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Guangzhou Business District In Spring Festival

2021/2/20 9:19:00 2

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In the first Spring Festival after the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, peace and happiness became the key words. At the same time, under the local new year's promotion, the effect of the consumption of commercial supermarket was obvious.

On the fifth day of the new year's day, shopping malls in Guangzhou's traditional tianhei and Beijing Road were crowded. A consumer in wanlinghui, Guangzhou, who came to shopping, told the 21st century economic reporter that this year, in response to the call to celebrate the new year on the spot, it was the first time that he did not go back to his hometown for the new year. Shopping with friends during the Spring Festival and eating out became the main activities.

According to the data, February 17 is the last day of the Spring Festival Golden Week. According to the data released by the Ministry of commerce that night, from New Year's Eve to the sixth day of the first month (February 11-17), the sales volume of key retail and catering enterprises in China was about 821 billion yuan, which was 28.7% higher than that in 2020 and 4.9% higher than that in 2019.

Affected by the epidemic situation, the national consumption in 2020 has a rare decline in history. The total retail sales of consumer goods is 39.20 trillion yuan, which is 3.93% lower than that of 40.80 trillion yuan in 2019. However, according to the monitoring data released by the Ministry of Commerce on the evening of 17th, the consumption data during the Spring Festival in 2021 not only increased by 28.7% compared with the same period in 2020, but also significantly increased by 4.9% compared with the golden week of 2019 before the outbreak.

"Rise" of popular consumer goods

According to the data released by the Ministry of Commerce, the "on-site Lunar New Year" has greatly promoted the growth of home service consumption. The sales of traditional products such as New Year gift boxes, home appliances, leisure food, seasonal clothing and fitness equipment are booming. In addition, the Spring Festival coincides with Valentine's day, and the consumption of quality goods such as gold and silver jewelry, beauty products, flowers and gifts is particularly strong.

During the Spring Festival, the Ministry of Commerce focused on the monitoring of retail enterprises' jewelry, clothing, communication equipment, and digital home appliances, which increased by 160.8%, 107.1%, 39.0% and 29.9% respectively compared with the same period last year, and the sales of fitness equipment on some e-commerce platforms increased by 49% year-on-year. According to the monitoring of relevant institutions, the average daily passenger flow of shopping centers in 10 first and second tier cities in China increased by more than 200% year-on-year, reaching the level of 86% in the same period of the Spring Festival in 2019.

In addition, the new consumption performance is brilliant, the epidemic prevention and control drive the rapid growth of safe and intelligent consumption, the development of contactless trading services is accelerated, and online shopping for new year goods, "cloud Festival" and digital red packets become the new trend of the Spring Festival in 2021.

The impact of the epidemic on food and beverage consumption is also booming. According to the Ministry of Commerce, during the Spring Festival, the sales of catering merchants monitored by large payment institutions increased by about 1.3 times year-on-year, and online catering consumption of some takeout platforms increased more than twice. On New Year's Eve, the order volume of some platforms increased by 70% year on year. Many restaurants in shopping centers and commercial complexes are hard to find and business is booming. The turnover of key monitored catering enterprises in Shanghai, Anhui, Qinghai and Shaanxi increased by 79.0%, 40.5%, 21.0% and 18.1% respectively year on year.

The stimulating effect of the Spring Festival holiday on consumption has also radiated to the domestic retail industry. The transaction amount of Alipay in China's popular business districts increased by 108% on average. The top five most popular business districts were Chenghuang Temple in Shanghai, Wulin business district in Hangzhou, Confucius Temple in Nanjing, Jiqing street in Wuhan and Beijing Road in Guangzhou.

Mr. Zhang, a Guangzhou citizen who lives in Haizhu District, told the 21st century economic reporter that during the Spring Festival, the popularity of old brand restaurants such as Yuexiu and Liwan is booming. This year, with the increase of the number of people staying in Guangdong for the Spring Festival, the consumption power has continued to rise. Both catering and department stores are very busy. However, there is a shortage of waiters in some new business districts. "The popular milk tea shops near our home are short of staff and only supply two categories of single products. In addition, some shopping malls start their catering business in the afternoon and make adjustments according to the trend of the flow of people during the holidays.".

Business district Combo

The reporter noticed that Tianhe North, as the most influential business district in South China, integrates Chinese traditional Spring Festival elements with Guangzhou's characteristic culture, and continues to create special activities of eating, drinking, playing, enjoying, shopping and traveling with the theme of "Tianhe Road business district will accompany you for the new year".

In addition to consumption, the combination of business districts is also a place for citizens and those who stay in Guangdong for the Spring Festival to experience and play.

In Tianhe City, its exhibition of the country's first fashion and national quintessence exhibition has created a fashionable and cool "mahjong paradise" New Year's lighting, surrounded by festive neon lights and mahjong terms, and a 360 degree full coverage of cool fashion clock in points.

Tianhuan Plaza will launch a static exhibition of the new year theme of "good city happens". The 13 meter high tower is featured with the Spring Festival. The giant dragon dance with a length of 22 meters breaks the space limit and flies between the bridges of Xingyun river. At night, it is equipped with dazzling lights and wonderful music box.

In addition to shopping mall activities, Zhengjia polar ocean world auspicious beluga baby first show, Zhengjia rainforest ecological botanical garden, intangible cultural heritage unique national tide private garden for the first time, Zhengjia Grand Theater "happy kitchen" and other activities were carried out during the Spring Festival. Taikoo Hui launched the theme activity of "fashionable Garden Travel" to attract consumers to punch in.

The space forest themed installation exhibition was launched in Victoria Plaza, which was built by combining space art with the elements of the universe and nature. There were also five blessing activities in the word-of-mouth business circle and the Spring Festival gift activities. The on-site participation activities can send blessing words, gifts for members and anti epidemic disinfection supplies.

The 21st century economic report reporter in Guangzhou's major supermarkets saw that in addition to the theme activities, various businesses also follow the Spring Festival consumption trend to launch items such as new year's blind bags, and carry out new year's promotion activities to a certain extent. As a part of heavy assets in retail business, department stores, apart from their own shopping functions, assume the function of providing places for citizens to play to a certain extent, focusing on Immersive experiential consumption, which is more obvious under the new normal of epidemic prevention and control.

Tianhe Road is a classic miniature of Chinese commerce. Like other domestic city level business circles, Tianhe Road is also facing the impact of e-commerce and multi-level and diversified business competition in recent years. However, the reporter found that Tianhe Road business district in this round of commercial reform wave did not like most of the traditional commercial streets, allowing the merchants in the circle to do their own business, but actively group together and actively seek change.

In addition to brand replacement and upgrading, the proportion of business form adjustment, "experiential consumption" has become a "magic weapon" for the transformation and upgrading of super shopping centers in the core business district. E-commerce can impact the commercial real estate, but it can never replace the real experience that the comprehensive commerce which integrates shopping, catering and entertainment can bring to people. In Tianhe Road Business District, large shopping centers have basically formed their own unique brand restaurants, and cinemas, entertainment city and even high star hotels have become indispensable classic configuration.


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