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I Like To See Textile Enterprises All Over The Country Work Hard Again!

2021/2/22 12:58:00 108

Textile Enterprises

The festival atmosphere of the new year of the ox is not far away. Textile enterprises all over the country have begun to resume production. After an extraordinary year last year, we have made great efforts to take the initiative and take the first step in the new year.

Return to production in an orderly manner

Shijiazhuang Changshan Beiming Hengsheng textile branch

Changshan Beiming Technology Co., Ltd., located in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, actively prepared for the resumption of work and production during the festival according to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control and the actual production situation of the enterprise. On the one hand, the affiliated production enterprises strictly and carefully implement the epidemic prevention and control measures, timely eliminate the potential risks, on the other hand, take various measures to prepare for the work, so as to create favorable conditions for speeding up the resumption of work and production.

The front spinning workshop of Changshan Hengxin Co., Ltd. worked out the start-up plan on February 3, and made detailed deployment of various work, so as to ensure the smooth production after the festival. After spinning workshop organized spinning process, winding process, roller preservation and cleaning control group and operation personnel to clean the workshop and all equipment, check the equipment in good condition, timely maintain, and strive to ensure that no missing items are covered. The power workshop overhauled the HVAC and electrical equipment to ensure the good operation of the equipment after returning to work. The relevant personnel of the marketing department shall apply for the vehicle entry permit as soon as possible to ensure the normal passage of raw material vehicles and the normal supply of raw materials, so as to make full preparations for the full resumption of work and production. Sales staff keep close contact with customers, always pay attention to the market trend, and adjust the production varieties and quantity according to the market situation after the resumption of production in combination with the actual situation, so as to ensure the minimum turnover inventory.

Changshan Beiming Hengsheng textile branch company focuses on the maintenance of equipment and semi-finished products during the holidays of the production department. The personnel on duty of each production workshop inspect and kill the workshop every day, spray water to keep the relative humidity of the workshop, sprinkle talcum powder to prevent the equipment from rusting. We overcome the difficulties and stick to it day and night to prepare for the resumption of work and production. At present, the epidemic situation in Shijiazhuang is relatively stable. It is understood that the above companies have begun to resume work and production.

Orient International Group

Dongfang International International International Service Company yundantong project started on the seventh day of the seventh day. All staff strictly carried out the epidemic prevention inspection, checked the travel path one by one, face recognition and temperature measurement. Those who have been to other places are required to provide nucleic acid test report according to the regulations.

Dongfang International Logistics Co., Ltd. has fully resumed work on February 18, and its colleagues in charge of air transportation are fully armed to disinfect the imported goods to ensure safety.

In order to better ensure the smooth operation of the marketing work after the festival, all members of the leading group of the three guns brand under the Oriental International Group gave up their rest voluntarily during the Spring Festival and carried out the in store investigation activities. From the store staff's understanding of products, appearance and sales ability, to the management and training of business supervisors, and then to the store image, commodities, price management and other aspects of the investigation and investigation. In addition, in order to ensure the smooth resumption of the project, Dongfang International International Service Company strictly carries out epidemic prevention inspection to ensure the safe resumption of production. The personnel in charge of air transportation business of Orient International Logistics have improved the detailed management measures for comprehensive disinfection of imported goods to ensure the safety of international logistics chain after returning to work.

Jiangsu Lianfa Textile Co., Ltd

Jiangsu Lianfa Textile Co., Ltd. makes full use of the Spring Festival holiday to carry out equipment overhaul and maintenance, carry out market research and development. On the first working day after the end of the Spring Festival holiday, Jiangsu Lianfa Textile Co., Ltd. seizes orders, makes sales, and is busy with production, striving to achieve a good start in the new spring.

Do not stop working

Henan Xinxiang egret group

When most people are still immersed in the leisure of the Spring Festival holiday, the workshops of Henan Xinxiang egret group are in full swing. The machinery and equipment are constantly running, and the white and fine fibers are ejected from the high-end intelligent spinning machine. The employees give up the reunion with their families and fight hard in their respective posts. The operation is improved, the inspection is careful and careful Keep the equipment and machine clean. After wire dropping, the robot is transported to the automatic sorting line by AGV transport robot. Several mechanical arms on the automatic sorting line do the same work with super high flexibility. Under the traction of the robot arm, packing, labeling, warehousing, in one go.

At the beginning of the Spring Festival, in order to make a good start and take a good step, all units of egret group worked hard to develop their abilities. The production and marketing sides cooperated to make timely information docking and coordination in terms of production planning, quality control and marketing. By solving the problems in the production, supply and marketing links, Bailu group's production and marketing rhythm is more coordinated, achieving a "good start" in the first month of 2021.

Ningfang group

Spring comes early. Ningfang group seizes the opportunity of Spring Festival and actively "charges" to seize the opportunity and open a new situation. All the thermal power companies are on duty during the Spring Festival. They have completed the series transformation of transformers and the installation of boiler flame monitoring equipment. The no-load consumption is reduced, the power factor is increased by 10%, the boiler operation safety factor is improved, and the environmental protection data are guaranteed to meet the standard, which provides reliable energy guarantee for seizing the production peak season after the festival. The equipment and power department of the printing and dyeing branch company spent the Spring Festival in the workshop, sacrificing the holidays and working overtime. They completed the technical upgrading and transformation tasks of one mercerizing machine, two pad dyeing lines, one sander and one dryer. After the technical transformation, the production efficiency will be increased by about 13%. Meanwhile, it will be more suitable for the production of high-end elastic varieties and high-density poplin, laying a solid foundation for product structure adjustment, quality improvement and market share.

