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The Industry Disclosed That Weiya'S Operation And Business Team Was Poached By A Certain Head MCN Organization

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Recently, some people in the industry disclosed to the new broadcasting station that Weiya's operation and business team were poached by some head MCN organization. For Qian Xun, the news seems to have made the situation worse.
Lost Weiya's humble search, has been trying to make up for the flow gap in various ways. First, it hatched the "bee surprise club", and now Weiya's assistant broadcast Qi'er is about to start the live broadcast with goods in shaking tone. Not only that, Qianxun also set up a star live with cargo MCN "Beijing Xingye" to bet on the Star Live track.
It is understood that Beijing Xingye was founded in March this year, but it is interesting that this new company established by Qianxun has no relationship with Qianxun in terms of industrial and commercial relations. What's the purpose of Qianxun in this way? Is it possible to bet on the Star Live track as a new way out?

To be dug out and set up a new company?

"I heard that some head of MCN organization in the industry has poached the operation and business leaders of Weiya team." Not long ago, some people in the industry disclosed to the new broadcasting station that the head MCN organization cut down the original e-commerce department and directly recruited the weia team.

To this end, the new studio also verified with Qianxun's insiders, but it said that it belonged to Qianxun's company in Beijing and was not very clear about Hangzhou.

   However, according to the new studio to a number of industry insiders, basically got a positive reply, and said that "we have known for a long time.".

   Earlier, Zhao ran, the president of Qianxun holdings, explained to the media that Qianxun's logic was to platform the supply chain and operation experience behind Weiya and give it to other anchors. Now the experienced operation and business loss within the team will undoubtedly have a certain impact on Qianxun's development.

After losing Weiya, now I will lose the operation and business of Weiya team. How to deal with it? The new studio is concerned that Qianxun may bet on the star live broadcast.

On May 5, a public account article shared by Qianxun employees in the circle of friends attracted the attention of the new broadcasting station. The article on the public account is a live broadcast preview of Taobao live broadcast 5.5 cost-effective Festival. The public number is "Beijing Xingye". The specific content is the preview of 5.5 cost-effective festival activities by several star anchors including Lin Yilun, Li Jing, Dazuo and Xiao Shenlong.

You should know that Lin Yilun, who once worked with Weiya's husband Dong Haifeng, signed with Qianxun as early as 2019. At present, there are still interactions with other organizations such as Li Qianzhong and Yilun.

In the past, Weiya's operation and business team was poached, and then the star anchor group appeared in other MCN publicity. Now, it's time to lose weia's modesty?

   The new studio immediately confirmed the matter from Qianxun. The other party said that "the company and the team are operating normally", and indicated that Beijing Xingye is the newly established company of Qianxun.

At present, the live broadcast of Lin Yilun, Dazuo and Li Jing is not only in the anchor lineup of Qianxun official website. At the same time, they are on the hot wave engine of Taobao's talent promotion platform, and the organization they belong to is still Qianxun.

Live broadcast of stars

The new broadcasting station found that Beijing Xingye public account was registered on March 28, 2022. Its certification subject, Beijing Xingye Business Service Co., Ltd., was established on March 15, 2022, with Liu Ziwei as its legal representative and 1 million yuan as its registered capital.

The company was introduced by the public account "Beijing Xingye":

"Beijing Xingye is a MCN organization dedicated to star live broadcasting business, with a professional selection team, short video team, strong supply chain resources and rich live broadcasting operation experience. Now, it has signed several star anchors, and has rich operation experience in Taobao live broadcast, shaking sound live broadcast and other platforms, and incubates successful cases of top star anchor."

Obviously, it is difficult for a new company established in March this year to have "rich experience in live broadcasting operation" and "a successful case of hatching top star anchor". Undoubtedly, there is no doubt that Qianxun's team and achievements are making endorsements.

However, according to the company's investigation, the majority shareholder of Beijing Xingye Business Service Co., Ltd., Cheng Hanqing, who holds 95% of the shares, Liu Zhicai, the shareholder who holds 5% of the shares, Liu Ziwei, the legal person who holds the position of executive director of the company, and Cheng Shenchuan, who are working in the company, have no holding or investment relationship with Qianxun, Dong Haifeng and Weiya.

