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Keqiao: Printing And Dyeing Enterprises Go Back To Work

2021/2/20 9:05:00 0

KeqiaoPrinting And DyeingResumption Of Work

On the seventh day of the first month, in the factory area of Zhejiang Xinyi printing and dyeing Co., Ltd., several workers are constantly installing waste gas treatment equipment of setting machine, in preparation for the resumption of work and production as soon as possible. "During the Spring Festival, the installation workers didn't have much rest and were always in a hurry." Wang Guanming, general manager of Shaoxing Henghui Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd., said that in addition to "Xinyi printing and dyeing", there are also "Tianma printing and dyeing" and "Sanjie printing and dyeing" enterprises that also choose to install environmental protection equipment during the Spring Festival, and strive to resume work and production early in the new year.

These two days, in Keqiao printing and dyeing industry cluster area, many printing and dyeing enterprises began to recruit workers ahead of time. In addition to placing recruitment signs and posting recruitment forms at the gate of the factory, some enterprises have recruited talents in wechat circle of friends this year. "We made a tremolo video to introduce the new factory area of Yingfeng, and made a recruitment poster to spread in the circle of friends." According to the person in charge of Zhejiang Yingfeng Technology Co., Ltd., many employees are needed in the new plant area of "Yingfeng Co., Ltd." this year, the company is stepping up recruitment in recent days to prepare for the full resumption of work and production.

In Zhejiang Baofang printing and dyeing Co., Ltd., many employees have returned to their posts one after another. At present, the company is registering for returning to work. "During the Spring Festival, more than 300 employees from other places stayed for the Spring Festival. The company chartered a car for them to travel to Shaoxing for free for six days. The response was good among the employees, and many new employees were attracted to sign up." The relevant person in charge of the company disclosed that there are more than 100 old and new employees. In addition, the company plans to return to work and production on the 10th day of the first day.

It is learned from Ma'an street that in order to help printing and dyeing enterprises resume their work and production in an all-round way, the street goes deep into the enterprises at the first time to understand the needs of the enterprises. It is expected that the matching steam of the printing and dyeing enterprises will be reopened in the ninth day of the Lunar New Year and strive to make a good start in the year of the ox.

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