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Chengdu'S Unfinished "Madison Plaza" Has Been Officially Opened After Its Name Change

2020/11/16 12:25:00 0

ChengduMadison SquareShuangfa. Tianxi Center

   Five years of unfinished business

Chengdu Madison Plaza is located in the south section of Tianfu Avenue in Chengdu, adjacent to Tianfu Avenue and Haichang Polar Ocean Park in the East, petrochemical building and Housing Management Bureau of Tianfu New Area in the south, and government affairs center of Tianfu new area and Sihe station of Metro Line 1 in the north.

The project is invested by Chengdu Ruiding Investment Co., Ltd. and developed by Chengdu Chengnan Star Real Estate Co., Ltd. It is a complex project integrating five-star Apartment Hotel, first-class office building, senior club and many high-end supporting facilities. Although the investment and trading are local enterprises, the high return commitment and hype in the early stage have made the project popular.

In 2013, Chengnan real estate company of Chengdu spring housing fair pulled an airplane to the scene, which became a highlight of the exhibition and a representative case of high-profile publicity of the project. In the external publicity at that time, investment in Madison International Apartment Hotel can obtain the qualification of Gran Madison club membership, the hotel plate is managed and built by famous five-star hotels in the United States, and other publicity also caught the attention of many buyers. At that time, the average price of ordinary residential buildings around Madison Square was about 6500 yuan / m2, and the average price of hardcover housing was about 8000 yuan. However, the average price of "high-grade brand Apartment Hotel" sold by Madison Square in those years reached 20000 yuan.

However, after two years of intermittent construction, the project has completely stagnated.

In August 2016, at that time, there was market news that Madison Plaza would introduce the construction unit No.7 MCC as a new contractor, and the construction project would be funded by SMCC. At that time, the news clearly pointed out: "at present, the seventh smelter, the great wall and Chengnan have reached a plan which is agreed by all three parties, and it will take time for the contract to be formally signed.". But in the end, it's not over.

Double message arrival

There is no doubt that Madison Square has a superior geographical location. Tianfu new area is the hot spot of Chengdu at present. In addition to the "reputation" of the former Chengnan network red project, if there are good enterprises, there is still market development potential.

On November 6, Sichuan shuangfa Xinda group announced on its official website that shuangfa Xinda group, together with jundi real estate, successfully won the original "star of Chengnan" project with huge investment, and officially renamed the project "shuangfa Tianxi center".

On November 11, shuangfa Tianxi center officially started construction.

According to the plan, shuangfa Tianxi center covers an area of 28.35 mu, with a total construction area of 240000 square meters and a commercial area of 30000 square meters. It will introduce entertainment and leisure and other experiential formats.

Shuangfa Xinda said that shuangfa Tianxi center has a five vertical and three horizontal transportation hub system in the south of the city, and connects the Financial City Dayuan business district, Xinchuan science and Technology Park, Luhu Lushan high-end residential area, Central Business District of Tianfu new area and Jinjiang ecological belt, with huge market potential.

However, what kind of market performance will eventually appear remains to be verified by time.

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