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Build User'S "Core Asset" Jingdong 11.11 Brand, And Increase The Number Of Users

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According to the third quarter performance report of Jingdong group released on November 16, JD continued to win the trust of users - the annual number of active users increased by more than 100 million a year. As of September 30, 2020, the annual number of active purchasing users of Jingdong group reached 441.6 million, with a growth rate of 32.1% year-on-year, reaching a new high in three years.

With the decline of traffic bonus and constant innovation of consumption scenarios, Jingdong and many brand businesses have grown rapidly. During Jingdong's 11.11 global love season, a total of 264 brands with sales exceeding 100 million yuan were generated, and 13532 key brands, with sales growth rate of more than 300%. As an important partner of many brands, Jingdong starts from the "source" to create the brand member business system retained by anchor to pull new, help the brand to do a good job in user operation, tap the long-term growth momentum, and accelerate the growth together with the brand.

During the period of 11.11, Jingdong anchored brand member operation and forged a new engine of brand growth

As one of the core consumer groups of the brand, members have higher loyalty and activity, and contribute a lot to the final turnover rate of the brand. Therefore, many brands actively invest in the member assets. With the gradual disappearance of traffic bonus, it is more and more difficult for brand to obtain traffic increment, and the cost of customer acquisition is also rising. How to develop new traffic highland and deposit brand members with higher loyalty has become the key to the growth of brand users.

As a gathering place of high-quality consumers, Jingdong has been taking the brand as the most important long-term partner to seek common development. The brand member business system takes the current stock of member operation of the brand and the pain points and challenges of increment as the breakthrough point, and provides all-round help products in the direction of potential customer acquisition, flow precipitation, member rights and interests construction, member position expansion, data empowerment and project co construction Brand promotes member transformation, builds a set of accurate marketing closed-loop system, helps the brand upgrade from extensive member management to refined operation, comprehensively improves the input-output ratio of each link of member marketing link, and realizes the transformation of brand retail user assets from old to new.

Up to now, more than 40000 brand merchants have joined the big camp of brand members in Jingdong. During the 11.11 period of Jingdong, the number of new brands joining the "million member" Echelon increased three times compared with the same period of last month. The number of new brand members increased by 140% and the number of active brand members increased by 383% year on year. The full expansion of the membership group not only adds a heavy color to the brand's 11.11 record, but also becomes a solid backing for their long-term development.

The empowerment of a variety of products makes the brand feel like a fish in the water in the battle field where members pull new members. The diversified play method of mutual promotion of traffic and resonance of resources during the period of Jingdong 11.11 also brings new growth space for brand member operation. For example, Yili x Lenovo has formed a powerful joint creative marketing CP, and Yili's active members have increased by 477% year-on-year, and Lenovo's new members have exceeded one million; the gold absorption combination created by Midea & Mead Johnson's strong team has led to a 650% year-on-year increase in the turnover of members of Mead Johnson, and the turnover of Mead Johnson's members has increased by 85%. The multi-dimensional powerful empowerment of Jingdong brand resources has established a healthy ecosystem for the growth of brand members, and has become the potential energy for its long-term operation.

Upgrade rights and interests, enrich tools and create healthy ecology for brand members

In the brand user operation, "from 0 to 1" is the most critical. New customers are the source of organic growth of brand members. Through big data portraits, JD accurately describes the iteration of members' life cycle, and has insight into the time digestion curve of user groups and the urgent needs of different categories for new customers. Therefore, the growth plan of brand new customers comes into being. During the 11.11 period of Jingdong, Jingdong launched the "brand first purchase gift" project. With gift money as the carrier, it matched high viscosity from the crowd to the commodity, and accurately reached the core link, helping the brand realize the "original accumulation" of users.

"First purchase gift money" aims at brand new products and best-selling products, and brings obvious increase to the brand during the period of Jingdong 11.11. For example, Xiaomi has set up the first purchase gift money for its main products redmi k305g and redmi 10x, and the average daily growth of new customers is remarkable; all five categories of P & G brand cover more than ten brands, and high-end new products such as Shufujia red pomegranate shower gel are attracting new customers' attention.

During the 11 days from November 1 to 11, more than 2500 brands participated in the first purchase of gift money, which helped the brand achieve a year-on-year growth of 113%, and the conversion efficiency of brand new customers increased by 4 times. Medical care, personal care, mobile phone communication, food and beverage, mother and baby, beauty and skin care became the fastest growing categories of brand new customers, and P & G, Xiaomi and Unilever became new customer growth products Cards.

In the first nine months of this year, there were 2004 brands in Jingdong Gmv with more than 100 million yuan, reflecting the powerful enabling advantage of Jingdong platform. In order to seek long-term development with brand partners, JD will focus on long-term planning. In the future, it will continue to make intensive efforts to brand operation, deeply tap and cultivate value users, build a marketing system for high-value users, and leverage the leverage of brand promotion.


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