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The Beauty Of Chinese Clothes, Soaring Upward

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Dongguan Humen Fashion Co., Ltd. has jointly developed its own fashion brand "Humen Fashion Week" and "muyao Fashion Week" in Dongguan City. Humen fashion week and China (Humen) International Fashion Fair is one of the most influential fashion weeks in South China. With 25 years of experience and more than 40 years of precipitation, hundreds of countries and regions and tens of millions of people from the industry come to participate in it every year

At 8:00 p.m. on November 21, 2020, the Chinese clothing brand "moshang Mulan", jointly created by Dongguan zifeiyu Clothing Co., Ltd., Shenzhen mumiandao Clothing Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Brandon Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd., successfully completed its first show of fashion week - "moshang Mulan · Fuyao" in the main venue of Humen fashion week, Dongguan Humen Exhibition Center.

Humen fashion week and China (Humen) International Fashion Fair is one of the most influential fashion weeks in South China. With 25 years of experience and more than 40 years of precipitation, hundreds of countries and regions and tens of millions of industry people come to visit every year. Humen fashion week in 2020 will create a new mode of online and offline joint exhibition. It will help "Bay Area fashion city, charming quality Humen" to bloom more fashionable and flying style with live broadcast, VR, 5g and other technologies.

Under the background of modern science and technology and fashion sense, "Mulan on the road · Fuyao" is just like an old style movie full of vigor and vitality, and also like a mirage with Fairy Spirit, lighting up Humen, the clothing capital, with a different classical elegance.

The press conference is divided into three major theme scenes: "spring takes possession of Fang", "Qu Shui Liujiu" and "startles Hong to break dawn". Although I have seen many previews before, I realized how moving the atmosphere was when I was sitting under the stage.

At the beginning of the show, beautiful classical music sounded in the open venues, bringing people from the noisy world into poetic time and space. With the spotlight gradually lighting up the T-stage, one by one, dressed in gorgeous clothes, came into view, as if slowly unfolding the picture of ladies.

Yang Chun Zhan Fang

Therefore, the first theme "Yang Chun Zhan Fang" opened the curtain: in the mood of warm spring and blooming flowers, beautiful women in Chinese costumes may pick flowers and smell fragrance, or talk, laugh and whisper. The willows are warm in the sun and warm in the wind. Flowers love butterflies, always dance, painting hall flying swallow Cha Cha Cha song. Roll up the bead curtain, put on the new make-up, wake up the Hibiscus in the dream, and explore the fragrance of Luoyi Slowly, they come to the audience from the setting, just like fairies from the painting.

At the end of the last model, the light turns dark, until the next scene, the light is lit up again, just like the conversion of day and night. Through this dramatic transition, the second theme "wine cups flowing along the winding water" and the third theme "startling the red and breaking the dawn" have been staged one after another.

In the "winding water flowing Cup", the beautiful women in Chinese dress chant poems, paint and talk about poems and books. A piano song invites the moon, half a cup of tea cherish elegance. With the fragrance blowing the mat and the colorful clothes moving, the Iraqis are full of emotions.

Flowing wine cup

The final "Breaking Dawn" pushed the whole conference to a climax. The Iranians bundle green silk, Yang Cape, flower fragrance to make wine, boil a pot of bright moon when round. Holding long clothes, unfolding folding fans, breeze for sword, dancing a song, spring everywhere in the world.

Startled by the dawn

On the stage, the models' handsome costumes, natural and unrestrained posture, and sassy attitude aroused the enthusiasm of the whole audience, and aroused the resonance that everyone wanted to break through the difficulties of life.

Against the backdrop of the aestheticism scene, 32 sets of Chinese costumes are natural and smart. In a trance, people feel that it is not the models wearing the clothes of ancient people who are on the show, but that the ancient beauties are coming from the tunnel of time, presenting a historical picture of Flowing Clouds and flowing water.

The white of fairy air, the gentle and elegant azure, the amazing red of atmosphere, the fresh and elegant green Seeing these colors, you can see the flowing clouds floating on the lotus peak of Huangshan Mountain, the deep and vast space, the palace walls standing steadily in the Forbidden City, and the endless waves of blue waves, the singing of birds and the fragrance of flowers.

