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BAONIAO Clothing: Customized Brand Of High End Business Wear

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More and more enterprises pay attention to the integration of comfort and team spirit with the beauty of the enterprise and the world. Through the accurate analysis of the unique needs of the enterprise's clothing market, absorbing the international trend culture of professional wear, learning from the international pattern technology, combining with the Chinese body shape characteristics and dressing habits, BAONIAO has created a fashionable, simple and atmospheric brand style, and gradually determined with the product experience of quality, comfort and occupation, vitality, self-confidence and enterprising dress image“ Bono ”Leading the brand status of high-end professional wear market.  

Founded in 2000, BAONIAO Clothing Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of baoxiniao group, which specializes in the customization of high-end professional suits.

   The news bird Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996, is a clothing as the main business, involved in the field of real estate and investment comprehensive modern enterprise group. The group has one clothing listed company, two real estate development companies and two venture capital companies. It has four independent clothing brands, four international agency brands, three clothing production bases and more than 2000 sales outlets. At present, the group has more than 10000 employees, total assets of 7 billion yuan and annual sales revenue of 5 billion yuan. It has been in the forefront of sales revenue and profit and tax of the national garment industry for 18 consecutive years.   

BAONIAO Clothing Co., Ltd. has three industrial parks, Shanghai Songjiang, Anhui Hefei, Zhejiang Yongjia, covering an area of 400 mu. With more than 3500 high-quality production and management personnel, 10 world-class automatic production lines for suits and shirts, with an annual output of more than 4.7 million sets of high-end suits for men and women and 4.3 million pieces of fine shirts, it is a large-scale professional high-end clothing enterprise integrating design, production, marketing and service. Over the years, BAONIAO has won more than 50 product patents and dozens of honors. In the activity of "2021 China clothing bidding procurement brand promotion" held by the bidding supply chain brand promotion platform, we won the title of "2021 top ten brands of Chinese professional wear".

Bono, the first choice brand of business professional wear for large industry customers. It has provided installation services for more than 40000 enterprises and institutions in China, and is well-known in various industries such as finance, power, energy, communication, insurance, transportation, etc. Every day, more than 1 million professional elites join hands with Bono to start a day of self-confidence and enterprising struggle. Stimulate personal professional demeanor, shape the outstanding image of the enterprise.

Science and technology innovation empowers brand connotation   

BAONIAO aims to build an excellent brand of Chinese high-end business wear and create a world-class clothing enterprise. The company adheres to scientific and technological innovation. In the Internet + era, vigorously promote the development and utilization of networking, digital, intelligent and other technologies in the field of manufacturing and marketing, so as to achieve high efficiency, high productivity and high quality of production. With the intelligent production project, it became one of the 100 "Internet and industrial integration innovation pilot enterprises" selected by the Ministry of industry and information technology in 2015.

At present, the company has all kinds of customized e-commerce business. Bono senior professional wear brand has been providing high-end installation services for large-scale systems and enterprises such as finance, power, energy, communication, insurance, transportation and so on, which has won wide praise.

Design and R & D capability and global synchronization   

Bono has set up a design and R & D center in Shanghai, where hundreds of rivers are accepted. More than 200 senior design and R & D personnel have extended the fashion tentacles to Paris, Milan, Tokyo, Seoul, etc.. Keen to absorb the most cutting-edge fashion elements and trends, and integrate into the style design of professional wear, giving Bono a fashionable, simple and atmospheric product image.

Bono has a team of international technicians from Italy and the United Kingdom. The team introduces international garment technology into Bono to guide and continuously improve the strength of local technicians. Each design draft of Bono is produced by experienced senior technicians with excellent understanding ability. The master plate is pushed by hand, and the computer CAD system is used to accurately design the layout, code and proofing. Finally, the successful R & D of the product is realized.

Create international brand with first-class equipment

Bono has 10 first-class automatic production lines for suits and shirts, all of which are from Italy, Germany and Sweden, which are powerful countries of traditional clothing equipment, as well as the United States and Japan, which are rising in science and technology. It is also a domestic enterprise that adopts the international advanced iridium Teng automatic suspension system in the production process of suits and shirts. Bono adheres to and is responsible for Bono's quality assurance.

  The core guarantee of quality

Bono has strict selection standards for both style and quality. In order to meet the style selection of industry customers, Bono established the fabric R & D center, based on the deep understanding of clothing and the accurate grasp of the customer's industry characteristics, integrates the fashion trend, designs the style fabric by itself, and carries out special research and development for the industry customers. For this purpose, we also won the special contribution award of standardization, including 72 patents, 5 invention patents and 5 software copyrights. Cooperate with the top fabric manufacturers at home and abroad, and strictly select the finished products with a quality inspection standard higher than 3% of the country to ensure that all fabrics meet the requirements BONO The highest demand for quality.

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