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Innovation Driven "Yibin Made" Textile Series End Products "Fly Into Ordinary People'S Homes"

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Driven By Innovation"Yibin Made" Textile Terminal Products "Fly Into Ordinary People'S Homes"; Made In Yibin; Spin

Innovation is the first driving force. As a leading enterprise in Yibin textile industry, Serie A has always regarded innovation as an endogenous driving force, seizing the important strategic opportunity of the provincial Party committee to promote innovation driven and lead high-quality development. Focusing on industrial transformation and green development, it has explored a new path from product to sales to industrial chain extension, so as to let "Yibin made" textile terminal products "fly into ordinary people's homes", Constantly meet people's pursuit and yearning for high quality life.

Independent research and development of "Jinniu products"

Create a new era of green fiber

As a traditional cellulose fiber production enterprise, seria always believes that enterprises need to have their own patent "Jinniu" products, in order to expand in the fierce market competition. In 2014, Yasser, a high-end and differentiated cellulose fiber staple fiber product with more than 30 independent innovation technologies, was successfully launched after more than three years of technical research by seria scientific research team.

Using 100% natural wood pulp as raw material, Yasser fiber has the characteristics of high strength and low elongation. Its dry breaking strength and wet breaking strength are increased by about 40% compared with ordinary bio based staple fiber. It can be widely used in children's wear, underwear, underpants, sweater, home textile, non-woven mask, jeans, trousers, shirts and other high-end woven fabrics, At that time, it changed the market situation of cellulose fiber staple fiber products that almost did not meet the two conditions of "natural degradation" and "high strength and low elongation", and promoted the differential development of cellulose fiber staple fiber industry products. Since its launch, Yasser fiber has been widely recognized by downstream customers for its outstanding characteristics of "high strength and super flexibility, like silk like velvet", and won the "2014 China Textile Industry Federation product development contribution award", and was selected into the 2015 / 2016 Chinese fiber popular trend - soft fiber.

"Yasser fiber shows excellent strength and finish in use, and has an advantage in pilling resistance." Mr. Wang from Changzhou Zhongheng textile and apparel Co., Ltd. is a downstream user of Yasser fiber. In an industry exhibition, Mr. Wang talked about his experience of using Yasser fiber.

There is no end to innovation, and seria group has never stopped researching the differentiated and high-end products represented by Yasser fiber. After seven or eight years, the average premium capacity of Yasser fiber in similar products in the industry has been increased to 800-2000 yuan / ton, which has become the "model" of seria innovation driven development. Even during the epidemic period, the sales volume of Yasser fiber did not shrink, but achieved a strong growth. According to the data in July last year, the total export volume of Serie cellulose fiber staple fiber Yasser increased by 56% year-on-year, and the total domestic sales volume also increased by about 30%.

Against the trend to create a "new marketing situation"

Innovation and construction of industrial "double cycle"

"It will be officially launched on June 10, 2020. Up to now, the number of members of the mall has exceeded 500000, and the sales volume has exceeded 80 million yuan..." if it is said that at the beginning of using the "Internet +" mode to launch a new marketing model with Liya life e Pavilion as the carrier, it is only seria group's "self-help" action to tap domestic demand and cope with the industry's cold winter, Such "new marketing" can go further.

Affected by the epidemic situation, the development of global textile industry has been seriously hindered, and the traditional marketing model has not met the needs of the market. Serie A actively cultivates new opportunities in the crisis, opens a new situation in the changing situation, actively deploys the innovation chain around the industrial chain, and arranges the industrial chain around the innovation chain, so as to promote the implementation of the new marketing mode of terminal consumer goods e-commerce, so as to promote the development of its own industry and promote the formation of a new pattern of "double cycle" in the industry.

"At the beginning, I just wanted to have a try. I didn't expect that as soon as the platform was launched, there were" explosive orders "of protective articles such as masks and disinfectant wipes. Then, after the launch of summer cool quilt, shirts, polo shirts, socks, dry wipes, cleaning wipes and other textile products closely related to people's lives, the turnover quickly exceeded 50000 units, bringing a great surprise to everyone.", Talking about the birth of Liya life e-pavilion, Huang Danxi, general manager of Yibin Liya e-commerce company, said.

