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Industrial Cluster: Spring Cocoon Harvest In Lezhi, Sichuan

2022/6/9 12:05:00 0

Sichuan Province; Lezhi; Spring Cocoon

At present, the spring cocoons in Lezhi, Sichuan Province, are ushering in a bumper harvest season. This year, Lezhi has fully implemented six seasons of silkworm rearing. Spring cocoons are listed one week earlier than in previous years, with an average price of 49 yuan per kilogram.

On May 30, the reporter saw at the peacock silkworm cocoon Station in Dongshan Town that there was an endless stream of silkworm farmers coming to sell cocoons, and agricultural vehicles full of cocoons were parked in the yard. In the cocoon station, the staff are very busy. The purchased cocoons piled up into hills, and the staff constantly carried the cocoons in the basket to the truck, and then transferred to the drying room for drying.

"In the spring, we raised 16 pieces, and this year it's better than last year. It's still no problem to make a profit of more than 100000 yuan in the whole year." The price of silkworm cocoons reaches 53 yuan per kilogram. Zhang Kaijian, a sericulture farmer in sanyuanmiao village of Dongshan Town, laughs at his small purchase ticket. This year, he has made breakthroughs in sericulture technology and management, and the quality and yield of spring cocoons have been improved compared with previous years.

According to Zhou Wanyun, head of the peacock cocoon Station in Dongshan Town, affected by the international environment and the epidemic situation, the supply chain of silk industry chain was blocked this year. The price of spring cocoon dropped slightly compared with the same period last year, with an average price of 49 yuan per kilogram and excellent cocoon reaching 55 yuan per kilogram. This year, Hongqi silk factory implements the grading method of kilogram grain, and adheres to the principle of "superior cocoon price, inferior cocoon low price, quality rating and grading pricing" to ensure fair and fair purchase.

The cocoon raising area in leshun is about one week earlier than that in the previous spring. "In this way, we can make full use of mulberry resources, increase income for the masses, and at the same time, alleviate the contradiction of labor shortage to a certain extent." Zhou Wanyun said.

According to Du Guosheng, Secretary of the Party group and director of the sericulture Bureau of Lezhi county, at present, cocoon purchasing is being carried out in the whole county. This year, there are 32800 seeds distributed in Lezhi county in spring, with a unit yield of about 40 kg. The output of the whole county is expected to reach 1.31 million kg, and the total cocoon income in spring will reach 66 million yuan, realizing a large harvest of spring cocoons.

(source: Ziyang daily)


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