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Fight Against The Long Sky In The New Era And Build Prosperity In The Great Era

2020/11/17 1:11:00 887

China Scarf CityInvestment FairHengcunTonglu

On November 8, 2020, 2020 China scarf City Investment Fair At No. 20, xujiabu Road, hengcun, Tonglu, Zhejiang Province, China China scarf City The conference hall on the fourth floor was held as scheduled. The meeting was divided into four parts: on-site sign in, leader's speech, marketing promotion and appointment signing. The atmosphere was warm and the business contacts were continuous.

This conference Five advantages To help enterprises to create more brilliance.

First, promote industry: optimize tax collection, develop in groups, and break through the supply chain;

Second, reduce costs: expand sales channels and create industry brands;

3. Multi channel: sort out the current situation of the industry and promote industrial upgrading;

4. Intelligent Warehousing: establish real-time cloud warehouse, and make warehousing, sales and logistics information real-time;

5. Excellent service: provide one-stop services such as industry and commerce, legal affairs, trademark and patent protection, finance, enterprise certification, etc. The five measures were concise and pragmatic, and were highly praised by the participants.

Shao Zheng, Secretary of hengcun Town Committee

The fair keeps pace with the times, re examines the market positioning, integrates the advantages of current emerging sales channels, and creates an integrated sales format of e-commerce + live + entity. At the same time, the market will introduce public services, industrial innovation, incubation, creative design and other resources, and establish a one-stop service platform to achieve the development of industrial chain. Various forms of sales are complementary, which will lead the scarf industry into a new modern era.

Market planning also goes hand in hand with it: the first and second floors are display windows; the third floor is the introduction of domestic and foreign well-known purchasers and material suppliers; there are certification service agencies, law firms, trademark intellectual property rights, taxation, industrial and commercial agents, preferential policy declaration and other resident office services for enterprises; The shopping mall on the fourth floor will join Taobao, taoyin, Baidu and other professional live broadcasting platforms and well-known MCN institutions to build a scarf knitting live broadcasting base and expand new online retail channels.

In addition, a series of preferential conditions are particularly attractive: rent free (up to three years); With the support of the government, enterprises in the park can enjoy the market group discount of Yuantong logistics. At the same time, hengcun actively applies to join Tonglu Tourism Association, so as to become a tourist industrial scenic spot and shopping spot of Tonglu. The first round of signing the contract can enjoy a surprise gift worth 38000 yuan. Many solid preferential policies all show the sincerity and determination of the organizer to revitalize the scarf industry, and it also gives participants a reassurance and a boost. National enterprises will never bow down in adversity, but will face difficulties and strive for the first in challenges and opportunities!

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