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Changshu Express: How To Create Brilliance For Future 100 Billion Level Industrial Clusters

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   During the "14th five year plan" period, China's textile industry, on the basis of basically realizing the goal of textile power, grasped the new development stage, implemented the new development concept, constructed a new development pattern, further promoted the high-quality development of "science and technology, fashion and green" of the industry, and determined the new orientation of the industry in the whole national economy at a new starting point, The transformation and upgrading of industrial clusters will also be the most important carrier and industrial economic development mode.  
   In 2022, China Textile Federation will carry out the Fifth Review of national textile industry cluster. In order to better cooperate with the working committee of China Federation of textile industry clusters to do a good job in the fifth pilot review work, the Journal of China Textile Industry Federation, textile and clothing weekly, specially planned a series of reports on the start of the "14th five year plan" cluster -- the fifth textile cluster pilot review depth line report, which will go deep into the review series of industrial clusters, From the perspectives of "integration of industrialization and industrialization", "intelligent manufacturing", "regional brand", "mode innovation", "product upgrading" and "channel change", this paper reflects the new appearance and new trend of the cluster, and discusses how to better enable the high-quality development of the cluster and help the textile and garment industry cluster to pursue the new journey of "the 14th five year plan".
   With more than 5000 textile and garment enterprises and 35 professional trading markets, it has formed a mature and complete industrial chain foundation and a unique professional market circulation advantage. There are leading enterprises such as bosden and Changshu garment city leading the industrial transformation and upgrading, and the "small but beautiful" new force of "Internet +" of Japan herongmei enlivens the market, The characteristics of the integration of industry and city are very prominent
   Such a scene is the development status of Changshu, one of the three hundred billion level textile and garment bases in Jiangsu Province. After years of development, Changshu has become an important textile city in China, and has become an important textile base in China. In particular, in 2019, China Textile Industry Federation and its joint construction of "world-class leading area of autumn and winter clothing industry cluster" more reflect the characteristics of Changshu textile and clothing industry cluster and its leading position in the same industry.
   Gao Xiaodong
   President of Changshu textile and Garment Association
   General manager of bosden Co., Ltd
   In recent years, with the wide penetration of new economic forms such as scene economy, platform economy, sharing economy and online Red economy, new models and services of textile and garment industry are emerging constantly, which brings changes in channels, supply chain and value chain. In the face of new opportunities and challenges, Changshu, with a hundred billion level textile and garment industry cluster, how to achieve transformation and upgrading? Recently, the reporter of textile and clothing weekly interviewed Gao Xiaodong, President of Changshu textile and Garment Association and general manager of bosden Co., Ltd., deeply reviewed the development track of Changshu textile and garment industry in recent years, understood the accumulated experience on its way forward, and provided ideas and reference for the industry development.
   Let the traditional design come first
   In recent years, in the tide of great changes in the clothing industry, as a traditional clothing industry development base, Changshu clothing industry inevitably encountered some problems, such as the overall lack of high-end resources, serious "vacancy" of brand marketing and original design, and the disadvantages of homogeneous competition and "leading" thinking gradually appear. "After years of development, Changshu people have long realized that creative design talents and resources are obvious weaknesses in Changshu's textile and garment industry. Therefore, strengthening efforts in design has become the key measure for Changshu to develop textile and clothing. Generally speaking, Changshu has strengthened its design mainly through two measures of" Introduction "and" education "in recent years." Gao Xiaodong.
   The first is "Introduction", which is supplemented by the introduction of external design resources. Changshu focuses on introducing external design resources, such as establishing a long-term cooperation and exchange mechanism with well-known universities at home and abroad, cooperating with neighboring universities (Changshu University of science and technology, Donghua University) and improving the strategy of introducing designers to attract outside design teams and talents.
   Changshu clothing City
   In May 2019, the work of "introducing" ushered in a breakthrough: Changshu clothing city and Shanghai Fashion Industry Development Center signed a strategic agreement on the integration of fashion industry between the two places. For Changshu, the signing of the agreement can not only give full play to its own strengths in supply chain, service and marketing, but also make full use of the advantages of Shanghai design talents, fashion resources and Zhejiang e-commerce resources, so as to complement and complement each other.
   The second is "education", which supports some potential design teams and original design brands, cultivates numerous star formats, and better connects with the existing industrial system.
