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Atina: Break The Rules And Make Your Fashion Street Personality

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Attinalife AttinaHumen Fashion Fair


The 25th China (Humen) International Clothing Fair and Humen fashion week exhibitors excellent brand recommendation. Take a look at the main brand attina life.

World service network reporter came to the exhibition hall of Atina brand,

The person in charge of Atina brand told the world service network reporter about the company's development process, and also introduced the brand positioning of Atina for us. The two partners have their own strengths, because the common cause has entered a fashion industry. For their entrepreneurial stories, they have different characteristics. Let's hear what they say!

Fashion, personality, not bondage It's the aspiration of many young people to be free of rules and regulations. There is a designer's original women's clothing brand in Humen, which is committed to subverting the tradition, guiding urban women to try different clothing experience and life attitude, live a wonderful life, and win the favor of fashionable women. It is the exhibitor of this Humen clothing fair, Dongguan Caiduo Clothing Co., Ltd.

Attina life attina is a designer women's clothing brand of Caiduo. Its brand meaning is "attitude of life". Attinalife is committed to leading high street fashion in mainstream society. It is designed for independent and free modern women. It has both fashion consciousness and cultural connotation, and integrates the connotation and personality into the external style of clothing, free from the shackles of traditional rules and frameworks. The design items of each quarter not only reflect the texture of the material, but also focus on the unique clothing cutting; exquisite hand-made details, complicated production technology, and fashion elements with high-level customization are widely used in every season's clothing.

The brand advocates personality, freedom, fashion and comfortable life style, helps women to create happy, passionate, romantic, free and beautiful life, and leads urban women to try different clothing experience and life attitude, so as to live a wonderful life. Its products are good at harmonizing all kinds of material elements into one body harmoniously, embodying individuality at will, fusing art in fashion, elaborately deducing modern European style with fashion personality and slightly romantic woman flavor, combining retro and modern, with the creativity of power, it connects art and fashion together, full of passion and romance. At the same time, its various wearing methods combine comfort and practicality, so that the wearer can fully experience the fun of mixing and matching, guide urban women to explore all the beautiful possibilities in life with endless curiosity, and make life colorful.

"You see, our craft is very special. For example, this binding bead is not a single-layer bead of the same material, but a multi-layer bead binding made of different materials. The fine craftsmanship is clear at a glance. If you look at this one, the stitching process is also multi-level."

Tina, brand design director of attina life, confidently introduces this.

Then she picked up another v "This is the new style of this autumn. Does this strong design style make people look at you? Does it subvert the conventional and boring image of traditional suits? The irregular and asymmetric design, with layers and temperament, as well as the pearl buttons, naturally decorate the clothes, It also has a little elegant charm

  Tina Each of our works is an ingenious work of the designer. It shows the careful thinking of breaking the tradition and interpreting the high street fashion. For example, this striped national style knitted sweater is soft and glutinous, and has a very good upper body experience. It can highlight the beauty, personality and elegance of women. In addition, the slit design on the side of the hem can well decorate the lower body of women, regardless of whether it is It's still a dress up.

Just recently, Atina held the "still time" spring and summer 2021 new product launch conference, with three themes of honoring the past, out of order world and yearning for. The new product was highly praised by the participants for its light, gorgeous, ghostly, creative collocation and mix-up and shocking style.

Design is more than appearance. It seems simple but extraordinary. If you go deep into every detail, you can see your heart. All the uncertainty in front of us is not enough to stop us from yearning for a better world in the future. Therefore, when time and space pass through and the beautiful memory is replayed again, we are still the pursuers of the better life, we are still the pursuers of dreams. As mentioned in this press conference, we expect that Atina will continue to surprise and move fashionable and personalized women, help them to interpret their changeable self, and live a unique and wonderful life in every aspect!

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