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Reporters Observe The Secret Opponents Of Community Group Buying

2020/11/28 15:11:00 0

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The fierce competition in the domestic Internet industry can be seen from the "thousand regiment war" ten years ago. Then to o2o, cross-border e-commerce, bike sharing, online car hailing, online live broadcasting and other fields, all the companies that survive are doomed to death.

And then to today's community group buying, whether meituan, Didi or pinduoduo, all have strong capital and team. Some commentators think that the industry will only kill a few giants in the end, and 99% of the participants will die. But I think the real rivals of community group buying are not platforms each other.

As we all know, the community group buying mode is light and easy to copy; it has developed for five years since 2015, and the participants have not made much difference in commodity supply, storage, transportation and community operation, and have not formed core differentiation barriers. In other words, so far, community group buying is still a new retail format relying on people.

For the most dependent team leaders, at the beginning, they are the team buying brand development specialist identity, and then need to carry out independent fission and continuous development. The core driving force is revenue, and the cost of transferring users is very low. If there is a more favorable price or a selection that is more recognized by the local people, the community shop will definitely stop cooperation. Even if the owner directly crosses the e-commerce platform, it is not impossible to connect with the sales channel of the origin. With the maturity of agricultural products industry in poverty-stricken areas, more and more co-operatives are entering the market and looking for agents themselves. The owners of small shops in the community will also face more and more agency channels to choose from.

Therefore, the platform must be deep ploughed in the user side to improve its supply chain ability and service ability, which is the key to attract users. Fresh e-commerce itself is an industry where fresh food is bigger than e-commerce, and community group buying is even worse. Its entry threshold is low, and the requirements for localized operation are higher. For today's platform, it is necessary to establish local operation by using the characteristics of each region.

As the insiders of Xingsheng preferred said, the commercial formats of first tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou are very rich, and users' choices of vegetables are also diversified. Moreover, they have long been used to home service. But in the Chinese market, third and fourth tier cities and even rural areas have more potential. Because the business form of these areas is single, the user purchase channel is scarce, and the price is often much higher. Generally speaking, in addition to planting their own vegetables, the farmers in the village can only go to the Township vegetable farms to buy vegetables. At this time, he has no choice about the category and price.

There are no barriers not only for platform operators, but also for users: relying on their own acquaintances, it is natural that everyone is willing to place an order to buy cheap goods. Therefore, in such a market which relies heavily on community relations and regional characteristics, the tycoons who can finally make a living must meet the needs of the local people.

As the retail end of the city, community stores connect one residential area after another like capillary, they are the nearest place to consumers. At present, the Internet platform only uses 10% commission to replace the distribution, distribution, shelf and private area traffic of small stores. If pinduoduo and meituan even recover the 10% of the revenue one day, the leaders may directly choose to direct mail and direct distribution services to existing users. Therefore, they are not competitors in the market, but also competitors in the market.

Those users are attracted by the low price, at the same time, the quality, service system, customer stickiness and brand effect are indispensable. No matter how vast the industry seems to be, in today's subsidy war, whether the order is more than 10 million is not credible. After all, the real rigid demand must be separated from subsidies. Markets inflated by subsidies are false booms.


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