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Miao Yang: Looking For Flow In Sports

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Preschool Education

Children's movement starts from the "heart"! At the 2021 China preschool education public welfare forum, Miao Yang, deputy director of the kindergarten of Guangzhou Children's Welfare Association, brought a speech on "looking for heart flow in sports".

The early childhood stage is a period in which children's physical development and functional development are extremely rapid. Through sports, we can cultivate and develop children's observation, reaction and practical operation ability, and promote the coordinated development of children's body and mind. The flow of heart generated in sports can promote children to break through themselves and experience the joy and happiness brought by brave exploration.

   What is flow

Mihari chekson mihalai, an American psychologist, once made a survey by using the psychological experience sampling method. The subjects of the survey were men, women, old and young with different occupations and educational backgrounds. Mihari had each subject wear an electronic pager for a week. The pager calls 8 times from time to time every day. As soon as the pager rings, the subjects are asked to record their current feelings and activities according to the degree of satisfaction.

There are more than 100000 records of these analyses just to analyze as clearly as possible the feelings of happiness and the causes of those feelings. Most of the respondents described their experiences with one word: "a torrent of water led me."

According to everyone's description, mihari got the concept of flow: flow, a state in which a person is completely immersed in certain activities and ignores the existence of other things. The experience itself brings great joy and makes people willing to pay the price.

   Under what conditions does flow occur

Flow experience does not happen anytime, anywhere, sometimes even once. There are eight elements: clear feedback, self-awareness, mastery of time, mastery of time and concentration.

When the flow experience appears, people will feel that their skills are enough to meet the current challenges; You can put in all your attention and concentration in order to achieve the goal; Into a state of great pleasure

   It's easier to see the flow experience in children

Miao Yang said that in kindergartens, children learn new knowledge and skills in games every day, and meet new challenges and new tasks. When a child learns a new skill and completes a new challenge, the joy of concentration on his face fully illustrates the true meaning of flow of heart. All these fun learning experiences make the child's self-development increasingly complex.

Miao Yang believes that exercise is undoubtedly one of the activities that may produce flow experience. It has good conditions to create flow: learning new skills, clear goals, timely feedback, "jump, pick a peach" challenge.

Take Jumping Games as an example. Children touch the bells on the horizontal bar by jumping. There are challenges, goals and feedback. Children can control the game freely.

Take balance games as an example. At the beginning, the child held the teacher's hand tightly. Later, although he could let go, he still turned back to seek protection. When he moved forward bravely, he was still terrified. When he moved forward alone, he was fearless. We saw the joy of the child after experiencing success. Miao Yang called for children to break through their own opportunities, they are far more powerful than we imagined.

   What kind of activities should we design

After understanding the concept, connotation and significance of flow, what kind of activities should teachers design to make more children feel the flow?

One is to achieve the goal of cardiac flow. When teachers write teaching plans and design activities, they often write goals, including cognitive goals, skill goals, emotional goals, etc. we can pursue better emotional goals, that is, to achieve the goal of flow of heart, not limited to participation and experience.

Second, pay attention to children's feedback in the process of activities. During the activity, the teacher should carefully observe the changes and feedback of the children. When they are about to lose interest or their attention is distracted, the teacher should make adjustments to the activity.

Third, understanding the flow of heart in sports is not a simple pleasure. The content and intention of flow of heart is more than simple happiness, and the experience that heart flow advocates is not simple happiness. Only through struggle, persistence and challenge experience can we feel the true meaning of heart flow.

At the end of the speech, Miao Yuan said excitedly: our teachers should open up their minds, observe carefully, accompany children in sports to find flow experience, look for children's heart flow experience in kindergarten's daily life, and feel and find their own flow experience in their own work and life. I wish you all a good harvest!

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