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Strengthening Textile Industry In Zhejiang Province

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Zhejiang Textile

World textile looks at China, Chinese textile looks at Jiangsu and Zhejiang. The scale of textile industry in Jiangsu and Zhejiang Province accounts for about 40% of the country. According to the investigation, in the face of the superimposed impact of circulation obstruction and cost rise under the epidemic situation, from ministries and commissions to local governments, from enterprises to associations and chambers of Commerce, they have worked together to coordinate epidemic prevention and production, work together to stabilize the supply chain of the industry chain, actively respond to changes and enhance competitiveness, and strive to break through the challenge of the epidemic.

   Build a solid barrier, do everything possible to stabilize production

Nearly 1500 employees have lived in the factory and opened up full production capacity. Since the end of March, Wuxi Yimian Textile Group has encountered three closures. Zhou Yejun, chairman of the group, said that the closed-loop operation of the factory and the arrangement of special personnel to dock freight vehicles at the intersection of high-speed roads ensured the normal operation of the production line and the timely shipment of foreign trade products. From January to April, the export value of the enterprise increased by about 50% year-on-year.

The prevention and control network should be firmly organized to stabilize production. We should establish a regular nucleic acid detection mechanism for enterprise employees, strengthen the management of personnel related to transportation operations, and strive to coordinate epidemic prevention and production with the joint efforts of local governments and enterprises.

"Please register and scan" tongxingtong "..." at the gate of Yide Textile Co., Ltd., Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province, the staff lighted the code to measure the temperature and then entered the factory orderly. Shen Jianfeng, the textile administrative director of the company, said that the production workshop strictly killed, implemented the wrong time meal, focused on the dormitory closed management, and made every effort to ensure the safe resumption of work and production.

At present, many enterprises are speeding up the resumption of production. "The order volume has not recovered to before this outbreak, but it can be scheduled to August." Ding Jian, chairman of Nantong Tianzhu Textile Co., Ltd., said that during the epidemic period, two thirds of the company's employees chose to stay in the factory, so that they could quickly resume work and production. After the May Day, the utilization rate of production capacity has reached 100%.

Stabilizing employment not only ensures the development of enterprises, but also helps to stabilize employment. In the spinning workshop of Shenghong group located in Wujiang, Suzhou, many young people have appeared recently. "The chemical fiber sector recruited more than 2700 people in the first quarter, a year-on-year increase of about 8%. Many of them were former service industry employees." Group human resources director Guo Dong said.

   To solve the problems and solve the difficulties, to smooth the industrial chain

Logistics and freight transportation is the lifeline of manufacturing industry. To ensure the smooth supply chain in the Yangtze River Delta, the operation is to ensure the smooth supply chain.

Since the end of March, hongcaixiang zipper (Nantong) Co., Ltd., which supplies special zippers for various textile and garment enterprises, has encountered logistics problems. After receiving the feedback, the Department of industry and information technology of Jiangsu Province coordinated with the local government to issue a situation statement for the enterprise, and solved the transportation problems to Suzhou, Ningbo, Yuyao, Guangzhou and other places; After the national unified model of "key material transportation vehicle pass" was put into use, it quickly applied for relevant passes for enterprises.

In Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, Hu song, the person in charge of Zhejiang kanglongda Special Protection Technology Co., Ltd., arrived at the "police enterprise liaison room" to understand the freight logistics trends in detail in order to make orders and ensure that raw materials can be transported in and finished products can be sent out.

Shangyu District branch of Shaoxing Public Security Bureau has set up 62 police enterprise liaison offices to help enterprises solve the problems of logistics support and government service, and has invested a lot of police force to support the closed-loop management of freight logistics and help trucks to enter and leave safely and efficiently.

The Ministry of industry and information technology and the industry and Information Department of Jiangsu and Zhejiang Province launched a series of measures to help enterprises solve their urgent needs.

On the evening of April 26, Tao Yaping, the epidemic prevention officer of Suzhou Dabang Textile Co., Ltd., was finally relieved by the news that the freighter had left the port. "If the 18 tons of knitwear cannot be delivered by the end of April, the company will face the risk of default." Tao Yaping said that after the enterprises reflected the difficulties, the local government coordinated and opened a green channel, and container trucks from Shanghai arrived soon.

"Jiangsu Federation of industry and Commerce has built a provincial through train for chambers of Commerce and enterprises, which can quickly feed back important demands of enterprises and coordinate solutions." Lu Mei, Secretary General of the garment industry chamber of Commerce of Jiangsu Federation of industry and commerce, said that at present, the problem of unsmooth textile and garment industry chain in Jiangsu Province has been alleviated. According to the survey of the chamber of Commerce, the industry operating rate is about 80%.

   Practice internal skill diligently, respond positively and expand space actively

Shaoxing buting Textile Co., Ltd. has a steady growth in production and sales this year, especially in the countries and regions along the belt and road. At present, enterprises are speeding up the pace of investment, accelerating the formation of research, spinning, weaving, printing and marketing of a complete man-made cotton industrial chain.

"The pressure level of the market is also a good opportunity for squatting." Qian Shuijiang, the general manager of the company, said frankly that the company has been deeply engaged in the textile industry for 15 years. At present, more than 1500 new patterns are developed every week, and the annual R & D investment is more than 10 million yuan.

Some enterprises have shown resilience in the epidemic. Ding Jian said that the company will formulate a five-year development plan in 2020, when the price of machinery and equipment is at a low ebb, it will purchase decisively, laying the foundation for intelligent transformation; In 2021, it concentrated human and financial resources and won the inspection and certification of clothing brands. This year, the relevant orders exceeded the same period last year.

To be a good "escort" for the development of textile industry, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, associations and chambers of commerce are strengthening their efforts to support enterprises and boost development confidence.

In Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou Sijiqing clothing market, which has thousands of outlets, and many specialized markets around it were closed due to the epidemic. In the last ten days of April, small and medium-sized enterprises were granted rent relief.

In Jiangsu Province, we will continue to cultivate advantageous industrial chains such as chemical fiber and brand clothing by building a supply-demand docking platform and carrying out technological research. The clothing chamber of Commerce of Jiangsu Federation of industry and commerce also held online "brand training camp" to help enterprises break the bottleneck of cross-border e-commerce transformation and better grasp the global business opportunities.

(source: Xinhua News Agency)


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