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Henan Textile Industry Association: Organize Enterprise Managers To Exchange Video Conference On Industry Situation

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Henan Textile Industry Association held a video conference -- leaders and judges attending the meeting reviewed and approved "excellent enterprise managers of Henan textile industry" and exchanged views on the industry situation

On the afternoon of April 21, Henan Textile Industry Association and provincial textile Entrepreneur Association held a video conference. Leaders of the association, judges and entrepreneurs were invited to attend the meeting. The meeting reviewed and evaluated "excellent enterprise managers of textile industry in Henan Province"; The leaders of the association reviewed and summarized the recent work; The participating judges and entrepreneurs respectively exchanged the industry situation on the operation of the enterprise.

The meeting first carried out the "Henan textile industry outstanding enterprise managers" audit and evaluation. The "outstanding enterprise managers of Henan textile industry" recommended by Henan Textile entrepreneur association and Henan Textile Industry Association. It is intended to implement the work deployment of the "notice on establishing the 'double long system' of key industrial chains of provincial advanced manufacturing clusters" issued by the people's Government of Henan Province (yzb (2021) No. 61), and promote the sustainable and high-quality development of Henan textile industry.

According to the notice of the meeting, since the launch of the activity, the textile industry chain enterprises in the whole province have actively recommended the application, and the leading enterprises of Hengtian heavy industry, Xinxiang Bailu investment group, Xinye shares, Anyang Jianlong knitting, Alban garment making, Zhengzhou Dehui home textile, Zhengzhou Hongsheng digital and other leading enterprises have actively participated in the declaration. The declaration personnel cover the chairman, general manager and deputy general manager of the declaration enterprise, It fully shows the brilliant demeanor of excellent managers in textile industry of our province in recent years. The judges carefully fill in the "review and evaluation opinions" according to the scoring standards and main advanced deeds. Those who have won the title of "excellent enterprise manager of Henan textile industry" will be publicized and commended through the Association website, public number and industry high-level forum meeting.

At the end of the review process, Yuan Jianlong, executive chairman of Henan Textile Industry Association The recent work of the association is reviewed and summarized. In recent years, the association and its secretariat mainly focus on the following aspects: first, in view of the problem that enterprises reflect the rising price of electricity, they have carried out industry research and formed a report to reflect it to the relevant departments of the provincial government, which has attracted great attention; The second is to carry out the construction of textile characteristic industry base in Henan Province to promote the development of industrial characteristics; Third, we should continue to promote the "dual long-term system" work carried out by the provincial government, and promote the extension, supplement and strengthening of the industry chain; The fourth is to strengthen the integrity of the textile industry map of Henan Province.

Subsequently, the participating judges and entrepreneurs exchanged industry situation on the operation of the enterprise respectively.

   Wei Xuezhu, chairman of Xinye Textile Co., Ltd

Since the beginning of this year, affected by the epidemic situation and other factors, the industry situation has been extremely severe. Under this situation, the company has intensified the adjustment of product structure, optimized the product structure, gave full play to the group's advantages, and further achieved remarkable results in extending, supplementing and strengthening the chain. Under the new situation, the company should develop its strengths and avoid weaknesses, pay close attention to market changes, and ensure the stability and long-term development of the enterprise, Make new contributions to the industry.

   Zhang Xianshun, chairman of pingmian group:

In 2021, the production and operation situation is good. But this year, especially after March. I feel that compared with last year, the pressure brought by the market is gradually emerging, the market is gradually shrinking, the business situation is gradually declining, and the overall pressure is greater. The current epidemic situation has caused the decline of orders, the rise of inventory and the decline of sales revenue; In the past, enterprises like Qingming Festival and may day did not arrange holidays, but this year, may day will be ready for a few days off. Generally speaking, we are not very optimistic about the industry situation this year. In this case, enterprises still need to control business risks and ensure cash flow. At present, as a textile enterprise, it is probably the most important to guarantee cash flow and operation.

   Shao Changjin, chairman of Xinxiang Bailu Investment Group:

Since this year, the output value and sales have maintained double-digit growth year-on-year. The overall production and sales situation is good, but the benefits have declined. In the first quarter, the production and sales rate exceeded 100%, and the warehouse continued to decline every month, slightly flat in the last half month. We have new production capacity this year. Recently, the Central Committee held several meetings. Maybe everyone has this feeling. We feel that the circulation of domestic goods is basically normal. For example, when we send goods to Guangdong and Zhejiang, we can basically keep normal goods. At present, export prices, domestic prices are continuing to push up, we are digesting the pressure of rising raw materials. For the later market, we are still optimistic.

   Li Yangguang, chairman of Henan Tongtai Textile Group:

We believe that enterprises should carry out production and operation around high-quality development, enterprises should enjoy the high-quality service and good business environment of the local Party committee and government, followed by the allocation of resources and policies. The key of the enterprise lies in the enterprise itself, because we are a private enterprise. No matter how much or less the assets are, we must keep a good asset platform. For example, if there is a loan of 200 million yuan, we must ensure a cash flow of 100 million yuan. In the past, some private enterprises had problems because the actual funds were not used in the actual operation and production of enterprises, so there were problems.