The designer retains the essence and charm of traditional Chinese clothing in style, and integrates the modern design concept of simplicity and fashion. Zhao Feiyan's dancing is shown in her wide sleeves, her charms in her high waist, her elegance in her face-to-face, her romance in her short jacket Then appropriately subtract the tedious multi-layer collocation and improve the design which is too broad and lengthy. In this way, not only does the poetic beauty of Chinese clothes be reduced, but also makes it more convenient and elegant to wear.

The press conference came to a successful end in the cool and heroic posture of Iraqis, but the audience could not get out of the plot for a long time. They were astonished, shocked and yearned for This is not only a press conference, but also a visual feast integrating traditional culture, modern fashion and art aesthetics. It is a spiritual washing full of cultural confidence and cultural consciousness.

What is the purpose of this banquet? After the press conference, Ms. Xu Aidong, founder of kapok road and moshang Mulan brand, was interviewed by the media.

Q 01

In 2020, under the influence of the epidemic situation, what adjustments and new changes have been made to the kapok road brand?

Xu Aidong Although this year's epidemic has had a great impact on the industry, we have made some response measures relatively quickly. On the one hand, we should vigorously support the original offline dealers, adjust the payment time appropriately, and help them develop new sales methods to tide over the difficulties together. On the other hand, it actively promoted online brand, built wechat mall and tried to live broadcast, which brought in a lot of traffic from online. In addition, we have also devoted ourselves to developing new brands and styles, and cooperated with peers and different industries to bring more internal and external impetus to the brand.

Q 02

This year's "moshang Mulan" is a new brand. What's the significance of creating this new brand? What are the future changes of "moshang Mulan" brand? What kind of high expectations?

Xu Aidong "Moshang Mulan" is a brand new Chinese clothing brand jointly launched by our mumiandao Clothing Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Brandon Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd. After more than 20 years of hard work in the field of national style and Chinese clothing, we have always adhered to the original intention of combining the classic elements of tradition with modern fashion. Now, just in time for the revival of Chinese traditional culture, "moshang Mulan" came into being.

We hope that "moshang Mulan" can make features and personality, have a higher degree of recognition, different from other Chinese clothes on the market. Therefore, we should stick to the design of "Mulan". In the business model, cross-border cooperation is adopted. Through the cooperation with Brandon, Huafu and cultural tourism are linked, so that everyone can experience first and then consume. In view of many scenic spots in China, "moshang Mulan Chinese clothing exclusive shop" has been set up, and "Mulan Chinese clothing experience hall" has been set up in some characteristic B & B, so that tourists can not only enjoy the picturesque scenery, but also wear Chinese clothes to walk through the mountains and rivers, so as to really have a "cross between the past and the present".

We also look forward to our efforts and contributions in the recovering cultural and tourism industry. I would like to take this opportunity to make a small publicity here - welcome all the residents to cooperate with us! We will design and develop unique "moshang Mulan Chinese dress" according to the style and needs of different B & B, so as to make it a new cultural carrier and a new tourism highlight!

Q 03

Do we have a "Mumian group" plan for this industry?

Xu Aidong In the face of the ever-changing situation, we will carry out in-depth cooperation with peers and different industries. The company is a partner of the same trade. Founded in 1958, Nancy has a 62 year history of silk production and processing, focusing on silk and hemp research and development for 23 years. Kapok road and Nancy company work together to introduce more high-end fabrics and technology, so that the products of kapok road are more yuan, more valuable, not only comfortable and healthy, but also beautiful.

Different business is a cooperation with Zhejiang Brandon Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd., which is committed to building "cultural and tourism content service operator" and taking "cultural and tourism sharing" as the engine, and establishing the integration project of B & B, city accommodation, non-standard accommodation and resort. When Hanfu meets the tourists, kapok road will join hands with Brandon to be the porter of your quality life, advocate the light luxury lifestyle, and form a new online and offline complementary mode of first experiencing and then consuming.

"The ROC rises with the wind one day and soars to 90000 Li.". Believe that all the clouds will be dispersed, all the good will come. I hope that this Chinese dress press conference can help you to release your inner pressure and regain your original intention of elegance. I also hope that more and more people like Chinese clothes and fall in love with traditional Chinese clothes. In the future, let's meet again in the high distance!

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