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Global Perspective: India'S Hot And High Temperature Affects The Yield Of Wheat, Cotton And Other Crops

2022/5/20 13:31:00 0




According to the forecast of the Indian Meteorological Bureau, the temperature in northern and western India may reach as high as 50 ℃ in May, which will have adverse effects on crops and industrial activities. This degree is close to the highest level in 122 years in India, and the highest temperature in Jaipur reached 44 ℃ on May 12.

Due to the hot and high temperature, local residents have to the swimming pool to avoid the heat, the city's swimming pool once hot. In response to the hot weather, the local government also provides free drinking water for residents.

According to the analysis of experts, the main areas of high temperature in India are also the main planting areas of wheat, rice, cotton and other agricultural products in India. From the perspective of crop growth period, March to May is the key filling period for winter wheat growth, the harvest time of winter maize, and the sowing time of summer rice and cotton. Experts believe that the high temperature invasion may have a certain impact on the yield of India's wheat, rice, cotton and other crops.

On the evening of May 13 local time, the Indian government announced an immediate ban on wheat exports in order to control the rise of commodity prices in the domestic market and ensure adequate domestic food supply.

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