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Local Hot Spot: Pingshan Textile Park'S New Thinking Of East West Cooperation

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"In the past, it was hard to imagine that Pingshan could develop by leaps and bounds like this!" Recently, the reporter went into Pingshan County, Sichuan Province, and heard the cadres and the masses sigh so sincerely.

Indeed, it is hard to imagine that a few years ago, Pingshan County's industrial scale was "almost zero". In order to support the construction of Xiangjiaba Hydropower Station, Pingshan reservoir was closed for ten years. Industry is too weak, which is the root of poverty.

However, it is even more difficult to imagine that in this short period of three years, the largest textile city in Southwest China has been built in the state-level poverty-stricken counties in the past, and 33 enterprises have settled in the city, all of which are expected to produce an annual output value of more than 35 billion yuan.

Why can such a modern textile park, which is among the best in China, rise miraculously in the once barren land? Behind the "making something out of nothing" is the new thinking of East West cooperation in poverty alleviation. "Focus on what Pingshan needs and what Haiyan can do, use market thinking, truly take the market as the link, and take advantage of the opportunity of Eastern Textile industry transfer to carry out East-West cooperation, so as to achieve win-win cooperation." Haiyan stationed in Pingshan County Deputy Secretary Wang Jian summed up.

During the day and month rotation, this "Zhejiang Sichuan textile industry poverty alleviation and Cooperation Demonstration Park" has sprung up in Pingshan. It has become a model of Zhejiang Sichuan Industrial Cooperation and an important platform to drive Pingshan to get rid of poverty precisely and long-term, and vigorously promote Pingshan's successful poverty alleviation in February last year.

Focus on the "long and short boards" of the two places

New thinking of East West cooperation

The spirit of the ox in the year of the ox is a new look in the new year. Pingshan County town and the North Bank of Minjiang River drive along the Zhejiang Sichuan textile industry poverty alleviation Cooperation Demonstration Park, everywhere is the strong pulse of development: the park is full of enterprise workshops, intelligent machines are turning rapidly, and the projects under construction are in full swing It has gradually become a new hot spot for domestic textile industry investment and a new hope for Pingshan County to get rid of poverty and become rich again!

Zheng Guiying, a 46 year old female worker, is skillfully operating the most advanced vortex spinning machine. She can't help sighing about her happy life: "the working place is close to home, and I can look after the children every day. I also learned a good skill and got rid of poverty at home." Zheng Guiying and his wife both work here. They can earn more than 8000 yuan a month. Their income increases immediately and the whole family gets rid of poverty quickly.

In just over three years, the park has attracted 33 enterprises (the first 10 billion textile project was signed in November last year), with a total planned investment of 27 billion yuan, and the expected annual output value of more than 35 billion yuan after reaching its capacity. At present, it has attracted more than 1100 people from poverty.

For many years, Pingshan people have been suffering from the difficulties of development and the cultivation of industries! And what makes such a miracle now? The key lies in "mountain sea alliance and industrial cooperation".

"In view of the lack of pillar industries in Pingshan, we fully tap the" long and short boards "of industries in the East and the west, and take advantage of the situation to build a textile industrial park." Wang Jian said that in recent years, the Eastern Textile industry is facing the bottleneck of transformation and upgrading, and the industrial transfer is at the right time. On the other hand, Pingshan has the advantages of "retained power" of Xiangjiaba power station, leading enterprises of raw materials, and abundant labor force. It is a low-lying area of factor cost, a highland of industrial support and a rich land of human resources for textile industry transfer.

Thinking determines the way out, thinking determines the future. With the textile industry selected correctly, Zhejiang and Sichuan provinces, cities and counties have made concerted efforts to promote the joint construction of the park through frequent visits. Yibin City strongly supports the park to finance 1 billion yuan to speed up the construction. Jiaxing city actively supports the construction of investment promotion platform and holds promotion meetings in Jiaxing counties (cities and districts). Sea salt has no advantage in textile industry, so "jump out of sea salt and look at the whole country". Haiyan and Pingshan jointly focus on Zhejiang as the center, "Pearl River Delta" and "Yangtze River Delta" as key areas. Five batches of 27 person time cadres were selected to be stationed abroad for investment promotion all the year round. Five investment promotion working groups of Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shaoxing, Jiaxing and Haiyan were established, and Haiping joint investment promotion team was established.

