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The First Cloud Exhibition Of Taian Textile And Garment Industry (Germany) Was Successfully Held

2020/12/4 11:14:00 0

TaianTextile And Garment Industry (Germany) Cloud ExhibitionOnline Exhibition

On the afternoon of December 1, the first cloud exhibition of textile and garment industry (Germany) in Tai'an City was successfully held online. Wang Zhixiang, Secretary of the Party group and director of Taian Municipal Bureau of Commerce, delivered a speech on behalf of the Chinese side and announced the opening of the exhibition.

Supported by Bremen chamber of Commerce and Shandong Institute of Commerce and technology, hosted by Tai'an Municipal Bureau of Commerce and hosted by Shandong International Business Federation, the cloud exhibition attracted more than 50 exhibitors from Tai'an City and Germany, and organized more than 40 one-to-one exhibitions and seminars involving textile, clothing, medical materials and other industries in Tai'an city. The exhibition adopts the most advanced online video technology to build a precise display and docking platform for Chinese and German enterprises, and explores a new way for foreign trade enterprises in our city to explore the international market under the normal epidemic situation.

Wang Chengyan, member of the Party group and deputy director of the Bureau, and Mr. Mattias bode of Bremen chamber of Commerce attended the online exhibition.

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