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Advancing Mao'S Cultural Construction To A New Stage

2022/5/16 16:36:00 0

Dalang; Wool Industry

A few days ago, Wu Yiting, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Municipal Committee and director of the Publicity Department of the CPC Municipal Committee, led a delegation to Dalang to carry out the "deep investigation" work of strengthening the cultural city in Dalang, on-the-spot investigation on the propaganda and ideological work of Dalang, the revitalization of rural culture, the trend culture of wool weaving, and the construction of civilization practice station in the new era.

Guo Huaijin, Secretary of the Party committee of the town, Cai Peiguang, member of the Party committee of the town, and responsible persons of relevant departments participated in the investigation.

The research group and his party successively went to Xiangtou community party and masses Service Center, Xiangtou library, Dalang wool weaving trade center, wool textile industry innovation platform, zouxiao hall, caibian village new era civilization practice station, caibian village fudetang and other places. Through the form of "listening, watching and asking", the research group made a detailed understanding of Dalang's propaganda thought, cultural and tourism integration development, wool weaving trend culture, and so on The new era civilization practice station, inheritance and development of intangible cultural heritage characteristics.

The research group points out that it is necessary to focus on the "seven major cultures", such as historical culture, red culture, reform and opening up culture, trend culture, sports culture, Guanyi culture, ecological culture, etc. in combination with the actual situation of Dalang, the improvement of urban cultural connotation will drive the improvement of urban quality, inject soul into the development of Dalang and polish the brand of Dalang.

We should continue to deepen and expand the practice of civilization in the new era, solidly promote the construction of spiritual civilization at the grass-roots level, proceed from the actual needs of the masses, plan and carry out various kinds of colorful volunteer service activities, do practical things for the masses, truly integrate the civilized practice activities into the daily life of the masses, and promote the common prosperity of the people's spiritual life.

It is necessary to promote the integration of "culture, tourism and industry" in Dalang, integrate and collide the wool weaving trend culture with the wool weaving industry, show Dalang's fashionable, diversified and four-season characteristics of wool weaving culture, lead the development of wool weaving trend culture, inject fresh blood into the development of Dalang wool weaving industry and wool theme industrial tourism, and contribute to the construction of Dongguan cultural city.

(source: Lanmao)

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