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Market Research: Insight Into Consumers' Choice Of Jeans

2022/4/21 10:26:00 0

Jeans Wear


   Cotton Incorporated lifestyle monitor on jeans consumption habits and lifestyle in March 2022 ™ Survey (survey sample =500 people) information sharing is as follows:
   Wardrobe Essentials:
   Wear it regularly: most consumers (53%, roughly the same as last year) say they wear jeans or shorts at least three times a week.
   Wear more frequently: more than three quarters (79%) of consumers said they wore jeans about the same (48%) or more than last year (31%, significantly higher than 18% in 2021), while 19% said they wore jeans less often.  
   Jeans remain the top choice for bottoms: in the past month, more than a third of consumers (36%) have opted for jeans, which they say are their most commonly worn bottoms, followed by tights / joggers (19%), slacks (15%), leggings (15%) and sports pants (9%).
   Jeans are still the top choice for casual wear: nearly 70% of consumers (69%) said jeans were their first choice for casual wear, and more than 80% of consumers (81%) said they preferred to go to places where jeans could be worn.
   Buy Jeans:
   Online shopping for jeans has increased: more than a quarter of consumers (28%) say they are now buying more jeans online than they were a few years ago. Consumers over the age of 35 (37%) were more likely to buy Jeans online than those over 35.
   Next year: more than four fifths (85%) of consumers said they planned to buy the same (60%) or more (25%, far higher than 17% in 2021) jeans in the next year.
   Add jeans: most consumers plan to buy new jeans to replace old ones (41%), others plan to buy jeans to increase pant styles in the wardrobe (35%, significantly higher than 28 in 2021).
   Physical stores remain the main place to buy clothing: most consumers (67%) said they planned to buy all (44%) or most (23%) of jeans in physical stores this year.
   Popular brands: a third of consumers said their favorite denim brand was Levi's (34%), followed by Wrangler (10%), Lee (6%), American Eagle (5%) and Old Navy (5%). However, more than two fifths of consumers (44%, the same as last year) said they were less loyal to the denim brand than they were a few years ago.
   Driving factors:
   More than 90% of consumers said that fit (96%), comfort (95%), quality (93%) and durability (91%) were the important factors that prompted them to buy jeans.
   Jeans buying inspiration: most consumers get inspiration from what they already own and like (44%, the same as last year), followed by window display (27%), INS (21%), YouTube (17%) and family members (17%).
   Popular style: when buying jeans, consumers preferred loose (17%) or classic / regular (13%) styles, followed by straight pants (12%), boot pants (12%) and slim fit (10%).
   The proportion of casual and small loose cut jeans has increased: one third of consumers said that they now wear casual or small loose cut jeans more frequently than before the outbreak (33%, up sharply from 26% in 2021).
   Jeans Pricing: the average American consumer says they usually spend $49 on a pair of jeans, up 12% from last year.
   Potential opportunities for workplace wear:
   Telecommuting: more than a third of consumers (36%) said they would like to wear jeans more often when working remotely than before.
   More casual workplaces: more than two fifths of consumers (44%, significantly higher than 39% in 2021) said they would like to wear jeans more frequently if their workplace shifted to more casual dress codes.
   Cotton jeans positioning:
   Nearly three quarters of consumers (74%) said they preferred cotton or cotton plus stretch jeans.
   Check the clothing ingredient label: two fifths (40%) of consumers said that they always or usually check the clothing ingredient label before buying jeans.
   Advantages of cotton jeans: more than 80% of consumers said that compared with man-made fiber blended jeans, cotton rich jeans were the most authentic (84%), sustainable (84%), comfortable (83%), breathable (82%), soft (82%), and high-quality (82%).
   Polyester and rayon in jeans: more than a quarter of consumers said they were not responsive to adding polyester (29%) or rayon (25%) to jeans.
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