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Sichuan Huazhi 100000 Spindle Coated Yarn Project Is Under Construction

2021/8/5 12:36:00 0

Sichuan Huazhi 100000 Spindle Coated Yarn Project Is Under Construction; Sichuan Province; Covered Yarn

Winding, drafting, twisting... On August 2, we entered the site of Sichuan Huazhi 100000 ingot wrapped yarn project in the Western District of Lushan economic and Technological Development Zone. In workshop No. 1, one set of production equipment was running rapidly, and the workers were busy in an orderly manner; At the construction site of No. 2 workshop, the main construction has been basically completed, and the internal decoration and installation equipment are advancing orderly.

"The project adopts the design and construction of a new double-layer factory building, which integrates intelligence and intensification. The equipment and technology are of first-class level in similar enterprises in the province." The main person in charge of Huazhi textile introduced that after the project was completed and put into operation, the annual output value was 150 million yuan, the profits and taxes were 13 million yuan, and more than 200 people were employed.

Coated yarn is the main type of Lushan textile industry, and Huazhi textile is one of the key enterprises settled in the park in recent years. As a typical representative of the transformation from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing, the project plays a leading role in the high-quality development of Lushan textile industry.

In recent years, relying on the unique spinning temperature and humidity environment, electricity price, labor cost and other comparative advantages, Lushan county takes the textile industry as one of the three pillar industries of the county economy. The total amount of wrapped yarn in the county reaches 580000 spindles, accounting for 33% of the province's scale, ranking first in Southwest China. In 2019, the industrial concentration zone of Lushan County will be officially upgraded to a provincial economic development zone.

From the first textile enterprise in 2007 to 31 Enterprises settling down this year, nothing is made out of nothing, which has become the image summary of the textile industry development in Lushan County. At present, "Southwest textile in Lushan" has a certain influence in the industry.

(source: China Textile News)


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