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Chengdu: Nearly A Quarter Of Digital RMB Red Packets Have Not Been Used

2021/3/16 19:07:00 0

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It was reported on March 16 that there were five days left before the deadline for the use of digital RMB red envelopes in Chengdu. Recently, Chengdu local financial supervision and Administration Bureau disclosed that almost all digital RMB red envelopes have been received, but nearly a quarter of them have not been used. The balance of unused digital RMB red packets will be returned to the activity fund provider.

According to reports, the digital RMB red envelope can only be used for consumption by the designated merchants, and can not be transferred to others or redeemed to my bank account. More than 11000 merchants participated in the event, and the designated merchants had digital RMB acceptance mark.

On February 24, Chengdu's "digital RMB red envelope to welcome the new year" consumption red envelope test activity was officially launched, and the activity was the first pilot in Western China.

The use scope of Chengdu Digital RMB red envelope covers online and offline shopping scenarios. The online scene is provided by Jingdong group for special consumption support, and the special commodities in Jingdong app can use digital RMB for consumption.

It is worth mentioning that Chengdu has set a number of national records in the pilot project of digital RMB red envelope. In terms of the amount of payment, Chengdu issued RMB 40 million digital red packets, which was the peak of a single amount; from the perspective of the number of red envelopes, 200000 red envelopes also created a record of the largest number of red envelopes in a single time.


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