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Shishi Technology Innovation Is Favored By Printing And Dyeing Enterprises

2022/5/9 22:18:00 0

Stone Lion; Spin; Cloth

In recent years, Shishi textile printing and dyeing enterprises comply with the requirements of reform and development, constantly upgrade production lines and technical equipment, and increase R & D and innovation efforts. As a result, the scientific and technological content of products is constantly improved, and the product quality and printing and dyeing quality are affirmed by domestic and foreign customers.

Recently, the reporter learned from several textile printing and dyeing enterprises in Shishi city that the energy consumption of the old production lines and equipment in previous years was very high, the added value of products was low, and the enterprise benefit was not high, which brought great resistance to the long-term development of enterprises. With the encouragement and support of the government functional departments, textile printing and dyeing enterprises are determined and determined to reform. They have invested a huge amount of money to implement equipment upgrading and production line transformation, thus improving the output value and efficiency, and laying a solid foundation for the sound and rapid development of enterprises.

Nowadays, Shishi textile printing and dyeing enterprises attach importance to scientific and technological innovation, introduce high-tech talents, increase R & D efforts, adopt new materials, scientific and technological fabrics, increase technical content, and constantly launch marketable textile fabric products, which are favored by the market. At present, Shishi textile printing and dyeing enterprises are speeding up the progress to catch up with orders to ensure high-quality completion of annual production tasks.

(source: Shishi daily)


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