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Mo · Mo: Extreme Quality Clothing Contains Only Urban Style

2020/11/23 22:57:00 158

Mo · MoHumen ClothingHumen Fair

The 25th China (Humen) International Clothing Fair and Humen fashion week exhibitors excellent brand recommendation.

The world service network reporter came into the exhibition hall of Yimo clothing brand. The founder of Yimo clothing brand told the reporters about the development process of the company, and introduced the brand positioning of Yimo clothing for us. For his entrepreneurial story, it is different with urban individuation, or listen to what they say!

Yimo Clothing Co., Ltd., established in 2012, is a brand clothing enterprise integrating R & D, design, production and sales. The company is located in Humen, Guangdong Province. "M0mo", a women's clothing brand of Yimo clothing, has been striving for "high quality" and "high cost performance" in the process of design and creation, in order to achieve "providing customers with super value experience of quality and leisure fashion. Every piece of Mo women's clothing is a call for women, and each element adheres to its own style.

Mo · Mo is the essence of fashion and fashion. Eliminate the complicated design and fancy style, random but not random, personality but not pompous, with minimalist design to explain the unique natural life concept.

The founder told reporters that his brand uses warm and textural hues to slow your breathing, please your nerves and relax your mind. Fashion designers with novel thinking, unique fashion sense, original and diligent garment makers, energetic and passionate marketing, combined with space and graphic design of unique perspective, finally create a unique Mo · Mo, and achieve incomparable you.

Self independence and fashion urban women are described in the language of extreme clothing. The true self of modern women is shown with a unique profile perspective and appropriate color matching. The ID desired in the heart is interpreted. It is not noisy and fierce, but it can not be ignored to express the self that does not drift with the tide in a natural way. Fashion is me and target consumer positioning.

Urban women, cherish themselves, have the courage to express their hearts, strong and warm heart, not dependent, not demanding, indifferent to the world, quiet years

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