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[Lailong Tang Costume] Inheriting The Palace Production Process, Four Generations Of People Have Inherited It

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Lailong Tang CostumeChen Chunlong

In order to understand the origin and development of Lailong Tang suit, the reporter from worldservice.com made a special trip to Lailong Tangzhuang Humen company on December 1, 2020 to interview chairman Chen Chunlong, the successor of the fourth generation. In order to understand the origin and development of Lailong Tang suit, the reporter of worldservice conducted in-depth communication with him to find out why several generations of a family have persisted in the research and manufacture of traditional clothing.

1 Persistence and inheritance of cultural treasures of traditional costume

Chen Chunlong, chairman of the board of directors, told the reporters that the Lailong Tang suit originated in 1918. In order to inherit and inherit the production technology of the court and protect its traditional exquisite craftsmanship from losing, no matter how the real-time changes occurred, he continued to pass on to his descendants, so he had the present Lailong Tang suit company.

Chen Chunlong talked about himself. In 1951, my father took over the industry and court craft technology of my ancestors, and later moved to Taiwan from the mainland. In the 1980s, with the reform and opening-up policy in China, my father and his family returned to their motherland. Later, he founded the company of Lailong Tang suit in Humen, China. The whole family continued to use the inheritance technology to design and produce the traditional and modern combination of design and production Shang Tang suit series.

Chen Chunlong said that the trademark of Lailong Tang suit takes "one dragon" as a symbol. After many applications, it is now its own registered trademark. The implication of the dragon as a symbol is that all the descendants of the Chinese people in the world are descendants of the dragon. The Chinese trademark of Lailong Tang suit contains two meanings. One is that it has the blood of the court's craft. The other is that dragon, as a word of Chen Chunlong, means that I want it to be handed down forever, and it is also the responsibility and obligation to carry forward our traditional Chinese culture.

  2、 The importance of Chinese clothing inheritance technology for fabric selection

Chen Chunlong, chairman of the board of directors, explained to shifu.com that Lailong Tang costume not only inherited the palace production process, but also used the long-standing Xiangyun yarn as the main fabric in the selection of clothing fabrics. As we all know, in ancient times, Xiangyun yarn was known as soft gold. The manufacturing process of Xiangyun yarn has to go through these complicated processes of three steaming, nine boiling and eighteen drying Xiangyunsha is a national intangible cultural heritage. Xiangyun gauze is commonly known as Rangoon silk and cloud yarn. Chen Wei in Beijing relies on yarn. It is an ancient hand-made plant dyed fabric in China. It has a history of more than 1000 years. Due to its unique production process, rare quantity, long production time, exquisite craftsmanship, it has the characteristics of smooth wearing, cool, sterilization, insect repellent, and health care effect on the skin. In the past, it was called soft gold, which can only be enjoyed by large families in Zhumen.

Lailong Tang suit Xiangyun yarn is a natural high-end fabric made by hand. It is the only traditional silk fabric in the world that retains plant and mineral dyeing and finishing technology. Under the leadership of Mr. Chen Lao, the founder of Lailong Tang suit, Xiangyun yarn is carefully designed to create jinglailong Tang suit, It is the first choice for the new generation of high-end successful men. It is a symbol of personal comfort and identity.

  3、 Protection of intangible assets with visual innovation of modern management and patent

When talking about why we need to register for patent protection, Chen Chunlong said that we have handmade clasps on the palace craft. In order to protect the court's technology, the traditional manual clasp can protect and inherit it better. Therefore, I applied for many design patents in the intellectual property right,

In order to inherit it well, we have eight design patents for this manual buckle. In addition, we have registered some symbolic characters (patents),

In terms of the combination of tradition and fashion, although there are polo shirts in foreign countries, we like them, but in terms of innovation, Lailong has its own design patent, which is one of the Chinese polo shirts We use the traditional stand collar and our unique handmade clasp. We combine the two into one. Especially on this Chinese polo shirt, we also embody the traditional culture of five elements.

   4、 Lailong Tang costume attracts the attention of all walks of life

Chen Chunlong said that in the academic circles, there are countless masters who like our products. For example, master Meisheng is a judge of our domestic Photography Association. Master Meisheng has a high evaluation of our Lailong Tang costume. He wrote these four words for us personally. Master Meisheng gave us a bright implication for the future development of Lailong Tang costume.

5、 The change of traditional culture and modern fashion under the trend of national trend

As an inheritor, how can Chen Chunlong combine traditional crafts with modern elements perfectly? This is the next major topic. The mainstream of future consumer groups is the post-80s and post-90s. They pursue and love how to integrate with traditional crafts, and deeply analyze the combination of cultural tradition. At present, there is a term called Guochao How can we use the most beautiful characters and symbols of traditional China in the fashion series? We design and embody them in these clothes, and they will use embroidery technology The printing technique and such an alternate design are perfectly reflected in the clothing. Let our 80 and 90's have their own personality and new trend in the face of these traditional cultures. Through the traditional culture and fashion new technology, how can we make them understand our Chinese cultural elements and slowly accept it? I think this is the mission of Lailong Tang costume.

Finally, Chen Chunlong talked about the future of Lailong Tang suit, hoping to combine online and offline to realize the personalized customized service sales mode of Lailong Tang suit in the future. The main purpose is to deeply understand the consumer's preferences in terms of consumers' individual needs. In addition, he can obtain individual requirements from the consumer side and establish an intelligent sales system of Lailong Tang suit,

For the future c2m or C2F, that is, what their needs are, we can directly feed back to our production end through the system, so as to meet the needs of future consumers, that is, customized Lailong Tang suit is also ready to meet the needs of customers

Inheriting the tradition of Tang Dynasty dragon costume, thank you!

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