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Local Association: Guangdong Cocoon And Silk Industry Association Investigates Silk Industry

2022/4/27 23:10:00 0


Recently, on a bright spring day, a total of 8 people from Guangdong cocoon and silk industry association, Guangdong Textile Engineering Association and Guangdong textile vocational education group visited the rangsha silk base of Foshan jianshengxuan Textile Co., Ltd. and held a seminar to investigate the status quo of Xiangyun yarn industry in the Pearl River Delta. Huang Kun, general manager of Jian Shengxuan, accompanied the investigation.

Huang Kun, general manager, accompanied him to visit the Ranunculus Ranunculus field and explained the process of making and drying the hyacinth silk. Near noon, the sun is just right, the workers are busy basking in the hyacinth, a hot scene.

Huang Kun, general manager

Dioscorea bassiana

At the seminar held in the office, general manager Huang Kun first introduced the development history of jianshengxuan company, the company's product characteristics, the status quo and forecast of the market of Xiangyun yarn, compared the traditional dyeing process and introduced new dyeing and finishing technologies. Liu Hongxi, Deputy Secretary General of Guangdong Textile Vocational Education Group, explained Xiangyun yarn production, environmental protection and environmental impact assessment, export standards and other issues, and discussed the current situation and existing problems of the whole Xiangyun yarn industry. Participants also had in-depth and detailed exchanges.


Through the investigation, it will lay a good foundation for further promoting the innovative development and standardization of the Xiangyun yarn industry, and promote and enhance the cohesion of the enterprises.


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