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Kapok Do, Miss Hua Fu, Are You Chatting While You Are On Show? Secrets Of The Press Conference Of "Mulan On The Road · Fuyao"

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Although the "Mo Shang Mulan · Fu Yao" press conference

It's been over for days,

However, there is still much discussion about it

"Why do models in fancy clothes look more intimate?"

"How to match Chinese clothes to look good?"

"Is it very time-consuming to make a Chinese dress press conference?"

Today, let's go back to the scene with the pictures and videos,

Take a look at the behind the scenes.

You're on the stage

Although we have done a lot of fashion week shows before,

But it was the first time that the Chinese clothing press conference was held.

Therefore, from the moment of accepting the invitation from the organizing committee,

We decided to make a different show.

After repeated discussions between the designer team and the cultural and creative team,

We decided on the format of the press conference three months ago.

And then after a month of polishing,

Determined the main theme of the press conference "moshang Mulan · Fuyao"

And three sub themes:

"Yangchun occupies the fragrance, the winding water flows the wine cup and startles the Hong to break the dawn".

In order to make these three scenes more vivid,

According to the theme inspiration, the fashion designer drew the clothing manuscript,

The craft designer drew three scenes according to the originality.

Finally, let these three paintings of clothing

They were all presented at the press conference.

32 pieces of Chinese clothes,

Three scenes, three paintings,

More than 10 kinds of ingenious clothing technology,

The whole kapok road team has been fighting for more than 100 days and nights,

A fusion of culture, clothing and art

As one of the Chinese clothing press conference.

That night,

Seeing a packed audience,

Everyone was very moved,

We know that:

Their own pay is not in vain.

The runway is ready, "actor Please be seated

A successful fashion conference,

It's inseparable from the wonderful performance of models.

In most of the previous press conferences,

Models are just clothes hangers that walk,

Often give people the impression of expressionless.

And this time "Mulan of moshang · Fuyao",

The director's requirements for the models are:

"Let go of yourself and play,

Let the field move

So there was an opening,

Beautiful ladies and sisters

Sitting in the middle of the stage talking:

"Sit down and have a cup of tea."

"Where did you get this skirt?"

It's just the moon,

Quickly pick up the brush to paint.

Bring the audience in

The poetic state of quiet years.

What do ancient girlfriends get together to talk about?

Playing a touching pipa,

It's no harm to talk about the eight trigrams of Su Dongpo.

A person goes out to enjoy the spring,

You have to wear amazing kapok red.

If you have the blessing of oil paper umbrella,

It can be the focus of the crowd.

When you're happy,

You can spin and jump in the spring fragrance,

Let the butterfly dance with you.

All hands and feet, low eyebrows and smile,

Silk and train fly with the body,

What a beautiful painting of Tang Palace.

When the money comes, bow down and salute,

Classical beauty is worthy of elegance.

Finally, it's the turn of the heroines,

The first time I shake my cape,

Xiaoxiao Sasa, out of the pace of the king.

Swordsmen in black with swords on their shoulders,

That fixed when the eyebrows, SA not sa?

Women are so handsome,

The men are not satisfied,

Come and shake it with a fan.

The splendor of the stage comes from the efforts of the audience

In order to show the beauty of the splendid age,

From makeup to rehearsal,

We try our best to make every detail perfect.

Search ancient books and documents,

On the basis of ancient makeup,

Integrating modern aesthetics.

in ancient times,

Dressing up in the mirror is a transformation of beauty,

It is also a kind of poetic realm.

Looking at these models in the mirror,

I can't help but think of the ancient boudoir women.

Rehearsals are also the key to a show.

To make the models feel quaint,

Before the launch,

There was rehearsal all night.

Watching them stride from the beginning to the lotus step,

Is there a sense of cocooning and becoming a butterfly?

Clothing, the persistence of traditional culture

The press conference is just the carrier of clothing,

I want to see a show,

In the final analysis, it depends on clothes.

We are inspired by three small themes,

Color matching and style design are carried out,

So that the clothing and the scene are integrated,

Xu's whole picture unfolds slowly,

The models seem to come out of the picture.

In order to create an atmosphere of warm spring and blooming flowers,

The first part is based on soft and elegant colors,

Set off the blooming of flowers and the richness of grass.

Most of the skirts are elegant pleated yarn skirts,

It is like the steps of spring breeze, lightly and lightly.

The elements of traditional Chinese clothing such as cross collar and silk

It's also shown in the first part,

With the classic embroidery and hand-painted techniques of kapok Road,

Flowing with the beauty of exquisite details.

The theme of the second part is the curved water cup,

Dress design is more elegant.

Fresh color, poetic high waist Ru skirt,

It shows the graceful and moving of Chinese women.

There are more colors in this part,

There are rich levels in elegance,

And a lot of embroidery was used,

The flowers standing on the shoulders of the pavilion,

Green bamboo on the cuff,

To inject more artistic atmosphere into the clothing.

The emotion in the last part is strong,

Red, black and white are the main colors,

To form a sharp color contrast,

Rendering or handsome or dust or amazing artistic conception.

Black and white ink painting, curling like an immortal knight;

Women in red, fresh and angry, amazing

In addition, metal tassel

And the Chinese belt is also the highlight of this series.

Fashion craft behind "moshang Mulan · Fuyao"

Engrave the beauty of time by hand

Although this conference is over,

But the history of Huafu has just been restarted.

We will continue to inherit the classic elements of traditional clothing culture,

Let more and more people like Chinese clothes.

Finally, I would like to thank the guests and the audience,

Because of your coming,

Just let this conference harvest so much applause and moved.

Looking forward to the next time, and you can meet again!

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