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General Administration Of Customs: Ten Measures To Promote The Stability And Quality Of Foreign Trade

2022/5/11 21:20:00 0

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First, ensure the smooth circulation of the supply chain of the industrial chain in key regions. We will expand the "linkage loading and unloading" supervision mode of shipping vessels to the Yangtze River inland river, and alleviate the problem of insufficient loading and unloading capacity of ports, terminals and highways in Shanghai and its surrounding areas; We should conscientiously do a good job in the integrated control and inspection mode of high-tech goods such as vacuum packaging, expand the pilot work, and speed up the port clearance speed of electronic information enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta region to maintain the key materials of industrial chain operation.

2. Speed up the clearance of urgently needed goods by enterprises. In order to further improve the efficiency of customs clearance, we will further promote the pilot projects of "direct pick-up at the ship's side" for imported goods and "direct loading upon arrival" for export goods at ports that meet the requirements.

Third, improve the efficiency of inbound and outbound logistics. Actively support enterprises to carry out railway "rapid customs clearance" business, and improve the level of domestic railway logistics facilitation. We will vigorously promote the concept of "smart customs, smart border, and smart sharing connectivity" in customs international cooperation. We will continue to carry out pragmatic consultations with other willing countries, implement the "customs and rail link" cooperation, and enhance the cross-border transportation facilitation level of China EU trains. We will further optimize the customs supervision mode of waterway logistics in key areas such as the Yangtze River Delta, support the expansion of the pilot scope of "departure confirmation" and other modes, and continuously improve the efficiency of waterway logistics.

4. Ensure the smooth flow of inbound and outbound postal routes. In order to transport the overstocked inbound and outbound mail affected by the epidemic situation, temporary postal routes should be established according to the application of postal companies to ensure the demand for domestic and foreign postal services.

5. Improve the new crown vaccine reagent fast track. Under the premise of controllable risks, we should optimize the entry-exit security measures for new coronal vaccines and detection reagents, accelerate the approval of new coronal vaccines and detection reagents, and ensure the rapid customs clearance of new coronal vaccines and detection reagents.

6. Actively implement tax reduction and fee reduction measures. To serve the export goods of Chinese enterprises to enjoy tariff preferences in RCEP members, collect and coordinate to solve specific problems affecting enterprises' benefits, and implement RCEP policy dividend.

7. Guarantee the effective supply of agricultural and food products for import and export. Speed up the registration / filing of import and export food production enterprises. We will promote the entry of high-quality agricultural products. Support the introduction of excellent animal and plant germplasm resources. The quarantine and supervision measures for imported animal and plant derived biomaterials should be replicated and promoted. We will optimize the regulatory requirements and modes of import and export commodity inspection. Set up green channel for inspection of fresh and perishable agricultural and food products for import and export. Ensure the safe supply of agricultural products to Hong Kong and Macao.

8. Support small and medium-sized enterprises to carry out market procurement trade. We should simplify and optimize the applicable conditions for small and small batch supervision of market procurement trade, expand the scope of automatic examination and verification of small and small batch export inspection and quarantine, and quickly issue electronic accounts, so as to promote the healthy development of market procurement trade.

9. Promoting paperless customs clearance of import tariff quotas. Together with the development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Commerce, we will accelerate the construction of the online verification system for tariff quotas, strengthen information sharing and business linkage among departments relying on the "single window" of international trade, and realize online application, automatic verification and verification, and paperless customs clearance of tariff quotas.

10. Strengthen statistical monitoring and analysis and data services. We will continue to track the trade share of major global economies, the scale and flow direction of Global trade in important commodities, and actively carry out import and export analysis of small, medium and micro enterprises and specialized and innovative enterprises, so as to provide data support for enterprises to develop markets. Improve the performance of Customs Statistics online query system, and constantly innovate the digital statistical service mode for the public. We will strengthen the release and interpretation of import and export data to provide strong expectations and guidance for steady growth and high-quality development of foreign trade.

The General Administration of customs requires the national customs to conduct in-depth investigation and follow-up analysis of the challenges faced by the current foreign trade development, study and refine specific measures in combination with the actual situation of the customs area and the outstanding problems reflected by local governments and enterprises, so as to fully stabilize the basic foreign trade and foreign investment.

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