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Baron Clothing -- With Attitude And Style

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At present, clothing The industry is speeding up its development in the direction of industrialization, and with consumers and market terminals as the core, the major clothing brands are strongly driven to move towards the second iterative upgrade of resource utilization rationalization and benefit maximization. In this context, China's clothing brands also show sustained and vigorous innovation, especially in the field of scientific and technological innovation.

As a leading brand in the clothing market, Baron clothing conforms to the trend of the times, arms itself with advanced technology, excellent design and unique creativity, and highlights China in the continuous self "forging" Clothing brand Confidence and confidence. In the field of scientific and technological innovation, Baron clothing continuously optimizes resource allocation, reasonably matches production organization elements, and actively absorbs and uses global advanced intelligent technology to realize the dual effect of resource saving and efficiency improvement, and comprehensively leads the development of China's clothing market towards a higher dimension.

 Baron clothing -- with attitude and style

 Baron clothing -- with attitude and style

In addition, the "depth" and "depth" of "brand" in the current era, as well as the "depth" of "landing" in the "market economy", as well as the "depth" and "technology development" of "current" economy. At the same time, it also has great influence on the transformation and development of clothing brands from traditional production enterprises to leading innovative brands. Only by focusing on technology research and development and knowledge accumulation, can the clothing brand obtain real operation and maintenance improvement, efficiency and efficiency as a whole. Under this background, based on the long-term development of the brand, Baron clothing strengthens the research on the brand popular trend, deeply excavates the Chinese excellent traditional culture, the world advanced culture and the craft, and the contemporary life style. Starting from the bottom logic, the Chinese and Western culture are deeply integrated to realize the rejuvenation and reengineering of its products. Furthermore, it has gained a lot in the business apparel market, and at the same time, the market popularity is growing day by day, On a high-quality "technology, fashion, green" development road.

   Baron clothing Founded in 1991, Baron has been focusing on technological innovation, integration of industrialization and industrialization, brand building, green development and personnel training in the past 31 years. It has actively explored and led the development trend of the clothing market, adhered to high-level products and services, and has won numerous honors in the "peach and plum speak for themselves". As one of the top 500 private enterprises in China and a leading enterprise in China's clothing industry, Balong clothing has passed the ISO9000 quality management system certification, ISO14000 environmental management system certification, and ISO18000 occupational health and safety management system certification, laying a solid foundation for brand development from the technical level. In the "2021 evaluation and promotion of China's clothing bidding procurement" held by the brand promotion platform of bidding supply chain, Baron clothing won the honorary titles of "top 10 brands of 2021 China's professional wear" and "top 10 clothing suppliers of 2021 government procurement" by virtue of its extensive and deep services, which truly reappeared the market influence and high popularity of the brand in the field of clothing supply!

The service innovation has won the heart of "people"

   Baron clothing -- with attitude and style

Clothing market has gone through the era of production, channel, and finally transition to the current brand era. In this era, with the rapid development of the national economy, the trend of personalized and diversified consumer demand is intensifying. The majority of brands not only need to meet consumers from the aspects of color matching and fabric materials, but also through technical research and development, and continuously launch high-performance and cost-effective products, so as to stand firm in the industry and realize the sustainable improvement of brand strength. From the perspective of the whole industry, Baron clothing deeply explores the market consumption demand, breaks the fixed thinking, and creates a full coverage, personalized shopping experience and accurate and efficient service in various fields such as technology upgrading, product design, after-sales service, so as to meet the consumption demand and enhance the consumer's confidence in the brand.

As a professional high-end business clothing brand, Baron clothing has a long history and high ambition. Its business covers the CI design and production of high-end suit customization and business dress. With the world's leading design concept, technology and production, combined with Chinese body shape and demand, Baron brings more pleasant clothing experience to Chinese people. From the overall point of view, each new product of Baron clothing can directly hit the pain points of consumers, and then enjoy the reputation of the weather vane of clothing market trend change. Up to now, Baron clothing owns "Baron", "Baron" and other international series brands, and provides clothing design and production for the Great Hall of the people, finance, aviation, airport, tobacco, power, communication, hotel, school and other industries and systems, and more than 10 million customer groups.

The selected fabrics start from the "core", the exquisite craft style is extraordinary

If the design is the "face" of clothing, then the fabric is the "lining" of clothing. The two complement each other, which is the top quality clothing. In particular, with the rise of people's health awareness and the pursuit of quality of life, clothing brands can better please consumers only by taking consumers' lifestyle as the dimension and creating high-quality scene style clothing with both internal and external repair. In view of this, Baron clothing attaches great importance to the research and development of fabrics. While continuously improving technology, it develops a series of fabrics that are thinner, drier, more comfortable and more textured, and at the same time, it strictly controls the quality and improves the process. Through R & D, consumers can enjoy more value of bi-directional clothing.

   Baron clothing -- with attitude and style

Over the past 31 years, each clothing of Baron has both function and comfort, which can meet the needs of different consumers. The basic design concept of Baron clothing is elegance, nobility and simplicity. Based on the logic of fitting life and consumer behavior, it matches with high-grade fabrics, exquisite workmanship and unique pattern, enabling more connotation of clothing, and then embarks on an extremely unique and popular business clothing brand road. From the overall point of view, the coordination of color matching, the unity of clothing style, the rhythm of details processing, and the integrity of fabric use are unique, innovative and just right, which endows business clothing with more value and well caters to the basic operation and maintenance logic of today's business era.

Digital empowerment leads to new changes in customized industry

With the advent of 5g era and people's high demand for "appearance" and "quality", customized clothing has become popular all over the country, attracting people from all walks of life. Garment customization is based on the combination and coordination of the intelligent manufacturing production line constructed by automation and intelligent garment production equipment, information technology and network technology. The significance of clothing customization lies in that it can not only meet the taste needs of different consumers, but also realize the process of 100% traceability, which can provide higher protection of clothing quality. Based on its rich experience in fashion design and abundant talents and equipment, Baron clothing has provided faster, more flexible and higher quality customized services for consumers. It has truly realized the value creation process centered on consumers and created a new mode of clothing brand development.   

 Baron clothing -- with attitude and style

Baron clothing brings a real sense of "one-to-one" customized service for the vast number of consumers. It ensures that the clothes are fit and the fabric is superior, and at the same time, it gives more fashion and solemnity to business dress, so as to better meet the needs of all kinds of business people and scenes. In recent years, in order to better serve the vast number of consumers, Baron clothing has actively created a tripartite carriage of customized process modularization, customization scene virtualization and full category customization platform, realizing the seamless connection of order receiving end, design and development end, production and manufacturing end and logistics and distribution end. This integrated, whole process and intelligent operation and maintenance makes the management mode of Baron chain structure more reasonable, more accurate and rapid response, real-time tracking and accurate expression of consumer clothing demand, and brings consumers more extreme wearing enjoyment from details to macro display.

31 years as one day, in the high-end Business dress The field of intensive cultivation and hard work, Baron clothing all the way strong, cast the leading business apparel. In the future, Baron clothing will also explore and innovate all the way to meet the new trend, new trend and new demand of business clothing development, accelerate the product update iteration, and promote the continuous growth of brand performance in the high-frequency interaction with consumers.

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