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Jingluo Yimeng: Why Are Fashion Designer Brands So Eye-Catching At Humen Fashion Fair

2020/11/23 21:47:00 6

Jingluo YimengHumen ClothingHumen Fair

The 25th China (Humen) International Clothing Fair and Humen fashion week exhibitors excellent brand recommendation.

World service network reporter came into the exhibition hall of Jingluo Yimeng brand, communicated with the responsible person of Jingluo Yimeng who participated in the exhibition, learned the brand highlights of the exhibition, and told the reporter Jingluo Yimeng is an original cotton and hemp designer brand advocating nature, environmental protection and comfort.

Based on the concept of creation originated from nature and soul, adhering to the pursuit of high cost performance and the collision between tradition and fashion, fashion elements are integrated into the nature, which is fresh and fresh without losing the Oriental aesthetic style. Adhere to the pursuit of the simple nature of cotton and hemp, give the body skin a comfortable, light and full of temperature state.

The person in charge of the exhibition hall said that our company is an original designer brand company integrating design, production and sales, and owns "Jingluo Yimeng" women's wear brand.

"Jingluo Yimeng" takes "simplicity, intellectuality, fashion, comfort and leisure" as its design concept, adheres to the brand concept of nature, environmental protection and health, and skillfully uses natural fabrics of cotton, hemp and silk, with three-dimensional cutting, unique quality and cultural connotation, to create a different style of women's cotton and hemp.

Jingluo Yimeng firmly believes that women who love life understand life better!

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