Even when the new broadcasting station checked and sorted out the relationship map of Dong Haifeng and Weiya, it was found that there were almost no companies registered in Beijing. This is puzzling. Beijing Xingye, which is promoted by Qianxun's staff and with Qianxun's anchor resources, has nothing to do with Qianxun?

In the view of some industry insiders, Qianxun has changed its shell to do live broadcasting of stars, and there is no connection between capital and shareholding. There may be two considerations.

   On the one hand, Qianxun wants to establish a new brand to facilitate subsequent expansion. On the other hand, it is possible that viaa's tax evasion has more or less affected Qianxun's brand image. The most direct example is that after Weiya was banned, Qianxun's shareholders successively chose to withdraw.

Not long ago, according to the enterprise investigation, Weiya and her husband Dong Haifeng's affiliated company Qianxun (Hangzhou) Holding Co., Ltd. underwent industrial and commercial changes on April 27——

The original two shareholders of the company, Suzhou junjunde equity investment partnership (limited partnership) and Hainan Yunfeng Tuohai fund center (limited partnership), withdrew from the ranks of shareholders. Previously, the two companies held 9.64% and 5% shares respectively. Originally, among the 6 shareholders of Qianxun (Hangzhou) Holding Co., Ltd., it was the fourth and fifth largest shareholder.

Can you make up for the flow gap?

For Qianxun who lost Weiya, they may not be longing for a super head anchor like Weiya, but they are longing for enough traffic like Weiya, so as to realize higher transformation and Gmv. Stars with their own halo can just meet this point.

When Weiya came back in March this year, it was obvious that Weiya's team would come back in February.

   In addition, Qi'er, who was once the assistant broadcaster of Weiya, started broadcasting on the evening of May 6 to warm up the first show of dubbing tape on the evening of May 7. According to the new data, the live broadcast lasted an hour and a half, and the total number of viewers reached 3.81 million.

Now, Qianxun has once again made a pledge to live broadcast to the stars. Why?

In fact, live star broadcasting has always been a key section of Qianxun's layout. Not only the first six anchors displayed in the "anchors" on the company's official website are all star anchors. Since 2018, Qianxun has established Beijing Star live broadcasting base.

In addition, in the "tmall 618 Taobao live star list" released in 2021, Lin Yilun ranks first. Among the top 10 stars, Qianxun's star anchor occupies 5 places.

And according to the small program gray Teng data display, During the period from April 27 to May 6, Lin Yilun would be on the top 10 of the daily list of Taobao live broadcasting with goods sorted by the number of watching times in the live broadcasting room. During this period, Lin Yilun started six broadcasting sessions with an average Gmv of 15.21 million and an average of 4.679 million viewers.

Although this achievement is far away from Li Jiaqi and other super head anchors, it is qualified to enter the head lineup in Taobao live broadcast. Therefore, after Qianxun lost Weiya, it seems that the star's live broadcast has become a matter of course.

In addition, Qianxun Shortly after the establishment of Beijing Xingye, xiaoshenlong was officially signed by the government. The latter officially launched its first show with goods on Taobao on April 13.

It is reported that Xiao Shenlong has been broadcasting live on express since 2019 and selling goods on express since 2020. At present, the number of fans of fast hand account has reached 27.875 million.

   Gecko look at the data show that xiaoshenlong in 2020 in fast hand live broadcast with 289 games, with total gmv12 1.7 billion, ranking 11th in the annual list.

However, after entering the Bureau of Taobao live broadcast, Xiao Shenlong's first two live broadcasting stations can not break a million. The view of the third live broadcast directly exceeded 4 million, and then dropped from 4 million to about 1 million, and maintained within the range of 1 million.

It may not be difficult for Qianxun and Beijing Xingye to do live star delivery. After all, many people have marveled at the star resources of Weiya and her team before she was banned. With the successful cases of Lin Yilun and others, it only takes time to copy and create a new star anchor.

As for the star live mode, unlike the previous environment, most of the stars can maintain a stable live rhythm, and the first live broadcast is not the last.

In addition, although taoyin was keen on the flow and the policy before the live broadcast, taoyin still didn't give support.

However, the industry has not yet appeared a professional star anchor who can be recognized as the head with goods. The appearance of Beijing Xingye may surprise the industry, or it may just be a new brand released.

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