Recently, "made in Yibin" textile products have appeared frequently in the Henan Alumni Association of Fudan University, the 10th anniversary celebration of Shanghai Kaixin, and the theme practice activities of party history study and education. Although e-commerce marketing is no longer a new thing, the biggest feature of the hot e-pavilion of Liya life is "only selling raw materials and terminal products of Serie A industrial chain". Yasser fiber, the "star product" of serie, has been used in most terminal products of the platform. In addition to high-quality raw materials, all the terminal products in the platform are from the first-line brands of the industry, and the product price is very "people-friendly".

"Shirts of the same quality can be sold for more than 800 yuan at the supermarket counter, and only 200 yuan for a piece in the Liya life e-pavilion. If you are a platform distributor, you can also buy your own Commission, share and make money." Huang Dan said that the quality core plus "zero" middleman can really achieve good quality and low price, and benefit consumers. Since its launch, the platform has launched more than 100 products closely related to consumers' lives. The sales of clothing series alone have exceeded 60000, and the sales of home textile series have exceeded 110000. In addition to the sales of terminal products, it has also successfully driven the production and sales of front-end raw materials. From January to June this year, Serie's total import and export trade reached 1.3 billion yuan, Among them, the export rate of Yasser products increased by 158% year on year.

High level promotion of "double 10 billion industries"

Opening a new chapter of industrial transformation

In addition to the terminal textile products with Yasser fiber as the raw material, the author also found that the "net red" compressed towel, disposable bath towel, wet toilet paper and other sanitary products necessary for business trip and travel are also "hot" in Serie's new marketing platform. At the end of May, the compressed towel sold 500000 pieces and disposable bath towel sold 10000 pieces. Browsing its purchase evaluation, the author was attracted by one of them: "Serie A based on its own advantage industrial chain, opened up the whole industry from raw materials to finished products, and fully catered to the public's pursuit of green and convenient lifestyle. Wet toilet paper, for example, dissolves in water as soon as it is flushed; The disposable compressed towel is not only convenient to carry, but also large enough and thick enough. After wiping the face, it can also be used in the bathroom sink, etc.

In recent years, combining with its own industrial characteristics, Serie A has keenly observed that with the rapid development of economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, a healthy lifestyle has become a new focus of people's attention, especially with the implementation of the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, and the irreplaceable advantages of nonwoven materials in related application fields, More and more people pay attention to the industrial textiles and nonwovens industry. In this context, Serie A actively extends its advantageous industrial chain and rapidly transforms into the field of non-woven fabrics and its end products on the basis of its transformation into the field of medical and health materials.

At the 2021 Asia nonwovens exhibition just past, seria group brought five types of nonwovens, including differentiation, composite wood pulp, wet wipes and face washes, as well as the terminal products mainly made of facial cleaning towel and portable cotton soft towel. The spunlaced nonwovens produced by Yibin Liya sanitary materials technology Co., Ltd, It also obtained the "biodegradable" certification certificate issued by the green development and innovation alliance of Nonwoven Industry issued by China Industrial Textiles Industry Association, and became the first batch of degradable certification enterprises in the industry together with 13 other enterprises in the industry.

At present, seria group has built and put into operation 12 non-woven fabric production lines with a total production capacity of 75000 tons. Based on the two major industries of medical materials and sanitary materials, and with the promotion of new marketing as the benefit innovation point, seria's new development mode of medical and health industry has been fully formed, It is also speeding up the cultivation of two "10 billion level" industrial clusters of "cellulose fiber industry" and "non-woven and medical and health material industry", extending to the high-end key areas of the advantageous industrial chain, and striving to build the most influential industry of the same industry in China in two to three years.

"Whether it's product innovation, marketing innovation, or industrial innovation, seria not only conveys transformation, but also lofty ideals. With the vision of "becoming a world-class biomaterial industry group", seria is committed to providing consumers with green and healthy services and products, and constantly creating a better life in the future. " Seria, the person in charge said. In the next step, Serie A will continue to integrate the green ecological concept into the process of industrial chain integration, continuously enhance the influence of Yibin and even the whole western region's textile industry in talent, product R & D and design, terminal brand building, and strive to create 4-5 well-known textile brands of "Yibin made" during the "14th five year plan" period, together with upstream and downstream enterprises of textile industry chain, Contribute to the high quality development of textile industry.

(source: Sichuan News Network)

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