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Caska Women'S Wear: The 25Th China (Humen) International Clothing Fair

2020/11/23 20:52:00 68

CaskaHumen Clothing

The 25th China (Humen) International Clothing Fair and Humen fashion week exhibitors excellent brand recommendation.

World service network reporters came to the exhibition hall of cassega brand. The person in charge of cassega told the reporters about the development process of the company. At the same time, he also introduced the integration of multiple images from classic to fashion, showing you the exquisite, elegant and independent image of urban women. Welcome to the 25th China (Humen) International Clothing Fair and Humen fashion week, kasika exhibition hall!

CASIA Clothing Co., Ltd. was established in 2011. At the beginning of the company, it mainly provided design and production services for domestic and foreign clothing brands. In 2014, it established the brand with the same name Casga is committed to the demand of fashion white-collar women's clothing, continuously excavates rich creative energy between the brand tradition and the contemporary fashion self attitude, insists on independent development, and injects continuous fresh vitality into the brand with bold innovation.

Nowadays, there are more and more domestic clothing brands, the industry is booming, and the corresponding competition and challenges are also intensified. Therefore, the core spirit of the brand (style characteristics) must be adhered to. Although the popular trend changes every year, the core spirit of the brand cannot be changed. Therefore, how to perfectly combine the popular elements with the brand spirit is the most important topic for designers. Caska brand has a clear definition of customer groups, with white-collar workers as the main axis, emphasizing the effect of self-cultivation. At the same time, it strictly checks the raw materials and production process, and adheres to the quality requirements of every stitch. The competitiveness always comes from the product strength. The humen clothing fair attracts tens of thousands of employees from the clothing industry at home and abroad every year, which is of great help to the enterprises participating in the exhibition to expand business opportunities, Caska Clothing Co., Ltd. brings its latest products to the exhibition, further showing the exquisite, elegant and independent image of urban women in the industry. It is hoped that this exhibition can help the company to explore the local market.

The person in charge said that the epidemic has disrupted the layout of many clothing enterprises, and even many well-known clothing brands are facing bankruptcy crisis. Before the epidemic situation is not clear, strengthening cost control and developing multiple sales channels are the two most important things at present. After the obvious recovery of the industry, the still existing enterprises will get more market share.

The person in charge stressed that in 2019, carlsga has started to layout the Southeast Asian market. This year, the outbreak of the epidemic has disrupted the original plan. However, caska still pays high attention to the Southeast Asian market, which is a market with a large population base and rapid development. Caska is ready to return to the market at any time, and expects the brand to grow rapidly in the region.

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