In full swing

Huafang Co., Ltd

On February 18, the first day after the Spring Festival holiday, Wang Limin, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the board of directors of Huafang Co., Ltd., led the company's senior executives and heads of major departments to welcome the employees returning after the festival in front of the company. Since most of the employees are "on the spot" for the Spring Festival this year, the employees on the regular day shift and the morning shift will arrive before 7:00 a.m. moreover, the return rate on that day has increased to nearly 100% compared with that after last year's Spring Festival. At 8:00, the main production workshops such as fabric workshop, fancy cloth workshop, home textile workshop, clothing workshop and home textile finished product workshop all entered into normal operation state. Abundant inventory before the festival and sufficient equipment maintenance during the Spring Festival provide guarantee for the efficient operation of production.

As a brand-new opening year, Huafang is determined to carry forward the spirit of "cattle" and "work". Based on good performance in 2020, Huafang will continue to adhere to the management main line of deepening lean production, and comprehensively start a new journey of building a better Huafang. On the first day after the festival, printing and dyeing cloth was put into storage, with an output of over 800000 meters. It is understood that Huafang will complete the task of "returning to the city and entering the park" in June this year, and the construction project of intelligent green factory will make the enterprise realize another transformation.

Weiqiao Textile Co., Ltd

Spring is the plan of a year. After the festival, the workshops of Weiqiao Textile Co., Ltd. are in full swing. Check all parts of the line, check the temperature and humidity of the workshop, check the status of the equipment; clean the car platform, maintain the equipment, start production; the laboratory strictly carries out the process on the machine, experimental detection, and controls the quality of the start-up. In the special period of returning to work after the festival, in order to quickly resume normal production, all units of the company timely arrange and deploy various work after the festival to ensure that the returning workers are in place in ideology, spirit and work. At present, the equipment in each workshop of the weaving factory has been opened up one after another, and the equipment of each working procedure in the spinning department has also been opened up one after another. The majority of Party members and cadres of the company give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role, keep close to the production line, timely eliminate various equipment failures and quality hazards, and ensure that the production is carried out effectively and orderly.

Xinjiang Huashu Textile Technology Co., Ltd

In the production workshop of Xinjiang Huashu Textile Technology Co., Ltd., Yidong Industrial Park, Yining County, Xinjiang, 600 workers work in two shifts to speed up production at full load. All products are sold to Guangdong. At present, orders have been arranged to the end of this year.

Xinjiang Huashu Textile Technology Co., Ltd. was established by Shandong Dezhou Hengfeng Textile Co., Ltd., with a total investment of 820 million yuan. Relying on Hengfeng group's cutting-edge research and development, production and sales advantages and Xinjiang cotton base advantages, the enterprise adopts advanced automatic spinning system equipment, and through the implementation of technical innovation, it is expected to achieve a production capacity of 150000 spindles in 2021. "At the beginning of the Spring Festival, our production and sales are booming, and the market situation is very good. On this basis, we will expand production capacity this year, and the target is to achieve an output value of 250 million yuan." Deputy general manager Sui Huailin said.

Jiangsu Dasheng Group Co., Ltd

On the seventh day of the lunar new year, although the outdoor temperature is low, the workshop of Jiangsu Dasheng Group Co., Ltd. is very hot. In the digital spinning workshop, 38 fully automatic spinning frames are arranged in order, and tens of thousands of spindles are spinning at high speed. Several workers ride small electric vehicles to patrol the nearly 100 meter long machines. It is understood that during the Spring Festival, all the spinning workshops of Dasheng group produced as usual, and more than 500 local Chinese New Year workers stuck to their posts. On the fourth day of the first month of the lunar calendar, the group started work all the way to make production orders.

"At present, the company's orders have been arranged to March, and employees are increasing their power to ensure the market." Gu Peihua, general manager of Dasheng group's marketing center, told reporters that on the one hand, the overall order was sufficient; on the other hand, during the Spring Festival, under the premise of implementing the normal epidemic prevention and control measures, the enterprise increased the festival production. "The enterprise prepared all kinds of" big gift bags "for employees, distributed love new year's goods, and organized new year's Eve dinner to comfort employees' homesickness with warm actions, and also encouraged employees With full enthusiasm into production. "

Outside the workshop, trucks were waiting to load. "One part is Tencel products sold to the domestic market, the other part is environmental protection fiber products for international clothing brands." Gu Peihua said that since last year, enterprises have overcome various difficulties and implemented precise policies. On the one hand, they have explored new demands in the domestic market, on the other hand, they have actively expanded new sources of customers in the international market. New kinetic energy is surging in the "double cycle", which enables enterprises to develop steadily in the adverse situation.

The market performance of Dasheng group since this year is encouraging. "The net profit in January reached more than 8 million yuan, achieving a" good start ", a lot more than the same period last year, and also laid a solid foundation for achieving the annual production and sales targets Gu Peihua said.


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