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Eall.Cz Italy Australia: The 25Th China (Humen) International Clothing Fair And Humen Fashion Week

2020/11/23 18:19:00 4

Eall.Cz Italy Australia

The 25th China (Humen) International Clothing Fair and Humen fashion week exhibitors excellent brand recommendation.

World service network reporters came to the exhibition hall of Italian Australian brands, and communicated with the responsible persons of Italy and Australia who participated in the exhibition, and learned that the exhibition brought those bright spots of Italian Australian brands.

The head of eall.cz Italy and Australia told reporters that the products launched this year have broken through and upgraded in all aspects, such as fabric and color. In terms of fabric, the new acetic acid fabric, which is popular this year, is easy to handle and has the softness and luster of silk. In terms of color, on the one hand, the classic color of the brand, royal blue, is about to return. On the other hand, with constant innovation and challenge, a new peach color with more charming female charm and dream has been added. In this diversified space, it shows the tenacious and fresh vitality.

Ear.cz/italy Australia draws inspiration from the nature and people's life, combines the aesthetics of Western art and oriental culture, blends historical culture with popular trend, and expresses the demands of modern women with culture, taste and personality for a better life.

Eall.cz, Dongguan Yizhuo Garment Co., Ltd Yiao brand comes from the personal concept of Chen Zhuo, the founder of Yiao. Natural symbiosis is the brand proposition of Yiao. The theme of each season, the selected materials and raw materials are all from nature. The overall style of Italian Australian products is loose, atmospheric, gentle and elegant. The pursuit of Italian Australian brand color is dominated by the perfect combination of popular color and brand personality color. Return fashion to the embrace of nature, spirituality and minimalism, and highlight the healthy and free and unrestrained aesthetic style

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