In order to further enrich the strength of investment promotion, Haiyan and Pingshan have also innovated investment promotion ideas, explored the Industry Association (intermediary) investment promotion, issued the "Pingshan County Investment Promotion intermediary reward Interim Measures", actively docking with China yarn net, China filament Association, Jiaxing Sichuan chamber of Commerce and other well-known industry merchants (associations) to carry out strategic cooperation and investment promotion, and employ relevant authorities as "industrial development" Consultants and "investment promotion envoys" will fully promote the investment promotion of industry associations (intermediaries).

The textile industry has been identified as the "No. 1 leading industry" because of its favorable weather, favorable location and well-equipped people, and the enthusiasm of textile enterprises to invest in Pingshan is high, and Pingshan has entered a period of intensive development of building nests and attracting Phoenix. "At present, the investment situation is very good, and there are still many projects under discussion!" According to the person in charge of the Economic Development Bureau of Pingshan Economic Development Zone, by 2025, the park is expected to achieve an annual output value of 40 billion yuan, solve more than 30000 jobs, and become the largest characteristic Textile Industrial Park in Southwest China.

It is particularly commendable that the Zhejiang Sichuan textile industry poverty alleviation demonstration park has been positioned from the very beginning to be "attracting the best and leading the strong". The Eastern Enterprises' investment in Pingshan is not "translation", but industrial upgrading.

"We have seriously studied Jiaxing's practice of" equal taxes per mu "and insisted that projects with an average tax revenue of less than 150000 yuan per mu and backward enterprises should not be introduced. We also learned from Zhejiang's reform of" running once at most "to serve the enterprises settled in LAN bin, deputy director of the Economic Development Bureau of Pingshan Economic Development Zone, said that this made Pingshan textile industry win a high starting point of "curve catching up" at the beginning.

Make good use of the market "baton"

Great achievements in investment promotion

Yibin tianzhihua Textile Technology Co., Ltd., where Zheng Guiying is located, is the first enterprise settled in the park. Walking into the first phase workshop, only dozens of vortex spinning machines are in line, running at high speed.

This is a new project invested by Jiaxing enterprise tianzhihua in Pingshan. "Our project started construction in 2018, and the first phase of the project was put into operation in April 2019. It adopts the world-class advanced spinning equipment. The spinning speed is 20 times that of the ordinary spinning machine. One equipment can spin 450 tons a year." Han Mingxing, the person in charge of the enterprise, told the reporter with great pride that the second phase project is under construction and is expected to be completed and put into operation this year. After the whole project is put into full operation, the annual production capacity of 1.2 million spindles (200000 tons) can be formed, with an annual output value of more than 4 billion yuan, an annual profit tax of more than 380 million yuan, and more than 1200 new jobs, making it the world's largest vortex spinning enterprise.

Why is such a "tall and tall" project willing to settle in a poor county? Wang Jian once led the investment team to visit tianzhihua for many times, and threw "embroidered ball" to it with preferential policies. Dong Qiangqiang, chairman of tianzhihua, calculated the cost account to the reporter: "the lump sum electricity price per thousand watt hours is 0.37 yuan, which can save more than 20 million yuan in one year; the labor cost is saved by one third, and the land is much cheaper..." In addition, it mainly relies on the Yangtze River waterway transportation, which saves more than half of the cost of land transportation. At the same time, the park is close to Wuliangye airport of Yibin City. From Hangzhou and Shanghai, you can fly to Yibin directly, and you can take more than 20 minutes to get there. The location advantage is also obvious.

