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Alibaba Vice President Gu Mai Is Suspected Of Corruption And Taken Away

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On December 1, on the pulse platform, a netizen certified as an employee of Alibaba disclosed that Gu mai (formerly known as Hu Weixiong), vice president of Alibaba group and general manager of tmall's FMCG & fashion business department, was taken away. The netizen did not disclose the specific reasons for the removal.

According to other netizens, Gu Mai was taken away last night, which may be related to corruption and transferred to public security.

Ali did not respond to the matter.

According to public information, Hu Weixiong (Gu MAI) joined Alibaba in 2016 and served as general manager of tmall beauty business department from January of that year to December of 2017. Before that, the former Secretary General of Tianjie was in charge of the service system of Tianjie. Since December 2017, Hu Weixiong has been the general manager of the FMCG division of tmall. Since 2018, he has become the new president of tmall's FMCG business.

Prior to joining Ali, Hu joined Estee Lauder group in 2006 as sales director in China. In 2008, she became the general manager of Chinese luxury brands in China. He was the general manager of LV fresh group in 2015.

On December 3, 2019, in the adjustment of Ali's organizational structure, tmall announced the establishment of tmall's FMCG clothing group, which governs FMCG business unit / clothing business unit / charisma Hui, with Hu Weixiong, the general manager of tmall FMCG, as the general manager. Er Ding, general manager of tmall apparel, will go to a new important position in the economy and undertake a new mission.

During the double 11 period, Gu Mai once said in an interview with the media that at present, there are about 760 million active users of tmall, and the goal is to achieve 1 billion people. At that time, if there are 500 million to 600 million users converted during the double 11 period, all the "ceiling" can be opened for the brand.

According to the enterprise investigation data, Hu Weixiong has two companies, which are still in existence. They are the current legal representative of charm Huihui (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.

The company's business covers clothing and accessories, leather goods, watches, gold and silver jewelry, jewelry (except for rough diamond and bare diamond), shoes, hats and socks, cosmetics, tableware, prepackaged food (excluding cooked food bittern, frozen and refrigerated), wine products, daily necessities, oral cleaning products, household supplies, office supplies, electrical and electrical equipment, recording and reproducing equipment and optical photography Equipment wholesale, online retail, etc.

In terms of foreign investment, Hu Weixiong holds 20% of shares in Shanghai Yingya real estate brokerage Co., Ltd., and 3% in Ningbo Meishan bonded port xianhou investment management partnership. He also works in 1919 liquor Platform Technology Co., Ltd. and Shanghai multi dimension Network Technology Co., Ltd. On October 31, 2019, Hu Weixiong was appointed as a non-executive director of baobabushu group.

According to the report of Mr. Yang Weibo and Mr. Liu Tianbao, there are five key business people in Taobao. In other words, Hu Weixiong is one of the top five members of Alibaba's e-commerce business.

Late latepost reported that in the first year of Gu Mai's joining Ali, his KPI did not meet the standard, because he dismissed all the acting operators of beauty brands on tmall. He tried to tell all consumers that they wanted to buy beauty make-up in tmall. They were all official authentic products of the brand. According to the subordinates of Gumei, "the KPI of Gumei was greatly exceeded in the next year. This is a person with business strategy."

It is worth noting that since Zhang Yong took over the post of CEO of Alibaba, every year after double 11, Ali has made a new and major adjustment in its organizational structure, with the intention of opening up business and coordinating and integrating.

This time, the rumor was exposed before the major adjustment, which attracted people's attention.

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