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How To Develop Children'S Education Goal In An All-Round Way

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In recent years, the anxiety of entering a higher school and the distribution of educational resources have aroused heated social discussion. Heavy schoolwork and diversified tutoring classes have become a common dilemma faced by students and parents. According to relevant data, schoolbags of students below grade 3 generally weigh 3 kg, while those of grade 4 usually weigh about 4 kg, while only students of grade 5 and 6 have enough bags of more than 5 kg. In order to make education return to its original nature and truly implement the all-round development of "morality, intelligence, physique, beauty and labor", the State Council officially issued a document in July 2021, proposing the goal of "double reduction" education. It is committed to reducing students' homework burden, improving the operation management mechanism and improving the quality of homework design. In October last year, it was planned to put the "double reduction" policy into law, trying to strike a balance between "personal development" and "achievement only" theory.

At present, the "double reduction" policy is implemented in an orderly manner. While reducing the academic burden of children and adolescents, the healthy development and growth of the body is also the focus of the current education industry and the students' parents. As a necessary item for students, schoolbags are of great concern to consumers. Cams, as a AAA class suspension weight-loss schoolbag brand launched in the domestic market, is committed to reducing the pressure on children and adolescents to "load" and ensure their return to healthy shape through long-term research on mechanics, ergonomics and lightweight design. According to the national key laboratory test, the series of backpack products can effectively reduce the weight of the backpack by 30%, especially for the students to bring more relaxed backpack carrying experience, and realize scientific weight reduction and spine protection.

Relevant medical research shows that compared with adults, adolescents have poorer compression and bending capacity due to more organic components and water. Long term heavy schoolbag will affect the growth and development of children and adolescents, which may lead to bone bending, and even lead to scoliosis. At present, most of the backpacks on the market only improve the back width to achieve the purpose of improving the sense of comfort of the back. In order to help children and adolescents achieve the goal of no longer "weight-bearing", cams has carried out thousands of improvements and tests on its products over the past 10 years. A series of products with effective weight loss of 30% will be launched in 2020. Cams single suspension weight reduction system releases gravity through the energy storage and release process of elastic potential energy, which greatly reduces the average load (perceived weight) borne by the shoulder. This fundamentally reduces the weight of schoolbags carried by teenagers and escorts the growth and development of teenagers and the health of their body.

Today, with the normalization of anti epidemic, consumers have a more comprehensive and scientific understanding of microorganisms, and the public's awareness of sanitation and cleanliness has been greatly improved. Cleanliness is no longer a thought, but a living habit.

Microorganisms can be seen everywhere in all aspects of life, especially textiles. Frequent contact and external environment exposure make the surface of textiles adhere to a variety of microorganisms. Some microorganisms may also damage the surface of the fabric, causing stains, odor or accelerating the degradation of products. Taking schoolbag as an example, in view of its long-term exposure to crowded environment, the possibility of schoolbag surface contacting with a variety of microorganisms is increased, which is easy to cause the schoolbag to produce stains and odor. The application of functional textile fabrics in schoolbag production can quickly and effectively alleviate this problem. Its long-term sense of cleanliness, especially for children, has a higher demand for clean environment, especially for children.

In order to further help the public to meet the needs of long-term clean life, and to bring lightweight and durable products to students, cams and built-in bacteria technology and odor control solutions expert Miao Kangbao ® We will work together to create schoolbags that can not only reduce weight and protect the spine, but also provide all-weather long-term functions for children and adolescents, so as to provide more comfortable learning life for students.

Cams and Miao Kangbao ® According to the needs of the Chinese market, after several rounds of communication, coordination and R & D tests, Zui of both sides successfully launched the series of suspended weight-loss schoolbags, bringing better experience products for students. In Miao Kangbao ® "Black technology" innovative technology Yijie teacher (aegis) ®) With the support of cams, the suspension weight-loss schoolbag with the functions of weight loss, ridge protection and protection has reached the AAA standard of FZ / T 73023-2006, and after 50 times of washing, it can ensure that the schoolbag can continuously inhibit the microorganism all day long.

Cationic Aegis ®: Keep clean from the inside out

Miao Kangbao ® Aegis ®) Microbial layer is the key factor to ensure the surface of schoolbag clean all day long. It is a multi-directional liquid agent, and its cations interact with cell proteins needed to maintain the integrity of cell wall, attracting microbial cell wall and counteracting the natural protection of cell wall. Aegis ®) When applied to the surface of the product, a colorless, odorless and positively charged polymer will be formed. The polymer will attract the negatively charged cell membrane of microorganisms, shock and destroy it, which will lead to the decomposition of microbial cells (also known as dissolution), so as to remove odor, stains and prevent premature decomposition of the product.

Miao Kangbao ® Aegis ®) It can be applied to many kinds of fabrics, including foam. Compared with other microbial inhibitor chemicals, it will not cause product surface damage or discoloration, and will not cause toxicity to organisms or negative impact on the environment. At the same time of ensuring the effectiveness, Aegis ®) The cams suspended weight-loss schoolbag also has the following advantages:

- the technology is integrated into the product during the production phase, and the protection can maintain more than 50 general household washes. Enough to cover the normal service life of the product.

- the technology used has been certified by many laboratories at home and abroad, and has a long-term safe use record.

- proven technology is durable.

- inhibit the growth and reproduction of microorganisms in and on the surface of the product. Avoid stain, odor and product aging caused by microbial reproduction.

- the enhanced product after washing can help to prolong the effectiveness of washing effect and provide better cleaning protection.

Cams vice president Zhao Guohong shared: "Adhering to the concept of providing relaxed and comfortable carrying experience, after ten years of research and development, this revolutionary and innovative schoolbag is coming to the market. Because it has the functions of AAA grade and suspension weight-loss and spine protection, it meets the higher requirements of parents for children's products in health protection, so it is loved by many students and parents. In the post epidemic era, we have insight into consumer health and consciousness As a result, consumers' demand for innovative protective products is also increasing. In the future, we are looking forward to working with Miao Kangbao ® Create more functional products together. "

Mr. Michael ruby, President of Miao Kangbao international, said: "Clean life is a topic of great concern to people today. After more than 40 years of industry exploration, we are glad to see that the technology and concept of Miao Kangbao are accepted by more and more industries. We look forward to developing more innovative technologies with high added value in the future, joining hands with more industry partners to jointly empower all fields of consumer life and promote the high-quality development of people's life."

About cams

Cams brand belongs to Guangdong Ruitai Health Technology Co., Ltd. It is a supplier of health industry R & D design and related products. Adhering to the brand concept of "new light year, no burden", the company is committed to continuous innovation with the spirit of ingenuity to provide consumers with a more relaxed and comfortable travel experience.

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