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Digital Innovation Of Fashion Brands

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A few days ago, as Beijing Fashion Week One of the key forums of Beijing fashion Summit Forum ——The sub forum of Beijing Union University and the Third Summit Forum on brand and new media were held in the school of business of Beijing Union University. The theme of this forum is Digital fashion brand innovation 。 In the era of digital economy, fashion industry is increasingly showing the trend of extreme immersive experience and consumption upgrading. Digital technology has become the most effective market gripper for major brands, and digital innovation has become the pain point and challenge that fashion brands must pay attention to, and is also an effective "shortcut" for fashion brands to establish higher stickiness and loyalty with users. Digital empowerment of fashion brands is conducive to accurately grasp the needs and portraits of consumers, stimulate fashion design inspiration and incubate the latest fashion concepts. Under the vision of digital innovation, the digital innovation strategy of effectively driving digital media, carrying out digital intelligent marketing, repositioning the value of digital technology and reconstructing fashion industry will become the internal power and source of life for fashion brands to grow in the trend of digitalization.

This forum is presided over by Professor Wei Heng. Wang Aijun, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Beijing Union University, delivered a speech at the beginning of the meeting. From the perspective of Beijing United University industry university R & D exhibition based on Beijing, the significance of this forum was explained, and I wish the forum a complete success. At last, vice president of Beijing fashion Holding Co., Ltd. and vice president of Beijing fashion Holding Co., Ltd., Mr. Gu Weida, vice president of Beijing fashion Holding Co., Ltd., signed the cooperation agreement with vice president of Beijing fashion Holding Co., Ltd.

First of all, Gu Weida, vice chairman of the presidium of 2020 Beijing Fashion Week Organizing Committee, deputy secretary of the Party committee and general manager of Beijing fashion Holding Co., Ltd., delivered a keynote speech on the digital transformation of fashion brands driven by innovation, which mainly shared the digital transformation has become the trend of enterprise innovation and development, and the digital transformation of fashion brands Digital marketing of fashion brand has become a new retail mode.

The keynote speech of Professor Chen Jianbin, vice president of Business School of Beijing Union University, is the digital innovation of fast fashion brands -- Taking handu Yishe as an example, this paper discusses that data thinking in the era of big data will be conducive to the creation of business value and the construction of innovative business model.

Professor Zhang Mengxia, director of the Institute of foreign trade and economics of China, delivered a speech on the topic of luxury goods international market research. She believes that China has a strong digital ecosystem and consumers who are proficient in digital operations, and proposes that "digitalization" as the basic elements of business model is informatization, integration and intelligence.

Wang Zude, senior vice president of Shiqu interactive (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., published the theme research of brand evolution theory that building a brand is to build competitiveness. He believes that brand is the core policy to focus the enterprise's strategy and influence the whole enterprise's product research and development, production reengineering and marketing measures.

Wang Xin, the founder and CEO of Beijing Yimei Advertising Co., Ltd., gave a speech on how fashion brands break the new media marketing. She mainly explored the new traffic value through the live broadcast of Lv's first little red book, how the online brand played with the new traffic platform, and the new media opportunities after the epidemic.

At the end of the forum, Zhang Mingxian, vice president of Business School of Beijing Union University, made a concluding speech. 2020 Beijing fashion Summit Forum Beijing Union University sub forum gathers the wisdom of enterprises and universities, with a broad academic vision and in-depth industry perspective, the company is committed to exploring new theories and practices of fashion brands in digital innovation, providing forward-looking consumer insight, systematic industry research and innovative strategic thinking, helping the fashion industry effectively expand digital media, create fashion brands, win a broader market space and help Beijing international brand construction. (reporter Jiao Yanling)

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