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Pigeon News: Liang Zhiyong, Deputy Director Of Shanxi Provincial Department Of Commerce

2022/5/17 13:51:00 1

White Pigeon

On May 11, 2022, Liang Zhiyong, deputy director of the Provincial Department of Commerce, led relevant personnel from the circulation industry development department, the market operation Department, the time-honored brand association and the retailer association to Taiyuan white dove Clothing Co., Ltd. and Taiyuan distillery Co., Ltd. to investigate time-honored enterprises.

The research group and his party listened to the introduction of the basic situation, operation status, planning and layout of the enterprise, as well as the next development ideas, understood the difficulties and problems faced by the enterprise, earnestly listened to the opinions and suggestions and relevant demands of the enterprise, preached and interpreted the relevant preferential policies, analyzed the situation together with the enterprise, and studied solutions.

Deputy director Liang Zhiyong stressed that, Dove dress Taiyuan distillery, as a key and time-honored enterprise, has made positive contributions to the cultural heritage and brand development of Shanxi Province, and hopes that the enterprise will continue to play its advantages in the aspect of brand. The commercial department will carefully sort out the enterprise's appeal for difficulties, actively coordinate and promote the solution of the practical difficulties in the compilation of historical records, material transportation, financing and other aspects of time-honored brands, so as to promote the healthy development of time-honored enterprises.

        Over the past 67 years, the pigeons have kept their original mission in mind, honed the "sanniu spirit", shouldered their responsibilities, worked hard and united as one. Today, white pigeon people are happy to work and live happily, meet new opportunities and challenges, gather strength to forge ahead, and march steadily towards a more brilliant tomorrow!

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