   Changshu strongly supports the establishment of designer integrated stores, studios and showrooms. By making designers' works directly connected with a large number of offline shops in the clothing city, Changshu can effectively improve the fashion degree of the products of local enterprises' merchants. Although these star formats are small in scale and scattered in distribution, they represent the direction of innovation and development of textile and garment industry as a whole, and will become the main force to promote the product design, R & D and process innovation of garment enterprises in the future. Up to now, dozens of independent designer brands have entered the Jiangnan fashion and Creative Industrial Park in yunshang town.
Changshu clothing City
   In contrast to the fashion oriented mode of "multi product, multi value" is formed in Changshu. Changshu people also saw this opportunity. At a forum convened by the Municipal Textile and clothing association not long ago, entrepreneurs reached a consensus that in addition to giving full play to Changshu's autumn and winter men's wear advantages and creating a "world-class leading area of autumn and winter clothing industry cluster", they should also do a good job in the field of women's clothing in Changshu, and establish a gathering of Changshu women's clothing brand, women's clothing designer brand, and so on Fashion women's clothing has the functions of exhibition, wholesale and retail, which promotes the development of women's clothing enterprises in the city.
   In 2020, Changshu Garment City Group Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen judao independent designer platform cooperated to establish Changshu judao center, which takes the original design of high-end women's wear as the core, and uses judao's designer resources and full case marketing ability to serve the local garment industry in Changshu. At the same time, some traditional textile and garment enterprises in Changshu also began to actively transform, paying more attention to original design, so as to enhance the added value of products.
Changshu clothing City
   Intelligent transformation, construction of digital industry demonstration base
   With the changes of consumption pattern and market demand, the traditional textile and garment industry is facing many development problems, such as heavy inventory pressure, changeable demand and difficult matching. Under the background of "production by sales" and "quick response by small orders", the cluster industrial chain also needs the digital means of data intelligence to reform, so as to help the garment manufacturing enterprises to break through the development bottleneck and transform into digitalization, The digital industry will jointly create a new ecological transformation.
   In recent years, Changshu's textile and garment industry has taken branding, high-end and customization as the main direction. Through the leading role, government guidance, ecological education and service introduction, Changshu's textile and garment industry has taken the intelligent transformation and digital transformation as the internal driving force of industrial transformation, and accelerated the second takeoff of the industry.
Bosden group headquarters park
   Gao Xiaodong introduced that as a leading enterprise in the industry and a leading enterprise in Changshu, bosden took the lead in independently developing software systems and big data centers with independent intellectual property rights, built advanced intelligent manufacturing production bases and central intelligent distribution centers in the industry, and built a modern garment manufacturing system with the largest scale, the most advanced technology and the most mature industrial chain in the down jacket industry. Through the intelligent garment manufacturing GIMS system, the data collection, analysis, early warning and decision-making of the whole process from raw materials storage to automatic cutting, parts sewing, automatic filling, hanging assembly, automatic sorting and leaving the factory have been realized, which has become the benchmark of "intelligent transformation and digital transformation" in the industry.
Bosden rear vehicle room
   In 2021, rihe Rongmei Co., Ltd., which was listed on the gem of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, combined with the three independent concepts of "online celebrity", "model" and "factory", adhered to the operation mode of single brand and multi category, with steady growth of revenue scale, playing a leading and promoting role in the development of cluster emerging e-commerce enterprises, and became one of the representative business cards of Changshu textile and garment industry.
   Up to now, more than 300 enterprises have participated in the project of intelligent transformation from digital to digital, with an accumulated investment of more than 6.5 billion yuan. A number of intelligent production lines and workshops have been built, and a number of innovative application scenarios such as material tracking, order management, on-site visualization, visual inspection, wage and piece work have been born, and they are in the forefront of the country in terms of cost reduction and efficiency increase, digital intelligence empowerment, demonstration and leading.
   At the same time, a number of industrial Internet platform enterprises and industrial digital service enterprises are gathering in Changshu, and actively docking with domestic well-known digital service enterprises in the field of textile and clothing, cutting into all aspects of the industrial chain, and accelerating the digital transformation of the industry. Changshu garment city has joined forces with Feilu technology, a leading flexible clothing production and supply chain service platform in China, to cultivate a digital transformation echelon of Changshu Garment City, which is characterized by "first reform and first trial enterprise traction, head benchmarking enterprise demonstration, and waiting for enterprise follow-up". Shanshu technology, a leading Internet enterprise dedicated to garment supply chain collaborative enabling platform and digital collaborative and digital decision-making of garment industry, relocated its headquarters to Changshu, and gradually improved the integrated trading ecology of regional "online collaboration + offline exhibition hall + online warehouse performance", taking the construction of B2B trading center as an opportunity to build Changshu clothing industry "brain", To improve the efficiency of supply chain with industrial big data, build a supply chain collaboration platform integrating business flow, information flow, capital flow and logistics, and realize the complementarity of supply chain and channel.
