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China (Shishi) E-Commerce Conference Held In 2020

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ShishiE-Commerce ConferenceShishi E-Commerce AssociationShishi E-Commerce AssociationChina Clothing E-Commerce Innovation Demonstration Base

On October 18, at the 2020 China (Shishi) e-commerce conference and the inauguration ceremony of Shishi e-commerce association with the theme of "connecting the world through the Internet, business wins the future", Shishi E-Commerce Association was upgraded to "Shishi E-Commerce Association", and China Textile Industry Federation and China Clothing Association awarded Shishi the title of "innovation demonstration base of Chinese clothing online merchants".

Dai Yugao, special representative of the Ministry of Commerce in Fuzhou; Du Guochen, deputy director of the Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce; Zhou Qi, full-time vice president of China clothing association and vice chairman of Designers Association; Yu Minjing, vice president of circulation branch of China Textile Industry Federation; Zhong muda, deputy director of Fujian Provincial Department of Commerce; Lin Bendong, director of e-commerce Department of Fujian Provincial Department of Commerce; CAI sprout and Huang Chunhui, leaders of four groups in Shishi City , Shangguan Yuejin, Lin Ziyu, Liao Chunyuan, Huang Yanyi, Qiu Yongfeng, deputy director general of Quanzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Xiao Lihua, vice president of Alibaba group, Li Qi, head of life and food of Mengfang group, Qiao Dongxu, general manager of Jingdong men's clothing business department, Hu Jiu, general manager of pinduoduo southeast region, and heads of major online business platforms attended the meeting. Lin Zhicheng Rong was appointed chairman of the new Council of Shishi online commerce association.

In his speech, Huang Chunhui said that in recent years, with the gradient transfer of industry and the development and change of regional traffic pattern, Shishi textile and garment industry has entered a critical period of transformation and upgrading. Shishi people, who are bold and dare to try, have keenly grasped the new opportunities brought about by "Internet +", take the initiative to "touch the Internet and go online", vigorously develop e-commerce, and have gathered and formed network batch markets such as QingChuang City, Shuangqi electronic mall and Haixi e-commerce Park, and become the pilot city of national information consumption. In 2019, the city's online retail sales accounted for 2.41% of the national total, ranking the fourth at county level and the first in Fujian Province. This year's new crown pneumonia epidemic is not only a crisis, but also a big test for the textile and garment industry. In this regard, Shishi industrial belt actively seeks change, seeks opportunities in crisis, and quickly integrates into the development trend of digital economy and industrial chain. It has launched the "1 million million" network red city development plan, which is to create a network red city, build 10 live broadcasting bases, gather 100 live broadcast agencies, link 1000 production enterprises, and drive 10000 live broadcast shops.

Huang Chunhui pointed out that at present, the "new development pattern with domestic major cycle as the main body and domestic and international dual cycle promoting each other" proposed by the CPC Central Committee is accelerating the formation. Shishi municipal Party committee and government will deeply tap resource advantages, take the road of differentiated and characteristic development, focus on industrial belt, online batch market, live broadcasting base, modern logistics, cross-border e-commerce, smart mall and other links to integrate and innovate, promote the industry, brand and talents in an all-round way, and strive to build China Shishi e-commerce valley.

Lin Zhicheng said that he would lead members to pack up with a zero mentality, gather member units, and build an elite team with high temperature and attitude, so as to provide strong backing for the innovation and upgrading of the industrial belt, and promote the comprehensive development of Shishi e-commerce.

At the meeting, the launching ceremony of China Shishi e-commerce valley was also held; Du Guochen made a keynote speech entitled "post epidemic era and new opportunities for digital trade development"; Xiao Lihua gave a keynote speech entitled "transformation and upgrading of digital intelligence in the whole link of Shishi industrial belt". It is reported that the 2020 China (Shishi) e-commerce conference will be held from October 18 to 20. In addition to the inauguration ceremony of Shishi E-Commerce Association, it will also hold 2020 e-commerce night and the first joint press conference of China's e-commerce brands, "Fujian Tesco" and the eighth Shishi online business live broadcast Festival, "source goods of online Red Lion City" and the docking of e-commerce platform and Shishi industrial belt.

Dr. Du Guochen, deputy director of the Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce, delivered a keynote speech on "post epidemic era and new opportunities for digital trade development"

"At present, all domestic cities, including Shishi, have recovered and the whole economy is recovering." Du Guochen said that exchanges, commerce and trade in the whole mainland of China have been normal, and the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in China's domestic trade is being repaired. "Although international exchanges and exchanges have been restored to a certain extent, international trade is still affected by the epidemic situation, forming a physical barrier between supply and demand of the industrial chain."

In the lecture, Dr. Du Guochen analyzed how to promote economic recovery in the "post epidemic era" from four perspectives: global economic governance and rule transformation, global value chain division system transformation, global investment and trade pattern transformation, and global economic development power transformation. "This time, the epidemic has brought profound changes to the world trade and the way of trading and survival of small and medium-sized enterprises. The main trade has become digital trading and online communication."

At the scene of the event, the special guest, Dr. Xiao Lihua, vice president of Alibaba group, gave the keynote speech of "full link digital intelligent transformation and upgrading of Shishi industrial belt" with a new perspective and concept

"In the face of new opportunities, I believe that" the road of transformation and transformation of digital intelligence "is a new starting point for enterprise development. The future is driven by science and technology and data, and the" era of digital intelligence economy "is coming in an all-round way Xiao Lihua said that in order to realize the "full link digital intelligent transformation", the first thing is to cloud the infrastructure. First, enterprises need to put all the servers, storage and bandwidth into the cloud. Second, enterprises should connect with consumers through various ports, including the digitization of offline stores and payment, so as to realize "full contact digitization". In addition, it also includes online core business and intelligent supply chain.

To gradually realize the transformation road of "full link digital and intelligent transformation", we also need to change our concepts and actively embrace the arrival of the digital era. Not only that, for many enterprises in our city who are actively exploring the new retail industry, he said that in addition to upgrading their concepts, they also need an incentive system. "For enterprises, the change of concept is the basis of reform. Incentive system is also an important part of digital transformation, so in the process of enterprises embracing the digital age, it is very important to get through the existing incentive system. Only by actively embracing digitalization can enterprises grasp the historical opportunity and further develop. "

The night of online business shows "wonderful stone lion"

On October 18, 2020 e-commerce night, the first China e-commerce brand joint press conference was held in Shishi clothing City Exhibition Art Center. The legendary Paolo & Pai, xidengjeep, Taiwang, urban ace, Biqi outdoor, maiteyou, 8090 moyiyang, guyuka, vuug, Kaixin Kaiye, Yuka and other brands jointly demonstrated Shishi's new fashion of online business and created their own products for Shishi Brand, leading the regional e-commerce industry, developing characteristic products of Fujian school, and setting up a bright banner. On that night, online live broadcast platform was used to show the diversified brand culture and endless new ideas. The wonderful "double stage" form created a new mode of content live broadcasting.

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