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Hongdou Shares Activate The Transformation And Development Of "Smart To Digital" And "Key Increment"!

2022/5/21 11:07:00 3

Red Bean

It is no longer the "required course" of "digital transformation", but "the choice of long-term reform of enterprises". On May 20, in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, the promotion meeting of the "smart to digital" work, red beans made in-depth exchanges on the "smart to digital". The digital transformation of Hongdou (600400. SH) began in 2016. At that time, most enterprises were still in the initial stage of digitalization. It took the lead in launching the construction of "smart red beans", extending the digital tentacles to production and manufacturing, retail channels, and internal organizational changes of enterprises, etc., driving the company to increase "number" running.


Activate the "key increment" of transformation and development. In more than six years of digital exploration, Hongdou Co., Ltd. insists on enabling both intellectualization and digitization. As a garment enterprise integrating manufacturing and retailing, the application of Hongdou Co., Ltd. in various links of the industrial chain is more feasible. Especially, its suit factory has been known as "the largest suit production workshop in Asia" before the intelligent transformation.

Now, with intelligent manufacturing as a tool and technical means, the company and China Unicom have successfully built a 5g intelligent full connection demonstration factory, and introduced intelligent hanging, AGV distribution, intelligent sorting, intelligent cutting, AI intelligent decision-making and other information technologies, and realized the global connection between production factors with digital application. The unit consumption cost of the factory decreased by 10%, and the production efficiency increased by 20%, Work in process decreased by 30%, becoming the "benchmark" for the transformation and upgrading of textile manufacturing industry.


According to the financial report, in 2021, the production of red bean's flagship products, suits and shirts, increased by 16.55% and 22.3% respectively year-on-year, the sales volume increased by 17.21% and 12.45%, and the inventory decreased by 55.73% and 32.49%, so as to make a better connection between the production supply and retail links, and show the intelligent benefits.

The factory workshop of red bean shares is the key link to drive enterprises to the era of digital economy. No matter when the epidemic broke out in 2020, red bean Co., Ltd. will change its production line to rapidly launch the production of protective clothing; In the post epidemic era, the "smart change to several turns" has played a key role during the epidemic period, and has become a powerful grasp for Hongdou stock company to seek opportunities in the crisis and achieve long-term stability.

"New traffic code" against the wind. In the years of promotion of "smart to digital transformation", Hongdou shares aims to continuously create value for consumers, through the development of enterprises, promotes enterprises to extend to both ends of the value chain by using big data technology, and speeds up the pace of enterprise high-end strategic upgrading.

With regard to the empowerment of digital intelligence, Hongdou shares attributes it to "a kind of genetic transformation", which makes the traditional clothing industry break through the limitation of time and space, so that consumption can happen anytime and anywhere. The practice of fully embracing digitization has become the "new flow code" of Hongdou shares against the wind.

This is first reflected in digital decision-making, including product development, operation direction, consumption demand pattern, etc. the whole line takes "data management" as the guide, and applies the big data analysis results to the implementation plan or performance target, so as to improve the overall business efficiency and competitiveness. At the same time, upgrade digital systems and digital applications, expand cooperation with other digital platforms, attract public domain traffic, empower stores, and assist the alternative operation of offline stores unable to open stores due to the epidemic.

With the small program as the main position of private domain, red bean shares with this "new traffic password" to open the incremental space. From the business data, in 2021, the annual sales of applet business will reach 289 million, Gmv will increase nearly three times, CRM membership will reach 2.2 million, and consumer member repurchase will increase by 18% year on year. From January to march of 2022, the online business of Hongdou shares is in full swing. The revenue of online business is RMB 151 million, with a year-on-year increase of 30.11%, and the gross profit rate increases by nearly 10%.


In the "compulsory course" of "intellectual to digital transformation", red bean shares realized that "under the epidemic situation, this is a cruel market elimination competition. Whoever has high efficiency and strong competitiveness can win in this competition. While digital intelligence can enable enterprises to upgrade and develop, what they can enhance is the competitiveness of enterprises."

The key to "digital development" is to increase the efficiency of "digital development"!

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