 billion yuan, building a national famous modern green textile industry City.

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