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Litai Clothing -- Intelligent Manufacturing Of High End School Uniform In China

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Litai ClothingSchool UniformIntelligent Manufacturing

It is reported that the number of primary and secondary school students in China has exceeded 200 million school uniform The market scale has exceeded the 100 billion mark. With the liberalization of the two child policy, the total number of students in school will show an overall upward trend in the future. The industry estimates that the domestic school uniform market size is expected to reach 200 billion to 300 billion yuan by 2025. The market expansion prospect of brand enterprises is huge. After 30 years of innovation and development, Litai clothing, as the representative of Chinese school uniform industry, has a strong technical and brand advantage.

   Chongqing Litai clothing group Founded in 1991, it is a high-tech enterprise in Chongqing, a garment industry enterprise in China, and one of the top 100 social responsibility enterprises in Chongqing. With a registered capital of 200 million yuan, it is a large clothing group company integrating the design and development, production and sales and after-sales service of school uniform, student uniform, spot school uniform and intelligent school uniform. The group has invested nearly 500 million yuan and imported international high-end intelligent equipment. It has built an intelligent school uniform factory with an annual production capacity of 12 million sets. It has 30000 square meters of modern standard workshops with independent property rights, 48 intelligent hanging production lines and 3800 square meters international school uniform exhibition hall. It has set up branches in Guizhou, Yunnan, Xi'an and Henan, and has offices in 31 provinces and cities in China, At present, nearly 3000 schools have cooperated with each other, and school uniforms have been exported to 16 countries and regions such as Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom and South Korea.

"Litai Jiadun international school uniform" is a high-end school uniform customized brand and high-end school uniform spot brand of Chongqing Litai clothing group. With the international "urban fashion, urban sports, urban leisure" as the brand design concept, it is a brand school uniform that students like, parents are satisfied with and the school can rest assured of. There are four series of school uniform, sportswear, spot school uniform and intelligent school uniform: T-shirt suit, shirt suit, baseball uniform, sportswear, small dress, British school uniform, Japanese and Korean school uniform Outdoor clothing , stormsuit, cotton padded jacket, down jacket, overcoat, etc.   

With the innovation and development of nearly 30 years, Chongqing Litai clothing group has won the high praise and praise of many famous schools and hundreds of millions of students' parents at home and abroad with its strong strength, advanced equipment, strict management and good service. It has won the title of "top 10 suppliers of school uniform in China", "top 100 comprehensive strength of China's clothing suppliers", "top 100 honest clothing suppliers in China", "top 50 enterprises of China's professional wear", is the preferred unit of Chinese school uniform industry in "demonstration project of brand power", vice chairman unit of "specialized, special and innovative" enterprise alliance of China's textile industry "Enterprise credit rating AAA credit enterprise", "credit rating AAA enterprise", "quality service credit AAA enterprise", "contract and credit AAA enterprise", "national quality and integrity benchmarking enterprise", "leading enterprise of Chinese school uniform industry", etc. it is the group standard drafting unit and Deputy group leader unit of "technical specification for grading evaluation of school uniform for primary and secondary school students". The "top ten brands of school uniform" in the "China 2021" brand promotion activity was held in the "China 2021 bidding platform".   

   Intelligent manufacturing technology leading

Litai clothing introduces international high-end intelligent sewing equipment, computer embroidery equipment, post ironing equipment, inspection and testing equipment, 3D fitting system, 3D modeling system and CAD from Germany, the United States, Italy, Canada and Japan Intelligent system, automatic cutting system, intelligent hanging production line, intelligent ironing system and intelligent hanging logistics storage system have built a "world-class" intelligent school uniform factory with an annual production capacity of 8-12 million sets. We have developed the unique Litai big data and cloud computing platform, and realized the whole process interconnection from design and development, production and sales, operation and management. Information, data, intelligent online and offline experience as one-stop service.   

Digitalization of school uniform industry

   Litai clothing Promote information management, help enterprises to build a highly flexible digital intelligent manufacturing mode. In order to improve the production efficiency, product quality, customer satisfaction and market competitiveness, the information systems of manufacturing production, monitoring, enterprise management, supply chain and customer feedback are integrated. As a trusted digital solution provider in the industry, Litai apparel helps school uniform enterprises to establish a digital driven business closed-loop, and build a comprehensive product competitiveness and brand communication power. Improve service efficiency and promote the school uniform industry to digital.   

   Litai school uniform world school uniform

Thirty years of professional school uniform cast extraordinary quality. Litai adheres to the mission of letting hundreds of millions of students in the world wear fashionable, safe and decent school uniforms, takes international school uniform as the guide, takes urban sports and urban leisure fashion as its brand design concept, integrates different design styles, pays attention to the comfort, free and easy, free and unrestrained personality, makes great efforts to build an international school uniform exhibition hall and intelligent school uniform experience center, and establishes an international school uniform research and development center School uniform research base. Litai conveys the educational connotation with beautiful school uniform, and creates an immortal "Litai legend" with exquisite technology and perfect intelligent manufacturing.

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