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More Than 1000 People In A Garment Factory In Sri Lanka Have Confirmed That 200 Million Masks Have Been Produced And Exported To The United States

2020/10/9 10:34:00 4

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More than 1000 employees have been confirmed as the largest mass infection in Sri Lanka so far, the government said on Sunday. As of August, the plant has produced 200 million masks for U.S. customers.

According to AFP reported on the 8th, the Sri Lankan government said that the factory appeared the first confirmed patient on the 4th, and the number of confirmed cases has been increasing since then. As of the 7th, 1026 of the 1700 employees in the plant have been diagnosed and hospitalized. All other employees and their family members will be quarantined and tested in the next few days. The surrounding area of the factory is sealed off indefinitely.

As of this year, it is not clear that Sri Lanka's largest manufacturer of masks is Brandix, which only exports 200 million masks to the United States. Brandix said it had tried to control the epidemic, but because there were too many asymptomatic patients, prevention and control measures failed to achieve results.

As of the 8th local time, 4488 cases were diagnosed and 13 cases died in Sri Lanka. Samaravila, the country's most authoritative infectious disease scientist, called on the people to cooperate with the government's anti epidemic measures to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

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