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520 In The Name Of Love, Yasiwei'S Latest Activities To Create Exclusive Couple Sets!

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YasiweiCouple SuitBrand Matching

In the coming 520 Valentine's day, choose your partner carefully Fashion sports As a gift, clothes set can be used as a gift to join sports with your partner. It can increase intimacy and exercise at the same time. It is a healthy way to show love.   

As a sports fashion brand, Ashworth has created a series of functional, comfortable and fashionable sports and leisure clothing, including professional "pro" Golf "classic golf clothing series, there are also fashionable" lifestyle "life leisure series, to meet the needs of modern sports, daily commuting and other scenes. It can be matched according to the brand or personal preference to create 520 romantic leisure fashion for the loved one!

May 19-22, Yashiwei Launch online and offline preferential activities: all new products in physical stores will receive 85% discount, and those who buy new products for more than 2500 yuan will be given a brand messenger bag! Online tmall shop 10% off the regular price of new products, seasonal goods 65%, orders over 1200 yuan to send brand caps, there are more large coupons waiting for you to get!

  Yasiway fashion classic piece to create exclusive couple set

How can the collocation of lovers' clothes highlight individuality and uniqueness?

Because the style is simple and easy to match, T-shirts frequently "appear". Nine out of ten people walking on the street wear T-shirts, and it is easy to have an embarrassing situation of collision. At this time, Polo becomes the best fashion element for people to pursue the best fashion.

The same thing as a T-shirt is, Polo shirt They are relatively simple and easy to match. However, in terms of tailoring design, polo shirt is more fitted to the body curve and more three-dimensional. The polo shirt integrated with modern fashion elements is neutral as a whole. With the fashionable and simple design and unique collocation, it is fashionable and highlights the attitude. It breaks the stereotype and monotony in the past, and is sought after by fashion experts.

Polo shirts are more popular on tennis and golf courses. They have a high-level sense. They can be matched with pants, skirts and other bottoms to highlight the fashionable temperament.

Ashworth was born in 1987 in California, USA Ashworth introduced the fashionable and comfortable polo shirt series into the golf world, changed the traditional golfer's dress, and successfully created a series of golf professional and leisure sports clothing with functions, comfort and fashion sense, leading the fashion of golf and laying a transcendent position in the industry.

With the development of the times, fashion It's also evolving. Yasiwei follows the pace of fashion development, meets the needs of consumers, adopts cutting-edge technology, and creates professional golf apparel. Furthermore, golf fashion is extended to daily life, and the "lifestyle" life series is launched to bring consumers unique leisure fashion and comfortable experience in sports and daily commuting.

Yasiwei's clothing is generally classic and simple. The top is mostly polo shirt, while the bottom includes shorts, trousers and short skirts. However, there are different unique designs in color matching and details, which are integrated with a large number of modern elements and can be matched with a variety of different styles.

although Yashiwei There are special styles to match, but there is still room for consumers to play freely. According to their personal preferences, they can match unique and personalized sports suits for lovers.

  Functional, fashionable and comfortable, yasiwei leads unique fashion

Over the years, yashiwei has been deeply involved in golf. From a professional point of view, it has created a number of functional, fashionable and comfortable golf apparel, which has won the recognition and love of golfers. Its professional and fashionable Golf spirit has also been extended to the design of yashiwei leisure life series, which has injected fresh and unique blood into the field of public leisure fashion.

The biggest uniqueness of yashiwei clothing and ordinary clothing lies in its powerful function. Yasiwei combines innovative and meticulous plate design and constantly upgrades the production technology, providing consumers with a series of "practical and aesthetic" products. The use of waterproof, fast drying, sun protection, high elasticity and other performance of cotton comfortable fabric, for sports and daily commuting people to bring fresh, comfortable high-quality experience.


Yasiwei's clothing adopts the self-cultivation tailoring, combined with dynamic and capable line design, which is neither tight nor too loose, and outlines the perfect body curve. In the fierce movement and busy work, the body can breathe and stretch freely.

In the design, the lion adopts a variety of colors and colors. There are dark blue and black that show calm and elegant temperament, and some lively and fresh colors such as pink and light blue In addition to the common color system, yashiwei also introduces new colors such as macarone color and dream color.

The high-level and fresh colors, combined with fashionable watercolor printing, tie dye printing and other designs, highlight the beautiful and playful temperament, which is very suitable for summer wear fashion. When swinging on the court, the sun shines on yashiway's Jersey, which reflects with the bright colors, making the players more dazzling, instantly attracting the attention of the whole court and becoming the most shining player.

The overall performance effect of clothing is inseparable from accessories. Sporty clothing Most of them are relatively simple. At this time, a fashionable accessory can make the finishing point for the overall collocation, and emit a unique aesthetic feeling instantly. Ashworth and black Clover, jointly launched a series of color accessories, including cap caps, bags, belts, sunscreen sleeves and other categories of accessories, a variety of colors to meet all the needs of fashion sports.

A set of fashion temperament, high-level design Couples dress , can express the unique atmosphere between lovers, let love flow between hearts. May 20, together with your partner, put on yashiwei lovers series clothes, express your love to each other loudly, and move forward hand in hand!

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