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Humen Clothing Fair: New Fashion Of Fashion Children | New Silk Road Children'S Fashion Festival

2020/11/22 20:32:00 217

The 25Th China (Humen) International Clothing FairNew Silk RoadHumen Exhibition

Children's Fashion Festival on the Silk Road

22 November, by New Silk Road( Beijing) Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Dongguan Humen clothing industry management committee, New Silk Road (Dongguan) performance culture Management Co., Ltd The 25th China (Humen) International Clothing Fair The first children's fashion week of 2020 New Silk Road and the 16th China International Children's model competition (Dongguan competition area) of 2020 New Silk Road Humen Exhibition The center is passionate.

The activity was presented in the form of children's show. In the display of several children's wear brands, a group of cute children show the unique charm of children's clothing and the personality of children's models through various fashion elements, multiple colors, combined with different materials, simple and comfortable fabrics, and bring the audience a fashionable fashion event.

Gorgeous stage, fashionable and handsome suit, elegant dress Children show confidence and charm with a variety of different show styles, lighting up the childhood C-bit stage dream.

On the same day, three famous clothing brand enterprises, including Alice Chen, Feng Lu studio and kaqiwu, attended the meeting.

Feng Lizi, the designer of the company, has rich experience in the design of children's clothing, which is full of vitality and energy; Its children's Clothing Co., Ltd. is committed to the latest fashion brand of children's house in Guangzhou.

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