"Goods to person" selection of bosden AGV storage robot / photo by Li Weilin
   The settlement of Feilu technology and Shanshu technology will promote the construction of Changshu garment city into a digital textile and garment industry demonstration base radiating the whole Yangtze River Delta region.
   Industrial cluster is ready to be upgraded
   In addition to paying attention to design and intellectual revolution, in order to effectively support the demand of textile and garment industry of 100 billion level, Changshu has put forward a plan to eliminate a number of low-end, low-efficiency and backward production capacity in the printing and dyeing industry, and accelerate the solution to the problems of safety and environmental protection in the printing and dyeing industry.
   In 2021, Changshu printing and dyeing industry development special plan (2020-2030) was issued, marking the high-quality development of Changshu printing and dyeing industry, completed the top-level design, and entered the landing track. According to Gao Xiaodong, Changshu will implement the "1234568" project, that is, centering on the "one goal" of high-quality development of printing and dyeing industry (enterprise), adhere to the "two main lines" of strict access standards, improve the output level, reduce and eliminate the hidden dangers of safety, fire protection and environmental protection, so as to promote the key supporting capacity of Changshu's textile and clothing pillar industry It is necessary to enhance the level of intensive and sustainable development of industrial clusters, enhance the domestic and international competitiveness of the industry, and promote the "four chain integration and coordination" of industrial chain, innovation chain, value chain and policy chain, so as to achieve the "five growth" of overall technical level, number of leading enterprises, local supporting capacity, average profit rate, average tax revenue per mu, reduction of printing and dyeing points, reduction of printing and dyeing distribution areas, reduction of printing and dyeing distribution areas, and promotion of "four chain integration and coordination" of industrial chain, innovation chain, value chain and policy The number of printing and dyeing enterprises is reduced, the floor area of printing and dyeing is reduced, the nitrogen and phosphorus emissions of main pollutants of printing and dyeing are reduced, and the external environmental impact is reduced. Finally, the industrial layout is centralized, the product quality is high-grade, the industrial technology is evolved first, the industrial chain is integrated, the energy utilization is efficient, the pollution emission reduction is constrained, and the public service integration The basin management aims at "eight high-quality development" textile printing and dyeing industry base, and creates Changshu printing and dyeing 3.0 upgrade version of "green and high-quality, specialty and novelty, collaborative demonstration, clothing and quilt world".
   In addition, Changshu will also focus on optimizing the spatial layout of the printing and dyeing industry, creating a "6 + 4" overall spatial layout, namely, Changshu high tech Zone, Haiyu Town, Meili town and other 6 expansion and gathering areas, and 4 integration promotion areas (points) such as DONGBANG town and Shanghu town. At the same time, it is necessary to introduce a batch of high-quality textile industry clusters, and create a number of high-quality textile industry clusters with high-quality and high-quality products.
   Grasp the "new air outlet" to create a new business card and a new growth pole
   With the new retail reform and the acceleration of the Yangtze River Delta integration process, Changshu textile and clothing industry ushered in a high-quality development of the "new tuyere". In this regard, Gao Xiaodong introduced that Changshu will further play its advantages and strengths in supply chain, service and marketing, make efforts to upgrade in the fields of intelligent manufacturing, brand cultivation, fashion design, digital transformation and industrial ecology, actively integrate into the development tide of the fashion industry in the Yangtze River Delta, and promote collaborative innovation of the industrial chain, supply chain and value chain, Create a new era Changshu City's fashion card and new growth pole. Specifically, efforts will be made from the following three aspects.
   First, accelerate the construction of smart clusters. By combining the advantages of 5g mobile Internet technology and facilities with the development characteristics of industrial clusters, Changshu will strongly support cluster enterprises to build industrial Internet, give play to the leading role of leading enterprises in demonstration, and accelerate the formation of a new space for collaborative, efficient and multi-dimensional innovation.
   Second, enrich the supply of public services. Based on the spatial distribution of industrial clusters, it provides high-quality and accurate public service supply, and improves the service functions of inspection and detection, R & D design, exhibition trade, education and training. Integrate local governments, scientific research institutes, key enterprises and other parties to form cooperation to jointly improve the public service ability of industrial clusters and help the overall development of small and medium-sized enterprises in clusters.
   Third, innovative financing platform construction. Coordinate government, enterprise and financial resources, build an effective financing platform for small and medium-sized enterprises, research industrial venture capital funds, and support the innovation and development of small and medium-sized enterprises.
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