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Trippen Enters Chinese Market

2020/11/9 12:33:00 543


Since the early 1990s, Trippen (Booties) always adhere to the desire to go beyond the conventional fashion rules, and at the same time establish their own unique way of designing and producing shoes. When Angela spieth and Michael Oehler discovered the special wooden soles of the 1970s in traditional shoe factories, the discovery inspired the brand, independent rather than traditional, that embodied its local urban spirit. In the 30 years since the establishment of the brand, trippen has been producing its unique shoes in accordance with the highest natural environmental and social standards in a factory 60 km north of Berlin, Germany.

Trippen, a German brand dedicated to environmental protection and durable wear, is known as "Benz" in casual shoes. It has won many design awards in Germany, Europe, the United States and Japan. Trippen is sold in more than 500 stores worldwide( Bootlegging )Shoes. In the past years, Chinese consumers needed to purchase through overseas agents. This year, trippen and Ali officially landed on tmall global and opened tmall Global's flagship store. This is the first time trippen has opened an official purchase channel in mainland China.

Since its establishment in 1990, the company has always pursued the fashion rules beyond the conventional rules. When the founder met a special style wooden sole in the 1970s in a traditional upper factory, he inspired the creative concept of the brand. He integrated the spirit of hometown and independence into the design concept, and borrowed the unique sole and unconventional Of The group design and iconic silhouette, through the creative timeless and avant-garde design, has made trippen have many loyal fans around the world.

Through the e-commerce platform Tmall Global cooperation Provide more convenient services for Chinese consumers. Through Ali's technology, payment, logistics, data selection and consumption insight, it provides support for the brand, and at the same time better meets Chinese consumers and designs styles belonging to Chinese consumers. Compared with the previous focus on store sales, trippen hopes to inject new brand vitality through digital empowerment brand, and shorten the distance with young consumers through e-commerce services. As the world's largest consumer market for casual shoes, China is also a consumer market dominated by young people. Major shoe brands around the world attach great importance to the Chinese market, and trippen is no exception. Through Alibaba big data, it will create limited edition products for Chinese consumers. At the same time, more first-time designs will be launched in tmall global, bringing better overall benefits to Chinese consumers To provide more diversified service for Chinese consumers.

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