   Wang Hengjun, general manager

From the first quarter of this year, we expect that the overall market will be very poor in 2022, but from now on, it feels better than we thought. But compared with last year, there is still a big gap between the overall market and last year. At present, the overall market situation is not very good.

Our goal this year is mainly to grasp the market order and guarantee the cash flow of the enterprise. Now we mainly focus on improving the core competitiveness of our products. Whether from the use of products, the quality of products, or the after-sales service of products, we want to improve at least 1-2 grades on the original basis. This year, we have set up a number of special groups for foreign products, which can further improve the products.

   Li Luoxian, chairman of Luoyang Baima group:

Baima group in the first quarter of this year, the overall production and sales rate of yarn and cloth is less than 80%, the overall sales situation is relatively poor. Therefore, on this year's Tomb Sweeping Day, the May Day holiday will be considered, and may day may need to be considered for a few more days. The epidemic situation will always pass, and the Russo Ukrainian war will always come to an end. The most crucial issue is the dimension of China's international textile market in the future, and the dimension of trade sanctions against China by the West led by the United States, which is a long-term issue for us to consider. How to solve this problem? In fact, we don't think of a good way now. At present, we still consider the adjustment of product structure. Because of its small size, it may be relatively easy to adjust.

  Caoxiucheng, chairman of Henan No.2 Textile Machinery Co., Ltd.:

2021 should be said to be the best year since 2016. Three million sets of spindles have been made in one year. One is due to the better development of the textile industry. There are also many innovation projects in last year, which are relatively good in terms of output value and sales revenue, but there is no profit. The reason is that the basic materials have skyrocketed since March last year. Since the beginning of April, especially after April 10, we are also facing great difficulties. For example, Kunshan happens to be located in the risk control management area, so the materials can not be transported in. In addition, after the products are finished, they can not be transported out, and logistics trucks can not be found.

For the whole order of this year, we feel that there are mainly two pieces this year. First, there are still many new spinning projects, which will be supplied from May to August. The second is that the demand is also relatively large, short car spinning and collective doffing transformation of this piece. The next step for enterprise development is to follow the equipment development direction of spinning enterprises to meet these needs, such as energy saving, high-speed customization, etc. The next step will be to speed up the technical transformation, improve equipment automation, improve labor productivity, reduce the labor intensity of employees, etc., to do a good job in products and services to meet the development needs of the textile industry.

   Li Liuchang, vice president of Anyang Textile Industry Engineering Association:

This year, Anyang is mainly in the clothing sector. Production and sales are affected by the epidemic situation, which is about 30% lower than last year. The epidemic situation in Anyang began to be strictly controlled yesterday, which has a great impact on the industry. However, for the whole production and marketing situation, e-commerce stabilized some customers by adopting other methods, such as online chattering. Therefore, on the whole, it is gradually developing in a good direction.

We hope that we can make use of the three major textile production bases in Henan Province.

   Lihuamin, founder of Weishi Textile Co., Ltd.:

First of all, some provinces have issued documents to rearrange agricultural cultivation and cotton planting, and they have moved the preferential policies of Xinjiang in the past. Henan is a big textile province. Henan can't live without cotton. The second is that Henan textile should pay attention to the cultivation of young people, so that there are successors in the industry and provide them with opportunities for training, learning and communication.

   Li Shuqin, consultant of Henan Textile Industry Association:

Our textile industry is an eternal industry. More than 1.4 billion people in China need textile industry, and more than 7 billion people in the world also need Chinese textile industry. How many stores in the United States buy Chinese goods?

In the current Russo Ukrainian war, on the surface, Russia and Ukraine are fighting. In fact, the whole west, led by the United States, wants to bring Russia down. The purpose of the United States is not only to bring Russia down, but also to use this European European war to form the whole western world with the United States as the core. Using their so-called values, after breaking Russia and weakening the Western European Union, they have frozen eastward and targeted at China. Such a strategy seems to have nothing to do with our textile industry. In fact, it has a lot to do with our textile industry. The Russian Ukrainian war only lasted more than 50 days. It is difficult to judge how many days, months and years they will fight in the future.

No matter what Xinjiang cotton incident in the world is made up by them. They are all lies. When they suppress China, they should spare no effort, do whatever they can and will never stop. In this regard, although we are engaged in the real economy, we need to understand the international situation and find out our countermeasures.

In the face of western countries like the United States, what should we do in China? Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, we should work with one heart and one mind to build our country, our industry, our real economy and our new science and technology. Our textile industry should not only develop, but also grow, but also be linked with high technology. Yes. Iron also needs its own hard, we have done a good job in our work, every industry, every enterprise, and every one of us has done a good job, so that we can be invincible in the world.

Our products are needed by China, the world, today and in the future. More than 120 countries and regions among more than 180 countries and regions in the world are the largest trading countries, which fully shows that China's economy accounts for a very large proportion in the world economy. China cannot do without the world, and the world can not do without China.

(source: Henan Textile Industry Association)

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