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Women'S Fashion Trend Analysis: Autumn And Winter Women'S Clothing Design Key Focus On Details

2022/5/11 21:16:00 0

Epidemic Analysis

Following the fabric trend of women's T-stage in autumn and winter 2022 / 23, accessories and details inject practicality and dress sense into the design, making the design more solid and rich in texture. The layered design is full of modern sense. You may as well use adjustable accessories and details to meet the new lifestyle.

Soft volume pleating

Create a textured ripple effect with dreamy ruffling and gatherers pleats. Using small details, the garment will be shaped with the original size of the garment. Choose Lenzing ecovero, Tencel and FSC certified viscose fiber to create a romantic drape. Organic cotton, recycled cotton and GRS certified recycled polyester lace can also be selected to enrich the surface effect of surfaceinterest.

Adjustable details and elegant open sleeves are suitable for three-dimensional version; Soft volume fabric is suitable for eye-catching evening dress. Please refer to the design of del core.



Et Ochs

Del Core

No. 21

Deconstruction of tassel

As our aw2022 / 23 fabric report says, fringing Tassels and raw edges bring the hyper texture theme to accessories and details. Leather and surplus materials can be used to add a layer of raw edge to the garment to create an exaggerated appearance, create a sense of quantity and elongate lines.

The raw edge is used as deconstructed details to reduce waste through the consumption of surplus materials. It is combined with soft touch surface and single material design. The products of diesel and Marni are the most noteworthy. The contrast texture design of the hem is adopted, and the matching or contrasting color matching with the body fabric is used to make the Contemporary Craft trend full of modern sense.


Bottega Veneta

L Saha



Strip design

Statement strips reflect the designer's attention to details, which can surround the body and create exaggerated effects; More commercial details can also be used as sleeves. May as well pay attention to these small details, so that consumers can adjust their own clothing according to their own needs, and enhance consumers' interest.

The ribbon with the same color is popular on the T-stage, which is mainly made of leather and raw cloth accessories. A single material is easy to recycle, and important brands such as heliot Emil, acne studios, noon by Noor have minimized the use of metals in their designs.

Elena Velez

Heliot Emil

Noon by Noor


Acne Studios

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