Under the guidance of the market baton, in just three years, the industrial park has attracted 33 high-quality textile enterprises to settle down. The average investment scale of Contracted Enterprises exceeds 500 million yuan, and the average production capacity of 15 spinning enterprises exceeds 200000 spindles, ranking in the forefront of national textile industrial parks. The settled enterprises include three "national champions" in subdivided industries, including tianzhihua, Sichuan Runhou Special Fiber Co., Ltd., the largest special coated yarn enterprise in China, and Yibin Hong curve Industry Co., Ltd., a sewing thread enterprise.

Enterprises have entered the red and red, and the project construction is in full swing. At the end of last year, Pinghu Fashion Industrial Park, the first phase of park in park project with an investment of 200 million yuan, was completed, creating a good foundation and conditions for enhancing the bearing capacity of the park, further exerting the effect of industrial agglomeration and industry focus.

Zhang Xuefeng, director of Pinghu Fashion Industrial Park, said: "in recent years, the eastern textile enterprises have a strong demand for industrial transfer. The Zhejiang Sichuan textile industry poverty alleviation Cooperation Demonstration Park has built a high starting point government Park platform for us, and is an excellent demonstration park led by the government and enterprises."

"The biggest difference between the eastern and western poverty alleviation cooperation and other aid projects is that it should serve as a bridge and link between market entities, market resources and market rules. We have always firmly grasped this core in our work." Wang Jian said with emotion that this is the key to the "Shanhai industrial cooperation" to really blossom and bear fruit.

Be a good project "shopkeeper"

Development injects strong momentum

Nowadays, the industrial agglomeration effect of the demonstration park is becoming increasingly prominent, which not only attracts textile industry projects from Jiaxing, but also attracts a number of high-quality projects in Guangdong, Shandong and other places.

How to make these projects live well and develop fast in Pingshan? Haiyan Pingshan two places with the spirit of "shopkeeper" sink into the body, accurate service.

Haiyan County has brought Zhejiang's "one run at most" reform experience into Pingshan. The park has set up an administrative examination and Approval Service Center settled by the county's main examination and approval departments to simplify the data and approval process. The examination and approval personnel will handle all the approval procedures on behalf of the whole process, and implement the "one list to the end" to save enterprises time and effort.

Under the service of "one list to the end", Runhou textile phase I project only took 4 months from the start to the production, which has refreshed the construction speed of Pingshan industrial projects.

As a high starting point planning park, 95% of the enterprises in the demonstration park adopt the most advanced production equipment. In order to help local employees apply new equipment, the park often coordinates and organizes pre job training. In June last year, when technicians of Yibin hongcurvilinear Co., Ltd. debugged the first batch of sewing thread production equipment, more than 100 local textile workers also started a two-month pre job training to prepare for the formal production of the first batch of yarn.

Affected by the epidemic situation, many enterprises in the park faced the double problems of rising raw material prices and increasing transportation costs last year. To this end, the two governments have set up a risk fund for government undertaking business cooperation, 41 private enterprises have been included in the white list, and some textile enterprises have successfully received loans of 50 million yuan. At the same time, the park service specialist also went to the door to coordinate with raw material suppliers to appropriately grant profits, granted rent relief to enterprises renting government standard factory buildings, coordinated banks to reduce enterprise loan interest, and actively helped enterprises to apply for a subsidy of 2 million yuan at all levels during the period of reporting the epidemic, so as to help the development of textile enterprises in the park.

Thanks to the hard work of the two governments, by the end of last year, 20 of the 33 enterprises signed by the demonstration park had been put into operation. A ten billion level textile industry development blueprint is being laid out in Pingshan, and with this as the core base, Yibin plans to create a "100 billion level textile industry cluster" has also set sail!

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Local Hot Spot: Pingshan Textile Park'S New Thinking Of East West Cooperation

"In the past, it was hard to imagine that Pingshan could develop by leaps and bounds like this!" Recently, the reporter went into Pingshan County of Sichuan Province and heard about the cadres and the masses