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*St Carey (002072): Delay In Reply To The Inquiry Letter Of 2021 Annual Report

2022/5/19 15:41:00 0

*St Carey

* ST Carey (002072) announced on the evening of May 18 that the company received the inquiry letter on 2021 annual report of Kairui Holding Co., Ltd. (inquiry letter of annual report of the company Department [2022] No. 154) (hereinafter referred to as the "inquiry letter") issued by Shenzhen Stock Exchange on April 29, 2022, requiring the company to make a written explanation on Relevant Issues of the inquiry letter, And submit relevant explanatory materials to Shenzhen stock exchange for disclosure before May 18, 2022.

After the company received the inquiry letter, the board of directors and the management attached great importance to it, immediately organized relevant personnel and engaged annual audit accountants and lawyers to carefully check and analyze and reply to the questions listed in the inquiry letter one by one. The inquiry letter of the annual report involves many contents, and some of the contents need the opinions of the annual audit accountants and lawyers. In order to ensure the authenticity, accuracy and completeness of the reply, the company has applied to Shenzhen stock exchange for extension of reply. The company strives to submit the reply to the inquiry letter to Shenzhen Stock Exchange before June 1, 2022 and disclose it to the public.

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