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ICIF: UNIQLO'S + J Series Launched In ICIF

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To the third session of ICIF, the circle of friends is growing. In the consumer goods exhibition area, which represents the quality of life, both INDITEX and UNIQLO have become new friends in this year's "circle". They have settled in the 5.2 Pavilion and "met" together with brands who participated in the Expo for the second time, such as coach, Kate spiel and Gucci.

As fashion brands, the products of these enterprises directly face individual consumers. Looking at international practices, fashion week is often their first choice: new products, topics, fashion trends, and all the elements required by fashion. But why do these international fast-selling fashion enterprises still choose to participate in the comprehensive exhibition of ICIF after waiting for two years?

"We hope to spread our pursuit of fashion concept through the Expo." In the face of reporters' questions, the relevant leaders of Aites group and UNIQLO expressed similar views.

UNIQLO's + J series launched in ICIF

Despite the outbreak in the first three quarters of this year, UNIQLO's sales in the Chinese market have not been greatly affected. Since May, UNIQLO has recovered to the level of the same period last year. Especially from June to October, UNIQLO opened 44 new stores in China, with a total of nearly 800, surpassing that of Japan. "Sales have our direct stores and online channels. I never thought about selling clothes through the platform of entering the Expo. " Wu pinhui, UNIQLO's chief marketing officer for Greater China, is outspoken. She believes that selling clothes through the Expo is overkill. "This is an international platform through which we need to convey UNIQLO's life wear concept."

Clothing wall is an important part of UNIQLO's concept of "suit life"

In order to achieve the purpose of spreading the concept, UNIQLO rented an exhibition stand with an area of 1500 square meters and built a "tomorrow Museum" with a height of 5.5 meters. In the museum, a series of light down jackets are displayed, which can be "self-made heat" or "breathing" fabric technology. A simulated 3D full forming seamless knitting machine factory is built, and the latest autumn and winter clothing design, which is the first show in the world, is launched According to Wu pinhui, the production concept of UNIQLO is all implied. "I hope it is a museum that can influence the attitude of visitors towards consumption."

As for the style of exhibition arrangement, both of them are fast-selling fashion enterprises. The exhibition stand of the parent company of Zara brand, aitex group, is similar to UNIQLO. In the Expo, aitex's booth not only adheres to the fashion design style of its stores, but also adds the production concept of sustainable development.

Zara's new products in the season show the fashion design concept

"There are many brands in our group, but only Zara, Zara home, Massimo dutti and oyso are brought in this time. This arrangement is to embody the concept of high quality life through the sense of design. " The person in charge of Aites group said.

Fashion giants come with their own ideas and want to gain more by entering the Expo. Their expectations are much higher than simply selling some clothes. "In recent years, we have found that some new sales methods and even design styles in the Chinese market have begun to stand at the top of the world trend." An executive of aitex group disclosed that, in particular, some sales methods, such as wechat, Shuo Yin, xiaohongshu and other channels, may become the mainstream in the European market two or three years later. Therefore, in the view of aitex group, ICIF can not only better analyze the real demand of Chinese consumers, but also have a better insight into the global consumer market through this window.

Zara men's collection embodies the concept of natural comfort

The two fast fashion giants gathered at the Expo, not for sales or investment, but for the dissemination of fashion ideas and insight into market changes. It can be seen that the fair held to the third session is not only an important window for multinational enterprises to observe the Chinese market, but also an important platform for them to catch the world trend.

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